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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
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Magi's Nexus Launched - Avak'Shar Redemption System Live!

Posted by christopher gabrielson (Creator)

Greetings Magi, 

We have not sent out a KickStarter update for quite a while - (we conduct all of our communications through the website these days) BUT this is a large enough of a milestone I thought it worth using good ol' KickStarter to update as many of you as possible. 

There are many new tools and features now available on the new website. This site launch also corresponds with our 'LIVE LAUNCH' to the public. While all of you have had your Core Sets and Archive Cases since last January - we have continued to develop, improve and tweak the game for the public.  Here are some of the new features and developments - each image is a link to a different part of the Magi's Nexus. 

The Crucible Update

Over the course of the past year we have revamped and simplified many of the rules of Serpent's Tongue, with the aim to improve accessibility and fun.  The largest change being the implementation of the Optional Casting system and the 5th energy:  Voice.  We have a webpage dedicated to the Crucible Update and all changes are outlined in the new Magi's Handbook. 

Avak'Shar System Live

You can finally utilize those codes found on all those black avak'shar cards you received and spend the resulting points on specific cards of your choice! There is a lot of information about the new Avak'Shar system available on the website and in the most recent updates. Note: bonus Avak'shar from stretch rewards, BGG voting, Contests and support issues will be supplied before the end of February. We want to continue to monitor the ASM's (AvakShar Market) stability and economy a while longer before dumping thousands of more Avak'Shar on all of you : ) 

KickStarter Dashboard

We have created a page specifically to answer any KickStarter questions and timeline out the remaining KickStarter deliverables such as Out of Eden, the Founder's Codex and Compendiums. This is also where we will gather KickStarter backer stories. 

Factions & Lore

The first backer stories have been added to all artifacts, 9 new official short stories added to the faction pages, intel reports on every faction, a tome of lore covering the initial topics about the universe of Serpent's Tongue are now all live. The next step and priority is the mystery path system which will begin with your choosing a faction and attempting the trials to join it. 

The Magi's Handbook

The Ultimate Guide and Walkthrough for Serpent's Tongue. Now available as a PDF, but we are printing up as many as we can to make available for all of you. I love this book. Its extensive, colorful and accurate. It contains revamped versions of the Walk-throughs, Assembly Instructions, Quick Start Rules, a Reference Manual, a Crucible Update section and a huge definitive Glossary. This manual trumps the rulebook found in the Core Set and represents the most updated version of the game.


 ITS FINISHED! James 'Sadonis' Wright's masterpiece is now being tested for bugs internally this week and we expect to launch this baby to the public next week. Built using the UnReal Engine, ST ARENA 2.0 offers a premium online virtual tabletop designed for playing Serpent's Tongue against anyone in the world. This functionality plays heavily into our plans for the Mystery Paths and Faction Quests. Faction Leaders will now be able to conduct trials for the newly initiated or adepts seeking entry into a faction, Magi Officiants will be able to conduct live tutorials for new players and observe sanctioned battles between Magi tasked to fight each other in the mission system. 

Improved Customer Service and Support System

We have an all-in-one Q&A, FAQ, Contact, and Ticket system now in place.  Now all questions will be submitted in the same place and more team members will receive notifications of your questions and tickets and be able to respond faster than before. Gunnar our webmaster is still incorporating some widgets into your MyAccount page to track all of your questions this weekend. This has already dramatically improved the turn around time on support issues. If you have any outstanding support Issues we recommend submitting a ticket through this system. Click Here...

 International Inscription Pack Distribution

We now offer Free Shipping on 4 Pack bundles of Inscription Packs to the USA and UK and dramatically reduced shipping everywhere else! This was important for us to figure out so that Magi can quickly and cheaply supplement their collections without having to invest into a full Master Archives Case. 

 RoadMap Ahead: There is still much to do before we realize the full vision of Serpent's Tongue - in particular the community tools, mystery paths, faction quest system and more. i.e. now that the game is complete we will be focusing on building the interesting methods of connecting with it and other players. BEFORE that however, now that the Magi's Nexus is launched, all hands on deck will be put towards finishing the constantly changing Out of Eden campaign...

Thank you again for all of your patience and support these past couple years!


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    1. Jason Saldana on

      Any news on the undelivered items like the founder codices, the compendiums, or other items or refunds for undelivered goods?

    2. Ryan on

      It is a bit disheartening to see an announcement on here and then no addressing of the questions in the comments.

    3. Titus on

      @Sean, you can post a message to the support forum and mark it "Private." Since the website launch they've been extremely responsive there...

    4. Sean Riedinger

      I never got most of my Kickstarter rewards: I only received the two Core sets and nothing else. Your Twitter has been inactive for two years and the support site you link here is a public forum: Where can I have a private direct conversation about this issue?

    5. Vincent B. Donadio

      Happy to see a KS update. I don't visit the site very often as I haven't done much with the game, been waiting for things to settle down and such... I wouldn't have seen this news for a few weeks. Good to hear. Once the rest of the gear gets sent out, my wife and I will be much more enthusiastic.

    6. Titus on

      In the image above you can see both the Codex and Compendium have been confirmed...

    7. Ryan on

      Will the new rulebook/handbook be sent out to the backers who have the original release of the Core Set versus this new public live version?

    8. Steven on

      Where are the founder's codexs?