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Serpent's Tongue - Become Magi's video poster

Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 14, 2012.

Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.

About this project

A New Genre of Card Game

Become a Magi, by actually learning your incantations in the language of Serpent's Tongue, then casting them out of hardbound Codices in fast 1-8 player Competitive battles and story-driven Cooperative campaigns. 

PLEDGING Continues at - New Stretch Rewards Available!

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Click to see a Comprehensive REWARDS CHART

  • Founder's Exclusive Codex $10. This level unlocks a unique Codex that will only be available to Founders, and Legacy Founders. Priced at our production costs which includes shipping.  This current version is only an artistic mock-up, we will be reviewing and showcasing final looks to the Founder community to Vote on. We are accepting community created patterns for voting as well!
  • Magi's Nexus - This is our fully functioning, rank tracking, card database-ing, point spending, tournament scheduling, mission assigning, Cabal Leveling future site - at Launch!
  • The Founder Specialization Card(Image Coming Soon) as suggested by Prodigy Magi Tiwaz. This is an entirely new specialization created to represent the power of the Founder's in the world of Serpent's Tongue. This will round out the Bonus KickStarter Card Collection to an even dozen! (Not counting that secret Master card.) This specialization will epitomize a flexible and heavy support role focused on re-distributing Resonance among allies, and curtailing its collection among opponents. These are new abilities not previously introduced in the game. (Our artists are still designing this card, we will update with the image soon!)
  • The Search for Power. Throughout the world, scraps of lore, incantations, artifacts and methods for specializing oneself to the deeper mysteries are waiting. Beginning post launch, hints and secrets will be distributed to Founder's that will guide the erstwhile & persistent searcher to lost power; ultra exclusive sets of cards hidden throughout the world. Physically hidden in actual places, major cities, and sacred sites. 
  • All Initiates and above will receive all previously announced KickStarter exclusive bonus cards. This includes all four original KS Specializations & Artifacts, as well as the Eve Speaker specialization, and the two stretch reward artifacts: Dee’s Pentahedron, and the Shroud of Nimith,
  • Master level Founders and above will receive an obscure Master exclusive card, TBA.
  • Founders Sigil - The lapel pin of rank denoting you as a Founder of Serpents Tongue. This will only be available to you Founder's. Other pins will be developed over time, but no one else will gain access to this brass cloissone. 
  • Final Art Upgrades - Approximately 14 more beautiful pieces, which will complete the artistic over-haul of the game we have wanted.
  • Signed Codex Upgrades - All US & Canadian backers will receive Signed Codices for all levels above Awakened. International Founders will either receive Signed Codices OR enjoy more affordable shipping from drop ship points in Europe and Asia. 
  • Playtesting Kits for Founders - Participate in the final creation of Serpent's Tongue! PDF Print & Play Version of Serpent's Tongue.  Download and print out the core set and a selection of the latest Obscura Cards, PLUS a printable prototype of the Codex. (Easily and cheaply folded and bound at any Copy Center)  Participate in the final stage of playtesting in May and June and be rewarded with extras, ranks, and bonus cards for your feedback, insights and contributions. (We have added some cards, concepts and mechanics since our last playtesting program, not to mention the Prodigy Speaker Specializations and Antagonist cards that we are creating, which we would like to be tested with our newly formed Founder community.)   The Founders have turned out to be so insightful, so passionate and creative that we want to bring you in as part of the team. Then reward you for your involvement. 
  • New Bonus Specialization: EVE SPEAKER. This KickStarter exclusive Specialization allows you and your allies to cast incantations beyond your normal abilities, while doubling or tripling your team's Resonance harvesting. Played right, this is an Ultra-Powerful card with incredible combo possibilities and synergies with other classes.
  • 6 More Bonus Avak'Shar Ranks. (KickStarter Founders are going to be Stacked with ranks)
  • 6 More Art Upgrades. (At this rate we will have the graphics overhaul that we have coveted for the past year, before the campaign even ends!)
  • Digital Casting Timer. This reward upgrades all game sets from sand timers to this custom engineered, 'one-button-push', 30 sec / 15 sec timer with an audible alarm. (Yes it had to be custom engineered... who would've thought?)  The gameplay implications are huge - through play-testing a digital alarm added 4 X the suspense and urgency to casting, and makes Serpent's Tongue much more mobile. 
  • Bonus KickStarter Unique Artifact - Dee's Pentahedron. This artifact has a simple activation cost, but Disrupts Focus as if it was a very high level incantation. Its only drawback is that it Disrupts Focus globally - so it affects allies as well as opponents. (And you)
  • 20 Bonus Avak'Shar Ranks. (Average equivalent to 8 Inscription Packs)
  • 16 Gorgeous Art Upgrades to the game. We are salivating over these pieces that we are arranging licensing for. 
  • Bonus Defensive Artifact - Shroud of Min'Ith.  Featuring Art by Sandra Duchiewicz   Initiates and above will receive this artifact, which exchanges Resonance normally used to level your specialization, for a strong and repeatable defensive ability.  This artifact will only be printed this one time, and hereafter discontinued, keeping it a rare KickStarter unique card. 
  • 12 New Art upgrades. We will be improving many of the cards with extremely high quality art from world-renowned fantasy artists at each of the stretch reward levels. 
  • 6 Avak'Shar ranks awarded to Each backer. This is a fine start to cultivating your Authority. Read more about Avak'Shar Ranks here....

The Magi's Codex

The hardbound faux-leather Codex represents the heart of the game, as it holds your Incantations, the cipher to cast them and provides the lore, secrets, maps and methodology used in the Cooperative Campaigns.  

The Rule of Thirty Three

Each Incantation embodies a powerful encoded inscription, or Glyph. In the game world, the dweomers encoded in a Magi's Codex are necessary for holding more than one inscription at a time. A Master Magi's codex contains a maximum of 33 attuned inscriptions.  Magi players have access to every inscription in their codex at any given time, no shuffling, no randomization. so they must choose their incantations well.

True Magick Demands 4 x 6

We play-tested over 13 different sizes of cards until we came to the unanimous conclusion that 4 x 6 is the largest feasible size, simultaneously feeling like a whole page when its in your Codex and a jumbo playing card when its played on the table. There are over 200 unique incantations to build your Codex out of.

  Designed for Geeks like us AND the Rest of the World

The mission was to create an immersive roleplaying experience that could be played with cards, without a GM and picked up by new players in less than FIVE minutes. 

We accomplished this by having Adept and Magi level incantations take quite a bit of time to master, (with massive power payoffs) while Apprentice level spells can be cast out of the box within minutes of explaining the Serpent's Key, a cipher that Decodes incantations on the fly. 

An easy to understand Etheric and Physical division of spell interactions make strategic choices simple.... in the beginning. While balancing rules allow Magi level players to have a real challenge taking on 2-3 Apprentices. 

The 18 Words of Creation

Allegedly stolen by the 'Serpent' and given to Eve in the Garden of Eden as a set of Forbidden Knowledge and Power. The language of Serpents Tongue is an actual functional language, that players can master to gain access to the formidable Master level spells. The 18 Words of Creation combine into hundreds of use-able phrases.

(Core Set shown is a playtesting prototype. Not shown: Hourglasses, Final Chip Set, 4 Sided Dice.)

The CORE Game ($45 Pledge Reward)

  • 2 Hardbound Spell Codex’s
  • 140 4×6 Incantation Cards, Specializations & Artifacts
  • PLUS 4 Inscription Packs (40 Adept-Level Incantations)
  • 2 Focus Gems
  • 60 Heavy weight clay Essence, Resonance & Will-Power Chips
  • 2 4-sided dice
  • 2 Ready/Interrupt Stones
  • 2  Hourglasses (15 & 30 Seconds)
  • World & Rule Book
  • ‘Out of Eden’ Adventure Campaign
  • Quick Start Tutorial & Solo Challenge
  • 10 Encounter Cards (Random Challenge Deck)
  • "The Gentleman Magi - a modern guide to magical etiquette" Insert.
  • For More Info and Images of Components:

    Click here For More Info on the REWARDS and Sets.

    A Stand Alone Trading Card Game?

    If you have played any of those Trading Card Game Hybrids like Fantasy Flight's "Living Card Games' then you know not very many of them are truly stand alone. They have been fun, dont get us wrong, but after you  play them a few times you very quickly exhaust your options and need more cards and components.

    We designed the Core Set from the ground up to include everything you need to play Serpent's Tongue for years, with the option to expand it as you see fit. The Serpent's Tongue universe fits a trading card game model perfectly, with Magi scrabbling for more powerful and more rare incantations, and for the more serious players who want to go deeper into the game and deeper into the language. 

    But we did not want any financial investment beyond the core game to be necessary to enjoy it.  So we made a giant Core set for two players that can be played competitively or cooperatively. It can also be combined with your friends' sets for 8 player team battles or 4 player cooperative campaigns.

    How YOU Are Going to Help  Serpent's Tongue.

    The game design, sourcing, marketing, story, and components, are done. We are fine tuning our packaging depending on whether we reach our stretch goals. We need to purchase about 2 dozen more artistic licenses for some of our cards, and are waiting on half a dozen more pieces from various artists.  The Out of Eden Co-op campaign is finishing up.The bulk of KickStarter funding will go to actually publishing the game itself. Our projected ship date is now July 31, 2012.

    We Want YOU in our Story.

    We want to reward you as magnanimously as possible for pledging your support with game sets and components well below wholesale pricing, and unique Incantations, Artifacts and Specializations  But we are REALLY excited to include YOU in the story of Serpent's Tongue itself. We have hundreds of characters making up the world and we plan on renaming each one with the names of our generous pledgers. (With some slight alterations depending on the time period and region. Brian Smith may need a bit of revision before he can pull off Babylonian.) Depending on the number of pledgers it may take a while, but we will eventually include EVERYONE.

    Your Design, Your Concept.

    For our higher tier Backers, we have left 2 dozen card slots open to not only include your name but your history and concept. We want to create incantations as if YOU were the historical Magi that invented them. Artifacts as if you were their creator. 

    Started by 5 Brothers and Some Freaks

    This is us, 5 brothers that grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons since we were 5 years old. Plus 5 professionals crazy enough to jump on board. We have played and created a lot of games over the past 30 years but we finally decided to throw our hat into the professional ring with a game that took it a bit further than what we could find out there. Its turned into a true labor of love and we are quite proud and pleased about what our ever-growing team has developed. Its a blast, its deep, and its definitely a new type of game experience. 

    Kicking it Forward Link

    Thank you in advance

     for any pledge you are awesome enough to help with, and thanks to KickStarter for creating a site where we can reach out to future fans of Serpent's Tongue.


    • So I thought I'd start a little compendium of some of the questions people have been asking and the answers provided. I do not claim this is an exhaustive list and it is likely to be quickly replaced by a better one on the game's website, but for now it hopefully saves people some scrolling. Most of the Answers are provided by game designer Christopher Gabrielson but all of them come from the creation team.This looks like more than a card game, like it could be used in a LARP or RPG.

      Yes! I thought from the beginning that this could translate to LARP style gaming. I dont know how well it would translate to like Amtgard. But LARP sounds perfect, perhaps with some slight tweaks. There's not a lot of game components to put on the table actually.

      We tried to design it so the players focus is predominantly on each other and on their spell codex's rather than on a table of game components. Between two master players who know Serpent's Tongue well, and can do a bit of mental juggling - they could play without a table and possibly without even having to throw down cards - thus making it truly mobile.

      In response to a convention message: YES, convention and tournament support is a clearly defined vision and goal for Serpent's Tongue. Supporting local game centers and large tournaments and conventions with demo games, rare bonus cards, prizes, custom Spell Codex's etc... will be key to creating a cool community of Serpent's Tongue Speakers, just as it was in some way for Magic the Gathering.I want as large a community as possible, because.... I want to have as many people to play this with as I can.

      What is international shipping going to be?

      Brian Gabrielson is working on a solution for international shipping right now. We will have him focus on UK and Korea this weekend. But what we really want to sort out is a European and Asian drop shipping point that will lower costs tremendously. Rather than having Serpent's Tongue shipped to the US and THEN overseas, as is often the case.Brian: I have some news on international shipping. Right now after our $10 discount, shipping will be around $48. Our goal is to get shipping down to $25-$30! I'm working on several different methods for this and I'm confident we can lower the cost for our international pledgers. Also don't worry if you live in a location where it is cheaper to ship to, we will definitely take this into account.

      So the spells are composed of a new language? What about cheating?

      Yes exactly - the 18 words of creation form new combinations when altered by the surrounding syllables. But the language of Serpent's tongue is actually being revised right now by a constructed language expert. So specific words and syllables will inevitably change a bit before final launch. He is making sure our advanced level grammar and syntax will be elegant and consistent.

      Codex peeking (Cheating): Through playtesting - cheating has not been any issue at all. Its very hard to disguise the movement necessary to reveal the activation words - but more importantly Serpent's Tongue strives to invoke a high level of honor amongst its players, which is why we have an entire supplement - "The Gentleman Magi - A modern guide to magickal etiquette" included in the core set.I remember how vicious some of those MTG tournaments got, so we want to cultivate a higher level of consciousness & comraderie in PVP and Co-op play. So that when you rend the very souls of your opponents, you do so with grace and aplomb.

      Another point on language. Language puzzles and challenges are included the campaign as well, where Magi must use their Serpent's Key or their general knowledge of Serpent's Tongue at certain points for a variety of reasons. The Nam-Shubs involve piecing parts of language together - while opponents can de-construct them by using other parts of language. Since some Nam-Shubs are instant victory, a whole battle can ensue where Magi never fire a single incantation at each other. It becomes a language battle. So, yeah. It CAN be very integral. Or you can just blast those linquists apart with a Level 4 ritualized Spatial Rift.

      You sure you don't want to add a few more speakers/Prodigies?

      Line for Life level at $295 was a first week special - Revenue on top of the COGS and Shipping were actually shaved close to 0 on those. (Shipping is excessive on this heavy game of ours!)Unfortunately Prodigy is closed for now. We MAY look at opening up a couple more as we incorporate our current Prodigies into the world and see that we have a little more room, but at this time I can’t promise it.

      Are you guys planning on releasing in card binders/folders for our extra inscirptions and spells? Or do you at least have a suggestion of something that would be around the same size as the cards that I could use to store my cards?

      Thats a debate that has raged for over 12 months amongst the team, polarized between the logistical and thematic perspectives. The core game as it stands right now will have an elegant felt 'falking' making up compartments in the box you can use to categorize and store your cards, with room for approximately 500 cards. (more than the Core Game and a case of inscription packs). These are compartments sort of like a higher quality Dominion Box if you've seen that game.BUT: one of our early stretch rewards of approximately $40,000 may allow us to afford an improved form of packaging. The upgraded packaging will be a binder that looks like a book... is a book actually with large sized sleeves to store your extra incantations, artifacts etc... Whats nice about the Binder packaging is that you can use it as an extra codex in a pinch!

      Will a name like Gareth Thomas fit the game world?

      Yes Magi Thomas fits into our theme great. Serpent's Tongue is set very much in OUR world, with your character's back-story going back thousands of years and many lifetimes. Its this back story that you will experience and participate in through the cooperative adventure 'Out of Eden'.Each ACT moves you through your various incarnations, from the ancient to the modern.So Magi Gareth Thomas is alive and well in our time, but exists simultaneously at many times throughout history. Its this 4th dimensional bridge that allows a Magi to re-access the power cultivated in previous incarnations. This is the journey of a Magi's soul to God-hood

      What’s a Nam-shub?Nam-Shub: (1) An incantation, chant, poem, or speech thought to have magical power in Sumerian texts. The most famous example is the nam-shub of Enki, in which Enki creates a nam-shub that causes others to lose the ability to speak, and which may be a source for the later Hebrew legend of the Tower of Babel

      In the game world of Serpent's Tongue, Nam-Shubs are complete re-writes of reality. They are powerful incantations tied more directly to source that have a permanent effect on our shared perception of the world. It is powerful Nam-shubs that keep the majority of the world Mute to the great language, and overwrites their ability to perceive its workings. Nam-shubs are used by the different factions to control, manipulate and protect the underlying foundation of human civilization.

      In game mechanics this translates to Grand Castings - that often require a whole team of Magi to complete, by building the Nam-Shub out of multiple incantations - drawing from their keywords to construct a longer and more powerful Incantation that will either immediately resolve a conflict, 'win the match', or set you up to do so shortly thereafter.Nam-Shub 'recipes' are included in the Spell Codices, as well as in the Obscura Set. They play as long casting rituals that require juggling of Serpent's Tongue from multiple cards, and often the investment of focus, will, resonance and essence. Opponents can deconstruct your Nam-Shub by invoking incantations that use Polarized words on the Serpent's Key.We were heavily inspired by Neal Stephenson's SNOW CRASH for this aspect of the game.

      Will there be more adventures available?

      WE are absolutely continuing adventure campaigns. Some will be available as expansion campaigns that should be modestly priced. And we also have projected weekly online text-based campaigns and challenges that will earn you Avak'Shar ranks and keep your skills sharp, while slowly moving you through an adventure

      .If I purchase an inscription pack case will I be getting every card?

      Nah the inscription pack cases will not be guaranteed to include every card of the Obscura set. Although it will get people really really close if not all the way when they cash in Avak'Shar ranks later down the line. What we are trying to figure out is whether we can give a complete set of every card in the game (or almost every card some are only available through Avak'Shar ranks), in lieu of inscription cases as a stretch reward it would still be approximately 275 -300 cards, but rather than having them all randomized it would be set. Still not sure how that will pan out just yet, cause of minimum manufacturing restraints, so we are just collecting everybody's feedback first.

      The core set will come with 4 of most cards, its important to have multiples of the same incantation because they can be combined to form rituals that increase their power level. You can actually have as many of the same type of incantation in your Codex as you wish. If you want 33 Flame Eternae's, go to town. But your allies better have some defenses, and Etheric based attacks. Serpent's Tongue strategy encourages players to balance between specialization and versatility. Playtesters sought out ever more obscure incantations that were less likely to be planned for by their opponents.

      There are two Sets of cards, the Canon and the Obscura. The bulk of apprentice and adept level Canon cards come in the core set. Magi level Canon cards and all of the Obscura cards are only available from Inscription packs or by exchanging what are called Avak'Shar ranks online.

      The game is fun & playable with just the Canon, they are effective and versatile. The Obscura just opens up more options, and interesting combinations, often at the price of less versatility.The core sets you get a solid selection of Apprentice AND Adept level spells. So you have room to grow your codex in power and complexity. Moving from Adept level spells to Magi level spells tends to be the resistance point that separates moderately intense players from die-hard players. Which is okay because you can still play competitively and cooperatively with each other. Either through training handicaps, an additional Apprentice or Adept, or by adjusting the difficulty of the campaign.

      Yes, you can procure Magi level Canon incantations and any of the Obscura through Inscription packs. But you can also single out the cards you need and purchase them through Avak'Shar ranks, which, yes are obtained from inscription packs but also from the core set, and varying forms of participation.

      Where did the inspiration for the spells/art come from?

      The art as with the backstory and metaphysics of the game world have taken inspiration from throughout time, drawing strongly from Hermetic Alchemy, Order of the Golden Dawn, and Kabbalah. (These were the traditions most familiar to our resident Occultist, Brando McKeehen.) As we expand our art library with Kickstarter funding we will draw also from Sufi, Taoist Alchemy, African Vodun and other mystic traditions. Most incantation cards attempt to show the actual effect of the incantation rather than a scenario or scene of it being used. We found this helps keep players IN the game. Rather than casting an incantation that shows a Magi healing someone, we wanted the players to BE the Magi, and the card shows the regeneration energy they just cast. This has held strong for the entire Canon (The core set of cards). We wanted more realistic imagery for this and are utilizing a lot of different digital photography merged with illustration.Specializations will feature more traditional styles of art by showing a representative of the class. while artifacts will feature either the artifact itself or its inventor.

      What can you tell us about component durability and if the codex pockets will tear?

      Our most updated playtesting sets did not experience any problems of wear and tear at all, BUT we want to be certain about the long haul. My brother Brian and his trusted contact in Hong Kong who handle sourcing are reviewing final specification tweaks from the manufacturer that will reinforce the pockets beyond even our playtesting Codices.

      What our real goal is, and we have not announced this as a stretch reward on KickStarter yet, because its just a possibility, is to revamp the Codex AND the Cards before launch so that they will be magnetic. Yep magnetic. the Cards will have a micro-thin glyph made of metal on the back which will lock into embedded thin magnets inside each page. We have made a prototype and theres something truly sweet about it. No pockets... your incantations just float there on the page securely but detach easily with the right amount of force. But that is about a $100k stretch reward.

      There is a lot of talk now about card sets and randomization and it has made me wonder about combination balance. In some collectible games it becomes a question of finding the one two punch of combination cards. I'm just wondering if that was a design consideration and how early play tests have balanced.

      Serpent's Tongue is less dependent upon rarity of cards to help balance its gameplay than most TCG's we've played. This is because our true balancing element to the game is the Language itself. Incantation levels are divided between Apprentice, Adept and Magi levels. But even within those levels when an incantation does a little more, or is a little more effective it will also be a little more difficult. Just adding 2-3 syllables to an Apprentice cast phrase that has multiple effects can makes it much more difficult to master or decode. The playtesters who stocked up on these slightly more powerful spells were prone to miscast them much more frequently.

      Rarity can still be a factor however, (sometimes a card is rare BECAUSE it does more without much increase in difficulty) but not anything close to what its like in MTG, and less of a factor than the Language.But to respond about the possible 'Sets Stretch Reward' - If KS Founders receive entire sets of Serpent's Tongue cards, they will have some advantage in Codex building. What can I say? Its good to be a Founder. I really like the idea of the Founders breaking onto the scene, with some killer Codices, and advanced Mastery of Serpent's Tongue. But despite that pleasant imagery the possible stretch reward of complete sets will really be more of a convenience to them rather than an unfair advantage

      .Regardless I am positive this advantage will not have any cataclysmic or far reaching impact on future tournament play. Yes there are all sorts of powerful combos, even 2-3 punch super combinations, but even those can be prevented, mitigated, interrupted, & out-willed at the beginning of an encounter when a Magi is fresh with Willpower, free of negative status effects, and has a Codex full of incantations.While unprepared or depleted Magi can be ripped apart in just a few turns. T

      hats how it goes - these incantations can be vicious and deadly, and destructive magick in the world of Serpent's Tongue can be gruesome.

      Last updated:
    • We are going to subsidize shipping costs to Canada (approximately $19) by the amount dedicated to US Shipping.

      The shipping surcharge to Canada is $9 for any level of backing.

      Thank you for the extra level of support!

      Last updated:


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      Pledge $3 or more

      14 backers

      Our gratitude for supporting us and your name listed on our web page as a backer for all time & eternity.

      Estimated delivery:
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      Pledge $11 or more

      24 backers

      INITIATES receive
      a hardbound 44 page Spell Codex from the game signed by the lead designer Christopher Gabrielson. Listed under Supporting Magi in Web and Published materials as an Initiate. All Rewards Include Domestic SHIPPING! International shipping is forthcoming.

      Estimated delivery:
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      Pledge $25 or more

      35 backers

      APPRENTICE level = A LONE MAGI SET of Serpent's Tongue, which is a smaller version of the game for solo players or for a traditional TCG experience; containing a single Codex, 90 Incantation, Artifact, Specialization & Encounter Cards, the walk-through tutorial and the solo campaign adventure. Plus a single focus gem, ready stone and a set of Resonance, Essence, and Willpower chips.
      1 Kickstarter Exclusive Specialization.
      Listed as an Apprentice in our Founder's list in Published and Web materials.
      All Rewards Include Free Domestic SHIPPING! International pricing is forthcoming. See a more detailed list of contents at

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      THE COLLECTOR UPGRADE - Add 10 Inscription Packs to any tier reward.

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      385 backers

      ADEPT Level = The Core Multi-player Set of the game (See Components List to the Left) including the 40+ hour cooperative campaign 'Out of Eden',
      Plus an additional 40 advanced cards, including higher level incantations, rare artifacts, and adept specializations.
      Plus 2 unique kickstarter specializations & 1 unique artifact only available to our KS Backers!
      PLUS your name worked into FUTURE source materials or campaign adventures. We want to put you in as a character in the Serpent's Tongue universe that players will hear about and even interact with or fight with, as soon as we can. You will be identified as an Adept in all Founder lists forever.
      All Rewards Include Domestic SHIPPING! International shipping is forthcoming.

      Estimated delivery:
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      ARCHIVIST UPGRADE - Add a CASE of Inscription packs to any tier for $50. Increase your pledge and we will track this reward through the post-campaign survey.

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      10 backers All gone!

      PRODIGY ADEPTS receive everything an Adept does but the PRODIGY version of the Acolyte Set guarantees your name worked into current source materials and the campaign adventure Out of Eden. We want to put you in as a character in the Serpent's Tongue universe that players will hear about, interact with and fight with RIGHT FROM LAUNCH!

      Estimated delivery:
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      Pledge $85 or more

      260 backers

      have mastered the higher realms of Serpent's Tongue, becoming a force to be reckoned with, and receive a full complement of the advanced canon of Serpents Tongue. You will receive a CORE SET of the game as well as a full CASE of Inscription Packs. The case alone retails for $75, and includes 288 additional uncommon, rare & legendary incantations. artifacts & specializations.
      Receive 4 Kickstarter UNIQUE CARDS. (2 Specs & 2 Artifacts)
      PLUS the SACRED SITES expansion which incorporates Area control into standard ST Battles.
      Your name will be prioritized over Adepts in future campaign adventures. We will eventually work in ALL our backers you will just be sooner : ) And of course listed as a Founding Magi for all time eternity AND dimensions. Free domestic shipping, International rates forthcoming.

      Estimated delivery:
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      98 backers

      The MAGI's Cabal. This set is designed for those that want to support 4 player games, right out of the gate. Includes TWO CoreSets + 8 Inscription Packs. ++ 3 Unique Kickstarter Specializations & +2 Unique Artifacts.
      Your name worked into future Serpent's Tongue materials. Magi Cabal's are enumerated as Founders online and in Published Materials for all time.

      Estimated delivery:
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      Pledge $95 or more

      10 backers All gone!

      PRODIGY MAGI - Receive everything a Magi receives except they are worked into current source materials right at launch! They will take on pivotal roles in the story line, interacting heavily with players.

      Estimated delivery:
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      Pledge $125 or more

      35 backers

      MAGI OFFICIANT - Faction coordinators, specialists and teachers have more liberal access to resources, sacred sites and artifacts. Receive all Magi level KickStarter exclusive rewards. Receive 3 Core Sets or cases of Inscription packs in any combination.

      Estimated delivery:
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      MASTER PLAYERS receive 2 Complete MAGI sets with all their bonus rewards. Masters are prioritized over all non-prodigy backers for inclusion into the Serpent's Tongue World. Be honorized as a Founder in all published and online materials. 5 Extra Reputation Ranks when online rank tracking launches. See for a more detailed list of this reward package.

      Estimated delivery:
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      62 backers

      MASTER COLLECTORS Receives 1 Core Set of Serpent's Tongue + 3 Cases of Inscription Packs. + All Kickstarter Exclusive rewards to this point & the Sacred Sites Expansion. Build the ultimate Codex, Hoard the most powerful cards, or Dominate the trading market. Be recognized as a Master In all published and online FOUNDER Lists.

      Estimated delivery:
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      10 backers All gone!

      PRODIGY MASTER. Your choice of MASTER set (Player or Collector) plus your name worked into an incantation or Artifact for launch. This will be YOUR incantation, as if you were the Magi that invented it or created it. Instead of Mordenkainen's Sword it will be YOUR NAME"s Flame Eternae, or whatever you want your spell to be, including your backstory and notes on the inscription side of the card. Plus these 10 Incantations / Artifacts are particularly powerful and useful and should find their way into most Codex's. You're famous baby!

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      LINE FOR LIFE UPGRADE. $175. Support the future of Serpent's Tongue by adding LINES FOR LIFE to any reward level. Future releases are not guaranteed to have free shipping, but we do promise to do our best to subsidize them to the best of our abilities.

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      Pledge $295 or more

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      Speaker. LINE FOR LIFE: Receive 2 Master Player Sets with all Rewards and extras and expansions. (4 Core Sets, 4 Cases of Inscription Packs) Plus a free copy of all expansions and a Case of Inscription Packs each time a new set is released. Forever.

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      SPEAKER LEGACY. LINE FOR LIFE: Receive 2 Master Player or Collector Sets with all Rewards and extras and expansions. (This equates to some combination of 4 Core Sets and 4 Cases of Inscription Packs) Plus a free copy of all expansions and a Case of Inscription Packs each time a new set is released. Forever.

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      PRODIGY SPEAKER. LINE FOR LIFE. Receive 2 Master Sets (Player or Collector) with all Rewards and extras and expansions. Plus a free copy of all expansions and a Case of Inscription Packs each time a new set is released. Forever.
      PRODIGY = YOU on a custom Specialization. Your name, your concept, even YOUR face (if we can work the image around to stay on theme : ) as part of a special class. This class will be powerful, and available to everyone (although it will be rare) We will work with you to create a title thats relevant, i.e Order of 'Krell', or 'Gareth's Anachron. As an example.

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      PRODIGY SPEAKER. LINE FOR LIFE. Receive 2 Master Sets (Player or Collector) with all Rewards and extras and expansions. Plus a free copy of all expansions and a Case of Inscription Packs each time a new set is released. Forever.

      YOU on a custom Encounter card. Your name, your concept, even YOUR face/image (if we can work the image around to stay on theme : ) on one of the primary 'Bosses' of the game. The Encounter cards are used in the adventure campaign for Climax battles, and as a challenge deck or 'horde' mode where players attempt a certain amount of Bosses on various difficulty levels, Apprentice, Adept, or Magi. YOU are the BOSS.

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      INSCRIBER - LINE FOR LIFE. This is a Prodigy Class Speaker level. In addition to everything a Speaker receives, Inscribers' names, backstory and unique symbology are incorporated into the Codex. Inscribers represent powerful Magi, Researchers and Mentors that encode Codices to be able to contain multiple Incantations, and impart their wisdom for the Magi of future centuries, who sometimes turn out to be themselves

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      NAME OF POWER (Official Title to be released in Serpent's Tongue) Become (a word of) Power! After centuries of perfecting its use, your identity has merged with the Great Tongue. Have your name incorporated into the language of Serpent's Tongue as a fundamental phrase utilized in level 2 Incantations and higher. Become an integral aspect of the incantations used by thousands, and your back-story referenced as a key part of the Serpent's Tongue story. Includes other Rewards equivalent to Speaker Legacy.

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      SACRED FONT - Game Center Level - 15 Core Sets, 15 Cases of Inscription packs at approximate cost. PLUS 10 Sets of all KickStarter exclusive bonus material. For those that wish to become a Place of Power for Serpent's Tongue.

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      SACRED FONT PLUS - Game Center Level - 15 Core Sets, 15 Cases of Inscription Packs at approximate cost. PLUS 10 Sets of all KickStarter exclusive bonus material. For those that wish to become a Place of Power for Serpent's Tongue. Includes 1 Speaker level LINE FOR LIFE.

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      ETERNAL FONT - LINE FOR LIFE. Game Center Level. Includes the Sacred Font level rewards PLUS 15 sets of all new Expansions, Additions, & Inscription Cases when released. For those that wish to become a timeless Place of Power for Serpent's Tongue.

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      THE CAIN - There can be only one. This Magi is the reincarnation of the ultimate Speaker Antagonist. Resonating throughout time, defying the gods and all concept of order. Only kept in check by the most vigilant arcane powers. To overthrow the kingdom of God, s(he) would devour the world. An unstoppable, inexorable, force of reality. Your name and personal details will be incorporated into the modern saga of Serpent's Tongue as the Cain Unfolding. A Magi that awakens not only to power, but a legacy stretching back to the dawn of the world. Additional Rewards equate to a Sacred Font Level.

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