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Update #13 - For backers only

Better Late Than Never?


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Update #12

It's production week, folks!


Hi, everybody!!!

Just wanted to take a quick second and update you on the amazing things going on with the video!!! I've been intensely busy getting ready for our first shoot on Friday, but it has been such a blessing and a gift to go through all these new experiences. I have you guys to thank for that!

I just posted an update on my blog talking all about my week and what our first day of shooting is going to be like:

As far as budget goes, I've been shocked to find that, even after the huge price tag for renting the fancy studio, not to mention the costumes, hair, make up, food, etc., we're still well under budget!! This is so incredible to me. It seems that God is just working magic with this budget. :) I can't wait to see everything all finished and to share it with you! It's going to be a long slow road, as many things seem to be right now, but in the end, it will be so worth it, I'm sure!

I thank you guys again for your amazing patience and understanding when it comes to your prizes! I pinky swear, I'm working my little tail off to get them all ready to go. I love you guys for being so wonderful!

Have a great week, and be sure to stay tuned to my Facebook and Twitter pages! I'm sure I'll be updating them constantly with news about the video shoot!



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Update #11

"Mission: Fulfill Kickstarter Rewards" is Underway!

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Hi, guys!!!

So, I've finally embarked upon the monumental task of rewarding my lovely backers for their generous support of my music video and upcoming tour! You guys are wonderful. You know this. :) But now, the entire WORLD knows it! (Well. The portion of the world that follows my blog, that is.)

The first reward, the $1 reward, was: "My eternal gratitude, and your name listed in what I'm sure will be a very long blog post thanking all of my contributors."

Done, and done! Check out that very long blog post right here:

Thank you again for your contribution, and of course for your patience as I work my little tushie off to get all of these rewards sent out! If you haven't already filled out your survey in which I asked for your contact info, please do so so that you will be sure to get your rewards!

Kiss kiss hug hug


Update #10

And So It Begins!!!

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Hello, all!

I apologize for the recent radio silence. It has been an absolutely insane month! Great things happening, but I think I may slowly be losing my mind (which I think will only make for a better performance when it comes time to shoot this music video). 

Speaking of which, great news; A date has been announced! If all goes according to plan, we will be shooting the video on July 22nd, with a rain date on July 23rd! Now, this is a pretty ambitious goal, so this may be a tentative date, but we're doing our best to make it happen. Tomorrow, we're going to scout out what the Yeah Yeah Creative boys tell me is our top contender for the prime shoot location-- Tyler's brother's backyard, which apparently is wooded and grassy and close enough to a power source, food, and bathrooms, which is always a plus. We have a giant laundry list of things that we need to purchase/rent/borrow, including an upright piano, several animal costumes, enough furniture for a small, oddly decorated house, materials to build a stage, among countless other things. Phew! The next month is going to be NUTS, but I'm SO excited! (I got my dress, by the way. It is perfect!)

Just wanted to give my backers an update on the status of their prizes! As for you guys who are receiving mostly emailed, digital prizes (like a digital copy of the EP, etc.), we are VERY close to having "Chariot Driver" finished! As soon as that comes back from mastering, I will email all of you your digital prizes so that I can get it done in one fell swoop. Same with those of you who will have prizes shipped to you-- many of you will be receiving a piece of the set, which obviously I can't send along until after the shoot. Since it'll be so much easier to ship all of your prizes in one box (or at least at the same time), that's my plan. :) I hope you guys understand! I'll hit the email/post office asap, but getting ready for the video is priority numero uno, and I think you guys are going to be THRILLED when you see the payoff for all this hard work and patience. 

I will continue to keep you guys posted! In the meantime, please keep an eye on my website,! I'm announcing new updates all the time for my East Coast Tour with Merry Ellen Kirk and Marie Hines (the "Pretty Little Things" tour), and if you live east of the Mississippi and close to the Atlantic, chances are we're comin' to see you. :)

You guys are absolutely the best. Thank you for all your kind and motivating messages! It's been so much fun to read those. More to come!!!


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Update #9 - For backers only

Have You Filled Out Your Surveys Yet?


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    My eternal gratitude, and your name listed in what I'm sure will be a very long blog post thanking all of my contributors.

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    ABOVE + I will email you an mp3 of the worktape (the very first rough recording) of “Odd Place To Be,” which I recorded right after I wrote it. (This was before I changed the title from “The Brink” to "Odd Place To Be.")

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + Early access to the “Behind The Scenes” video, as well as a sneak peek of the official “Odd Place To Be” music video before it is released to the public.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + I will email you a digital copy of the EP, plus your name will be listed in the credits at the end of the music video.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + I will mail you a signed piece of the set from the music video, along with a personally handmade card just for you!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + In honor of the human-sized stuffed animals that you'll see in the music video, I will create a handmade stuffed animal of the animal (or person, or monster, or whatever) of your choice!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + You get to be present for the filming of the music video and be an extra (if you want to) OR, if you’re not in the Nashville area and don’t want to travel here, I will give you a special shout-out in the behind the scenes video and tell the world how awesome you are!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + I will come to your living room (within a 500 mile radius of Nashville, TN) and perform a private concert for you and all your friends! If you don’t live in the Nashville area, I will record a YouTube video of the cover song of your choice and proclaim my undying love for you, which I will then post on my website and social networks!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + I will write a song just for you about anything your little heart desires! Let’s keep it clean, though, ok? (no expletives)

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + For six months, the top banner of the "blog" page on my website will feature a picture of you (preferably giving "thumbs up"), along with your name, and the words "This guy/girl is freakin' awesome. Thanks for funding my music video!"

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