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A fast-paced, Run n' Gun shooter (PC/Mac), filled to the brim with comic violence, swords, guns, squad combat, guns, and guns!
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First Big a While!

Posted by Michael Swain (Creator)

It's been a long time, my old friends! 

The first of the month seemed like a great time to get you guys caught up with what Matt and I have been doing and where we're at now.

It's been over two years since we first sat down and started putting together a prototype for the Kickstarter. In July, it will have been two years since the campaign. The number of hours we've put into developing the game is simply mind-numbing.

Which is why we've decided to take all of our 3D models and materials...two years worth of painstakingly crafted characters, weapons, and scenery...and turn Madness: Project Nexus 2 into a Tabletop Miniatures Game!

Combining all of the tabletop RPG and turn-based action that Madness fans have come to love, the newly dubbed Madness: Strategy Combat game will blow all competition out of the water. We are designing it to be more expansive than even the Warhammer: 40K tabletop series, with hundreds of expansions and hand-crafted pewter figures worth every dime.

 We've already spent the last of our Kickstarter money on fourteen brand new 3D printers for our home office, so we're really locked into this new direction. But we're jumping in with both feet, never looking back, putting the pedal to the metal and taking care of business...Madness style!

 Even though we have more updates to come, Krinkels and I were both super stoked to share this update with you! We'll have more for you guys tomorrow, but for now, we can all enjoy the rest of our Friday knowing that Madness: Project Tabletop Strategy Nexus is finally becoming the game we always knew it could be.

This is Team Madness signing out. Catch you guys TOMORROW!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ege Kurdas on

      Where is the REAL update?

    2. Michael Swain Creator on

      Happy Day-After-April-Fools everyone! We'll be posting our REAL update shortly :D

    3. Mison Khan on

      *Facepalm* Omg man, lol I shoulda known it would be an April Fools Joke.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jake Denton on

      well easy to see April fools is easy to see

    5. John Evans on

      Ahahahaha...oh, boy.

      You know what? I'm going to finish up that text-based Madness adventure I was working on. ;)

    6. Nathaniel Tempest on

      *facepalm* next time, check the date... in my defence, we call off april fools at midnight and that's a quarter of an hour away haha

    7. Nathaniel Tempest on

      Well, it might not be my cuppa tea, but I'm glad to see things are moving ahead! I wish all those interested the best and those who aren't so keen, we'll have the PC game XD

    8. Missing avatar


      That sounds 67% plausible and possible, though. With the exemption of the awesome blinking red-eyed Hank, of course. Pure badass collector's edition. Fans will gobble them up.

      PS: we did have a turn based RPG Madness game online tho. This idea can always be in the back burner, if not the oven.

    9. Jordi Santini on

      I love the new direction! Tabletops are the way to go!

    10. EMess1989 on

      Happy APRIL FOOL'S day! BWAHAHAHA!

    11. Martin Arana V on

      Hell yeah boyy gime

    12. Missing avatar

      James Church on

      Hell yeah! Actually you guys, could we maybe just abandon that whole "video game" idea? I mean, tabletop games are obviously the future of the industry so let's just roll with this 100%!

    13. That Bloody Twat on

      Pffft, screw a delayed as shit alpha; we got minitures!

    14. Mison Khan on

      Wait... Please don't tell me this is the final project for the game?? Are we going to get the tabletop game, then get the actual game as well later on??

    15. Nicki Oliver Christensen on

      WTF I had no idea that I'd receive such an amazing thing xD I thought I was receiving a purely made alpha! D: BUT thank god!

    16. Michael Swain Creator on

      Each figure has a christmas light and an AAA battery inside. It was the only way to get Hank's eyes to glow, and is probably why each piece will end up costing around $19.99.

    17. MindChamber on

      Those board pieces Self-illuminate wonderfully!

    18. Logan Pletcher on

      Oh, this is perfect! Now I can hold all these crazy figures in the palm of my hands!

    19. Luke Miller

      Finally! I've been waiting for this decision for a while, it's clearly the way the fanbase wants the game to move