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"100 Stories from Roatán" is a photo-documentary that will feature the lives of 100 locals living in Roatán, Honduras.

"100 Stories from Roatán" is a photo-documentary that will feature the lives of 100 locals living in Roatán, Honduras. Read More
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About this project

"100 Stories From Roatan" is a photo-documentary that will feature 100 stories from locals living in Roatán, Honduras. 

This book will be a place for them to showcase their lives. I want them to feel that they can tell their stories through photos.

I have spent time thinking about the people in Roatán. I imagine them looking at the foreigners who come in, but who is really looking back?

100 Stories From Roatán will be the largest photo-documentary to capture images of the locals living there.

Please take a second to click here and look at some of the locals living in Roatán. As you can see, most of them are living in wooden houses built by hand without electricity or running water. On the other hand, click here to see photos of the developing villas that are being sold to tourists.

I will be living and volunteering in Roatán for 2-3 months. I have done as much organizing for this project as possible! At this point I know that I will be leaving my job and life in Los Angeles and I will be living and spending time with the people living in Roatán. I will be immersing myself in their culture completely. It may even take a whole month of becoming familiar with the community before any pictures or stories can be captured. Respect plays a huge part in this project and I aim for this book to enrich all the lives that are involved in it. Whether it comes from the good people who have helped fund it, to the people who are featured in the book or even those who read it, this project is all about enrichment.

Your pledge will be a part of history. I don't believe it's fair that when we search on Google for Roatán we only see pictures of white sandy beaches and clear water. There are many people living on the island who deserve to have their voices heard.

Please help support this important project!

Below are some examples of images that I shot while volunteering in Guanábana, Ecuador.  These give the feel of what 100 Stories From Roatán will have.

Roatán is the largest of Hondura's "Bay" Islands. It was discovered in 2005 as a popular cruise destination and has been growing in popularity since.

But the people who live there are struggling with extreme poverty, sexual exploitation, and other issues with drugs and alcohol.

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America and Roatán has the highest rate of HIV in Central America. (220x higher than the US.)

The $5,500 is as tight of a budget that I can create while still upholding the integrity of the project. I struggled a lot with creating this budget while worrying that it may not cover every little cost. However, bare-bones or not, I will make this project work!

Where will the funding go?


I will be flying from Los Angeles to Roatán.

Extra Equipment and Insurance Costs.

I want to leave with the feeling that I can capture as many stories and images as possible. This means investing in extra memory cards, batteries, and a third lens which are all very reasonably priced.

I have given very careful thought to each one of these items. They all play a very important role. I will be providing my own DSLR camera, body kit, bag, tripod and two additional lenses. I will also be buying insurance for the equipment. (I will not be traveling with health insurance.)

Food, personal expenses and accommodation. 

The foundation that I am interested in volunteering with is a non-profit organization called Intensive Heart-Ventures. Please click here to learn about all the great work that they are doing. 

(All of my finalizations with the organization will be made if this project can get funded!)

Personal expenses will come up in the form of toiletries, expenses from traveling by bus, food and clean water.  I will be surviving on traditional home cooked meals and fresh fruit. 

I hope to find accommodation either by living with a family or a very basic shared accommodation. I don't expect to have hot water or a T.V. With the budget that I have created, my accommodation will have to be very, very simple.

Publishing The Book

The last of the fund will go towards the cost of publishing the book. I will be coming home with all of the raw images and I will begin reviewing and editing them myself. From that point I will begin working on creating and self-publishing the book.

This will be a labour intensive project that I will complete while working part time.

I will be using Lulu to publish the book. I hope to make as many copies that the budget will allow for! From that point on it is a matter of finishing the book and shipping it out to the generous people who have helped make this project a reality. 

The proceeds from book will be divided into different groups. I would like some of the money to go directly to the families in Roatán who have shared their stories. Some of the money will go towards funding other similar projects. The rest will go towards better equipment so that I may continue this kind of work.

What happens from there?  I hope for this project to be a first of many. I hope that I can continue to fund more projects and to tell more human stories. This project involves all of us all as human beings and it is supported by our community of helping hands. 

This budget is truly as bare-bones as possible! Any extra funding is an immense help and will go towards better gear. Better gear = higher quality project. There are so many expenses that come up last minute.

More funding means I can bring more supplies for the children and more options when it comes to publishing and printing the book. I will be documenting every step of this project at Your help is very much appreciated!

I hope for this project to give a voice and sense of purpose to the people living in Roatán. I want them to be able to pick up this book and smile and say "Look. Look at me here. I mean something."

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

― Margaret Mead

For more information, or to follow my blog please visit

Thank you!

Risks and challenges

This project will take a lot of hard work. I will be traveling alone to a community and 100 pictures and stories is a lot to capture! I want the subjects to feel comfortable with me and build a relationship of trust. It may take a whole month of volunteering and building relationships before I even start capturing pictures.

Another challenge will come from the organizational aspect: gathering all the photography equipment, planning the air fare and insurance. It all really depends when (and if!) the project can get funded.

The last challenge I foresee is the publishing of the book. Organizing all of the photos and editing the book is going to be a lot of work. However, I am ready to meet any challenges with a big smile and I am ready to work hard to see this project brought to fruition!

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