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The Minimal&Durable Pen, CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum. Compatible with many cartridges (Pilot, Zebra, Mont Blanc and more....)
The Minimal&Durable Pen, CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum. Compatible with many cartridges (Pilot, Zebra, Mont Blanc and more....)
321 backers pledged $14,660 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. MayoikondaInu -迷い込んだ犬-
      on July 19, 2014

      I don't live in the US.
      I can't do anything about this From Japan.
      The very frustrating.

    2. Brandon Vladimir Hernandez on May 10, 2014

      I wish we could pursue this in NY right now. Maybe I should ask a Lawyer of the possibilities since the defendant lives in NY. And there are people who have supposedly met him.

    3. freshsprout on March 4, 2014 can use what is posted here - leave the other fields blank

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Keeley on February 3, 2014

      Does anyone have all the relevant information needed to file a complaint? If so could you post it publicly to make it easier for us all to file?

      If it can't be posted publicly but you have it please pass it on so I can file. Thanks.

    5. freshsprout on January 16, 2014

      Nope, they usually start to act when they receive a bunch of complaints. So at least try it at - I hope they sync their database with NSA, FBI / Co. so it pops up everywhere

    6. Missing avatar

      JackAscii on January 9, 2014

      Wonder if he has a job somewhere...

    7. Vinny Gerard Mariano on December 12, 2013

      I'm still pissed about this!

    8. John Byrnes on December 5, 2013

      @Freshsprout - Any progress on the complaint?

    9. MayoikondaInu -迷い込んだ犬-
      on December 2, 2013

      Please return the money.

    10. freshsprout on November 26, 2013

      Please file your complaint at - it is the least you can do!

    11. Meta Neuschuler on November 21, 2013

      I received my pen (finally!) through the CoCo Pen folks too. I must say, I much prefer their pen to the MD but at least I finally have one. Too bad Waller was disreputable, but at least the CoCo people made good where he failed.

    12. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on November 17, 2013

      I received my SET from Arfi'An / Elondra
      Even since Michael Waller apparently ran off with a majority of his funds, some people still have the opportunity for reprieve.
      I agree that it's a shame there is no formal recourse through kickstarter. As all the liability ends up between backers and the creator's Amazon Payments account.
      When creators are honest and even communicative, the backers are happy but impatient to wait. For this project though it appeared to be about a money grab. And not even over that much money.

    13. Missing avatar

      JackAscii on October 9, 2013

      He will pop up somewhere, sometime, and when that happens, I think we can voice our frustration - all 321 backers. Its not about the pen anymore, its about the blatant disregard for owning up or taking responsibility for the failure. You don't take 14K and just disappear. It at least deserves a long response on why it failed, what mistakes he make, and a sincere apology.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom Allston on September 27, 2013

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Missing avatar

      CBS on September 8, 2013

      @freshsprout - I cared long ago, when no one else did. People gave me crap for it back then, but I knew I was right. Now look at you guys...

    16. freshsprout on August 21, 2013

      I am quite surprised that apparently no one really cares about what is happening here. This project has > 300 backers and just a handful seems to care. Can someone please explain this to me?

    17. Bobby Davis on August 5, 2013

      If you want a unique pen and don't want to get screwed, check out my pen project!

      I'll deliver!!

    18. freshsprout on August 1, 2013

      "Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)."

      Let's see what happens next...

    19. John Byrnes on July 31, 2013

      The email address that was associated with his Amazon account is I've sent a number of emails to this address and have yet to receive a response.

    20. freshsprout on July 30, 2013

      I am filing a complaint with It would be great if you could complete the information below.

      Company: G'dup wheels co. (information from Amazon)
      Name: Michael Waller
      Address: ???
      Email: ???
      Phone: ???

    21. Ken's Lil' Sister
      on July 29, 2013

      The guy that owns the pens gave them out after pledging for his pen, I now have both.

    22. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on July 20, 2013

      You're telling me 321 people gave money to michael waller. And some other guy owns them all.
      Will be checking on amazon's statute of limitations
      Michael has not logged in since march.

    23. freshsprout on June 25, 2013

      Don't let him run away with 14k

    24. Elvin Basinger on May 21, 2013

      Piss off Mike Greto...... You sound like Mike Waller!

    25. Elvin Basinger on May 21, 2013

      What wasall this CoCo Pen BS?!?! Why do I have to back another BS pen project to receive something I already paid for!!!! Thos whole thing is another load of CRAP!

    26. Mike Greto on May 16, 2013

      Actually, I'm getting 10 extra MD Pens, but thanks for asking! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      CBS on May 16, 2013

      @freshsprout - Go ahead. I will back you 100%, and help as much as possible. You take the initiative and sue the pants off this guy. I can't wait to get my $33 back!! I'm sure the judge will force him to repay your legal fees! Better yet, take him to Judge Judy!!

      @Greta - You sound like a drug pusher with all your coco posts. Are you getting an extra pen for all that side work? Just say no!

    28. Mike Greto on May 1, 2013

      You had your chance to back the CoCoPen project and get an MD-Pen with your CoCoPen. Other than that, I would say no.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kannan on May 1, 2013

      No hope to get the MDpen or money ...

    30. Mike Greto on April 29, 2013

      Hey Guys,

      As a friendly reminder, if you're going to back the CoCoPen project, or if you already have but forgot to do so, make sure you either message Arfi'an directly, or submit a post asking him to add your name to the list of CoCoPen/MD-Pen backers to receive an MD-Pen, or you may not be automatically added to the list.

      P.S. Just 41 hours to go!!! :)

    31. freshsprout on April 27, 2013

      The CoCoPen guys who made the pens for the clown should have his address. So why isn't anyone taking legal actions? As an international backer that is not possible. However, for the $65 I'd like to see him burn.

    32. Oswin on April 27, 2013

      Je ne vais pas encore payer pour une chose que j'ai déjà payé !
      Je n'ai plus confiance en qui que se soit, de nombreux projets auquels j'ai souscrit ne verrons pas le jour car les mecs sont partis avec l'argent !
      Donc, j'ai tout annulé.
      D'ailleurs je ne sais même pas si le mec à qui vous faites confiance est réglo......

    33. Mike Greto on April 23, 2013

      COCOPEN / MD-PEN UPDATE (1 week left):

      For those of you that have not been following the CoCoPen project, we are coming around to the home stretch with only 7 more days to go until the project is funded. What does that mean for you? Well, if you haven't signed up as one of the backers of the CoCoPen, that not only means that you have a week to decide if you want to put your name down for a CoCoPen, but it also means that you have a week to secure a spot in line to receive an MD-Pen too (assuming all the spots don't fill up by then!).

      Some of you may be thinking that since there are still pens available, I'll take my chances and wait until the last day to decide if I need to back the project in order to reserve myself an MD-Pen. Perhaps I can take my chances and simply reach out to Arfi'an after the project closes, and offer him the cost of shipping to send me out a pen.

      There are several things you should probably consider if that is going to be your reasoning:

      1) You are probably not the only person with the same line of thinking, which could mean that there will be a wave of people backing the project at the last minute, and possibly taking your place in line... or worse, the last available MD-Pen!

      2) Arfi'an may decide to hold some back as an additional reserve for those individuals that did back the CoCoPen project, in case they receive a faulty pen and he needs to send out a replacement.

      3) Arfi'an may altogether decide not to give out the remainder of the MD-Pens to non-backers of the CoCoPen, and decide to sell them to recoup some of his sunk costs. As a self-appointed 'ambassador', I will advise him against that course of action (assuming that is something he is considering), but since it's not my pen or my project, it's ultimately his decision and a very real possibility.

      4) The last and perhaps most important consideration is that Arfi'an's priority right now is to see to it that ALL of his CoCoPen backers' pledges are fulfilled. We all must remember that most of the people backing his CoCoPen project are new backers that have no association with what has transpired here and should not become 'collateral damage' because of what has transpired here.

      With that in mind, if the production and shipping schedule goes according to plan based on where the project stands, which is now into the second pledgel tier, shipment of the final batch of CoCoPens won't be until July. If the project reaches the third and final pledge level, the ship date for the 3rd manufacturing run gets pushed to August. That could potentially mean that even if he does offer to send out individual MD-Pens to the rest of us who choose not to back the CoCoPen project, there is a good chance you may not see your pen until August or September at the earliest.

      I have been a staunch supporter of what Arfi'an is doing for us even though he has no moral or legal obligation to do what he is doing, which is the main reason why I chose to back his new pen... not to mention the fact that I think I'm liking his new pen even more so than the MD-Pen.

      Having said all that, I do acknowledge that there are many out there may not share the same sentiments as I do, and completely respect your positions. Because we are all in the same boat and I know how most of you feel, I wouldn`t want any of you to miss out on a chance at getting one of the few MD-Pens that do exist.

      As Carter has pointed out below, it is better to receive two nice pens than none at all.

      Whatever your decisions, good luck to you all, and I hope that we all come out of this better than how we came in!

    34. Missing avatar

      Carter on April 23, 2013

      The way I see it, $64 for 2 nice pens is better than $40 for 0 pens. (Canadian Backer)

    35. Missing avatar

      Anant on April 15, 2013


      Just back the Cocopen and put out a comment in the regular comments area or under update #3 I believe stating that you were a md-pen backer also, and they will add your name to the list.

    36. Missing avatar

      John Holbrook on April 14, 2013

      So if I want to back the Cocopen project and also get one of the 120 MD pens then what is the process?

    37. Mike Greto on April 14, 2013

      You`re right Anant, both sides as you pointed out have valid arguments. At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat and we mustn't let petty disagreements as to how to best distribute the only 120 pens in existence divide us. We have all been wronged by MW and I`m sure that if he hasn`t seen the face of justice yet, he will some day. His only saving grace would be if Michael Waller wasn't his real name to begin with.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anant on April 14, 2013

      Mike you have to understand that most people are still pissed off about this whole situation. Because we found Arfian was the manufacturer some people still feel slighted even by Arfian, when in reality he was also a victim like you said.

      There will always be two sides to this. One side will feel like if all Arfian wants is shipping costs to be covered for the MD-PEN, then Patrick's idea of sending $5 by paypal makes sense. Then the other side will feel like you do and think there is no reason why Arfian should eat the loss, he should be able to recoup some of that money by people spending another $50 on a new pen. That way he could be made whole or partially whole by the profit he will make on the CoCo pen. Both sides are valid. Patrick's side is valid because that is what Arfian initially offered. If Arfian did not offer that in the beginning, then I don't think anyone here could argue for that side.

      So you will always have some like Patrick who will feel like they are still being cheated, and maybe being cheated out of even more money, if they decide to back the CoCo Pen just so they can get their original pen. I see both sides. But I am grateful they are even offering the MD-PEN in the first place. I just wish Michael Waller the scammer pays for this one day.

    39. Mike Greto on April 14, 2013

      Patrick I apologize for the tone of my comment, as it came off somewhat harsh. As Anant pointed out earlier, based on the rate of how many MD-Pen backers are jumping on the CoCoPen project, this conversation may all be a moot point as it is very possible that not all 120 spots will get filled up. Chances are in that case, that if you don't become one of the CoCoPen backers, you will probably end up paying a small price for shipping and getting your pen after it's all said and done anyways.

      To that end, however, perhaps we should be more open-minded and say to ourselves, if Arfi'an and Elonda are willing to go out of their way, in spite of all that has happened and the allegations that some of us have made about the new CoCoPen project, to still send us an MD-Pen, perhaps we can show some support by putting in a pledge for the CoCoPen. Keep in mind that we are not even being asked for $5 more to get the MD-Pen. Essentially, we will be getting TWO pens for the price of one. For those of us that only pledged for one MD-Pen to begin with, we will be no better or worse off than had we received our pen from Michael Waller.

      I'm not disillusioned to the fact that part of the reason that they want us to back the CoCoPen is because there is enough of a margin built in to the price of the pen that some (but likely a very small amount) of it will go to recoup the expenses already incurred to produce the MD-Pen. But at the same time, they`re not asking for more money than what they are asking from any other CoCoPen backer who was not involved in the MD-Pen scandal.

      Another thing we should keep in mind is that Elonda had nothing to do with the original project at all. She's even admitted herself that she was not aware of Arfi'an's involvement in the MD-Pen project until Anant posted about it on their project's Comment page. The pens are now in her possession, and all the work associated with prepping, packing and shipping out the pens will now be Elonda's responsibility. It is unfair of us to ask her to take all that on when she was not involved in any part of it. It's one thing if she simply has to add a pen to a CoCoPen order, which is what she would be doing when filling the CoCoPen orders; it's another thing if she has to prepare 120 individual MD-Pen shipments ON TOP of whatever number of CoCoPen pledges that they will have to fulfill once the project has closed.

    40. Mike Greto on April 14, 2013

      Patrick, you don't seem to get it, do you. Arfi'an owes us nothing. Michael Waller is the one that defrauded us. He is the one that owes us the pens or our money back. Arfi'an is as much, if not more of a victim than we are. There may be a handful of us that lost over $100 in pledges, but Arfi'an purchased materials, tooled and manufactured the parts for 120 pens, and doesn't have anything to show for it other than 321 people whining to him about wanting their pens.

      What you, and people like you are demonstrating, is greed and a lack of respect for Arfi'an and Elonda. They could have simply ignored us if they wanted to and not even considered giving us an opportunity to get an MD-Pen. In fact, if that is going to be the general attitude of the people in this forum, maybe I should recommend to them that they don't send any MD-Pens to anybody, and instead sell the pens themselves locally and recoup some of their losses. Does that sound better to you?

    41. Missing avatar

      on April 14, 2013

      Mike this doesn't make any sense. He doesn't need to wait until their new project is over to ship the pens we already bought. All he has to do is ask for $5 via paypal or whatever mechanism and ship us our pens. Their is no dependency on their new project to ship our pens.

    42. Ken's Lil' Sister
      on April 12, 2013

      I think to expect Arfi'an to ship anyone a pen for $5 is unreasonable, either he was a part of the scam or he wasn't. If you believe that he is not part of the scam then the pens are his free and clear to do what he wants, including requiring backing of his current project to obtain the "Waller" pen. He has already lost out on the costs of the materials, the time to machine them and then for shipping to the US. Either you back his current project and get the MD Pen or you don't and do not get the MD Pen. The pens belong to him.
      It makes complete sense for him to want to recoup a small measure of his losses, if you believe him. He is/was just as much of a victim from Mr. Liar as we are, with the exception that he has spent additional money shipping a box of pens to folks and is willing to GIVE THEM AWAY for the price of his pen.
      Sounds like a good idea.
      Here's to hoping this is not some elaborate scam!

    43. Mike Greto on April 12, 2013

      I've communicated with Arfi'an and I'm pretty sure that they will distribute the remaining pens after the CoCoPen pledges have been fulfilled. It's much easier to keep track of who should be receiving an MD-Pen by asking them to be backers of the CoCoPen project. Sure, if they were so inclined, although I don't know why they would want to since they are doing US a favour because of a certain someone not living up to their responsibilities, they could find another method to send out the MD-Pens to the first 120 backers to contact them

      First of all, it would be much more difficult to have to manage 120 individual requests via email than to track it using the rewards levels in Kickstarter. More importantly, their focus is on developing and promoting their current project. They are essentially killing two birds with one stone by incorporating the MD-Pen into the CoCoPen project. We must not forget that they are not obligated in the least to even send out a single MD-Pen to anyone of us. The fact that they are taking on the cost of shipping, and not even asking for a single penny more for the MD-Pen, we should be utterly grateful for their generosity.

      Regardless of our opinions, this is how it's going to play out and if there are pens left over after the project closes, then I see no reason as to why Arfi'an would not be willing to send out the rest of the pens to those who contact him on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whatever their decision though, we must respect it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Anant on April 12, 2013

      To clarify, actually 18 spots been filled.

    45. Missing avatar

      Anant on April 12, 2013

      Elonda and Arfian could have stuck to their original offer of $5 for MD-PEN backers. Arfian's resonse doesn't really make sense about having to setup seperate tiers. When I was calling them out in their project, I obviously didn't want to back their pen and give them anymore money when I thought they were either Michael Waller or part of his scam. So all I did was clicked back this project, selected no reward as my reward tier and backed it for $1. This let me be one of the backers so I was able to comment on their project. Only later after I found out they were not part of the scam, did I change my reward level to the $49 level and increased my pledge $ amount as well.

      So technically, yes they could still fulfill their initial offer of $5 to MD-PEN backers without having to alter their whole project and reward levels. They can see every backer of this project and match it up with everyone who selected no reward and pledge $5. Basically like what they are doing now when we back their project and they just match it up against the backer list here.

      Now they are in no way obligated to do this, neither is Arfian obligated to take the hit because of Michael Waller's scam, but they could if they wanted to.

      And at this point I believe there are only 14 MD-PEN backers who have backed their project. So there are still 106 spots/pens left which at this rate they will not fill up, so those pens are going to be of no use.

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