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Festive PiRingo boards from 4tronix are a fun way to learn GPIO programming in Python or Scratch with Christmas themed designs.
Festive PiRingo boards from 4tronix are a fun way to learn GPIO programming in Python or Scratch with Christmas themed designs.
83 backers pledged £1,307 to help bring this project to life.

Fully Funded & Software Update

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I was only going to update you with progress on the software, but we've also managed to pass our modest target and are now fully funded! Hurrah!

Funding Target Passed

Now we want to start thinking about stretch goals and would welcome any ideas from our sponsors. Please let us know of any stretch goals you would like included and we'll see whether this is possible within the timescales. Don't forget that we plan on making this the fastest Kickstarter delivery possible and hope to be able to ship all pledges within 2 working days of receiving the funds. The first batch of boards has already been ordered and will be with us next week.

Software Progress

Simon Walters (@cymplecy to many of us) has largely rewritten his Scratch GPIO software and an Alpha release is now available to selected testers, which includes support for PiRingo amongst many other addon boards. A traffic lights demo has been written using this new Scratch GPIO - see Simon's video below.

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    1. Gareth Davies - 4tronix 2-time creator on

      Yes of course - that was the plan! :O

    2. Jamie Whitehorn on

      You do realise that if you fulfil all the orders within 2 days of getting the funding every other Kickstarter project will hate you ... deeply ;-D

      We'll love it of course :-)

    3. Gareth Davies - 4tronix 2-time creator on

      If you want more PiRingos, just increase your pledge by £8 for each additional kit. We'll sort out which ones you want at the end, or drop us a note so we have it all ready for maximum speed of shipping.

    4. Gareth Davies - 4tronix 2-time creator on

      Yes, we have already ordered the PCBs so they cannot be changed now. I was thinking along the lines of adding extra LEDs. I think the cost of a Noodle for every board would be rather too much for the project to stand. Are stickers really what people would like?

    5. Mark Pearson on

      Gareth - Congrats on passing your funding target. On stretch goals - you obviously don't want to mess with the PCBs in case that delays delivery - but how about stickers ? Wouldn't interfere with shipping/packaging etc. Maybe a higher stretch goal could be a noodle cable - everyone loves noodles - USB or HDMI would always come in useful for a Pi owner.

      (If I want to add another different colour PiRingo to my pledge - is it better to do another pledge or extend the one I have ? I don't want to make extra work for you.)