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Experience the fascination of controlling your computer directly with your eyes!
Experience the fascination of controlling your computer directly with your eyes!
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1,390 backers pledged $102,608 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you for your support! And how-to guide for first-timers

Thanks to all of you who have already pledged for us. This is such a great and emotional experience and this is only possible because of you! We are so much looking forward to bring eye tracking to your home.

The eyeCharm has received great media coverage around the globe, so many people want to get an eyeCharm, who have never backed a Kickstarter project. To make it easier for them, we have added the following “how-to” guide.
Please skip the rest of this Update, if you have pledged on Kickstarter before.

How to get an eyeCharm

Many of you have asked us, how Kickstarter works, so here is a little background and a quick “how-to” guide.

Kickstarter Intro:
Kickstarter has been helping projects to become products since 2009. It is already very known in the US, but internationally it is just starting to take off. Pledging for a product on Kickstarter is actually very similar to ordering something on Amazon - the main difference is, that the production will only start, if the minimum funding goal for the project is achieved (in our case $ 100.000). There is no risk for you - if we don’t make this goal, you will keep your money.

How to pledge/order in 4 steps:
Step 1: Scroll up and on the right side of this page click on the respective “Pledge” (=Order or Contribution depending on the pledge) you want to make

Step 2: Confirm the amount you want to pledge - shipping should be automatically added to the pledge if you live outside the US, otherwise don’t forget to add it.

Step 3: Create your personal Kickstarter account or login with your Facebook credentials.

Step 4: Make the payment via Amazon (The money will be reserved and only paid if we raise the full funding goal)

That’s about it. Now look forward to your eyeCharm and have our Kudos that you have supported us!
If you want to dive in deeper, of course you can find more on this from Kickstarter themselve here.

Please keep the support up and help to spread the word, so we can make eye tracking accessible to everyone!

The eyeCharm Team


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