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Jesus came to save the world. Let's make sure children everywhere know that. Help us translate our apps into different languages.

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter campaign! We’re 4Soils and we make Biblically accurate stories and activities for children. We started this project because we wanted to use technology to engage the next generation in the Greatest Story Ever Told - that of Jesus's love for them!  When we saw and read that the average child spends 43 minutes a day on the iPad, playing games like Angry Birds and Talking Tom, we knew that we had to bring the Bible to life for them instead.

Why Apps?
Why Apps?

Our name, 4Soils, is inspired by the Parable of the Sower. “The seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the Word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” (Matthew 13:23)  In order for this to happen, we need sowers of truthBecome a sower today, and help plant the seeds of Truth around the world!

What Are You Doing and How Will the Money Be Spent?

YOU get to vote!

We set our initial funding target at $5,000 because that’s how much we need to translate a meaningful number of apps into a meaningful number of languages.

With $5,000, we can modify the programming infrastructure of our current apps to support multiple languages, as well as translate a total of 8 apps (8 apps into 1 language, 1 app into 8 languages, or several apps into several languages).  

For every $500 on top of that, we’ll leverage the foundation we’ve already built to support an additional app or language. The world's the limit!

It costs money to pay our developers, artists, voice talent, translators, QA, and sound editors (did you know that someone marks down the exact second each word is read to bring you text highlighting while the story is narrated?). If you volunteer your skills to help us in this effort, we can stretch our funds even further. Email us at to get involved beyond a monetary contribution!

Once you become a sower, we'll give you access to a voting spreadsheet so you can tell us which stories and which languages you want to be translated first!

What are these Bible Story apps you’re trying to translate?

We have two series: Bible Heroes (which includes the stories of Noah, David, Daniel, Jonah, Esther, and Joseph) and Life of Jesus (which includes his virgin birth, baptism, miracles, last supper, and  resurrection – but you’ll have to wait till Easter for the last parts of this series!)

Bible Heroes: 7-in-1 Bundle
Bible Heroes: 7-in-1 Bundle
Life of Jesus: Miracles App
Life of Jesus: Miracles App

We’ve dedicated the past year to making Bible stories exciting and accessible on the iPad and iPhone. We designed our apps from the ground up so that they would capture maximum interactivity for children, and we’ve leveraged the best minds at Stanford's design, business, and education school to help out.

Child approved!
Child approved!

It’s been a wild ride. By the grace of God, we’ve gone from a rough story idea to 10 fully interactive apps featuring animated stories, games, songs, coloring, and puzzles, all to support our focus - the hundreds of pages of Biblically accurate stories!

Go ahead and try them out for yourself!

What inspired you to make these apps?

We were originally inspired to create these apps because we couldn’t find Biblical accurate and edifying children’s content for the iPad.  Here's the full story of how we started.

We’ve seen the impact our apps have on children’s lives, both here in the US and all over the world.  God revealed a bigger vision to us when Day 1 downloads of our first app included people from Saudi Arabia, China, and many other countries where physical Bibles are difficult to distribute. 

Because our apps are only in English, we’ve had a constant stream of requests to translate them into other languages. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the resources. With your help, we're going to change that!

According to our partner, the Child Evangelism Fellowship80% of Christians accept Jesus between the ages of 4-14. That’s the largest missions field in the world.

What does this have to do with me?

We need your help to translate these apps!

We’re not a big company. We’re a small team of believers who have dedicated our own time and money to make this vision a reality. Between us, we’ve put together the writing, game design, illustration, narration, sound, and programming, using tens of thousands of dollars of our own savings.

But none of us speak Russian, Hindi, Arabic, or… you get the idea. We could spend the next 10 years learning these languages, but we’ve decided to hire translators and narrators instead.

Unfortunately, this takes extra funds. We’re already stretching our resources out between various projects like releasing our apps on Android and adding new stories to the series.

Without your help, we won’t be able to translate our apps in the foreseeable future!

What’s in this for me?

Sharing the Good News is its own reward!

But we also have some rewards to thank contributors (see descriptions to the right). Even if you don't have children yourself, consider giving the apps to a child you know!  Note that most of the rewards delivered are current products, as depending on the vote of which apps and which languages come out, it might not be one that each of you may need.

Of course, once this project is complete, you’ll be able to download our apps in new languages!  We will make sure that if the app & language pair you voted for gets completed, you'll get a copy.

Are there ways I can help besides Kickstarter?

Yes! There are many ways you can help us in making God’s word accessible to children everywhere.

If we have volunteers to help us with art, voice, translation, error checking, time marking, iOS development, Android Development, design, marketing, story writers, etc. it will increase what we can do with the funds and allow us to put out even more translations!

Please contact us at and we can get you plugged in!

Finally, we are extremely grateful for your prayers.  For if God is for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)?

How does Kickstarter work?

Between now and Easter Sunday, you can make a pledge to support our project. You’re free to pledge as much as you like.  After you decide an amount, you can select a reward from the list on the right, of equal or less value than the pledge you’ve made. (Or no rewards at all).

If our project hasn’t met its funding goals, then nothing happens – you will not be charged. If we have reached our target, then your money will be sent to us and we’ll deliver the reward that you selected.  (Minus 5% Kickstarter fees and 3-5% credit card fees from Amazon Payments, who will be handling the processing)

More details on Kickstarter can be found here.


- Tell me more about you and your mission?
- What does it take to make an app?
- Where can I find the the current apps?

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As we mentioned above, it’s been a wild adventure. By the grace of God, we’ve gone from a rough story idea to 10 fully interactive apps.

Compared to building the apps themselves, technically, the translations will not pose a big challenge, though there could always be minor delays in implementation.

The biggest risk we face lies in hiring suitable translators and narrators who can do justice to the stories and make them engaging and accessible to children. However, we've faced these same issues before, and we've resolved them through prayer, resourcefulness, and persistence.

We are confident we can overcome all these challenges, and we will keep all our backers updated should any difficulties or delays arise.


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    SOWER - Jesus said "the Harvest is plentiful and the workers are few." Thanks for joining in the work. You get to decide which apps and which languages we translate into. AND a copy of our current Bible Heroes: 7-in-1 Bundle which retails at $9.99 on the app store (see description and link on the left). Delivery will occur in batches upon funding in order of contribution, so be an early backer!

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    DISCIPLER - Jesus said to "Go and make disciples of all nations!" Thanks for spreading the word! You get to decide which apps and which languages we translate into. AND 2 copies of Bible Heroes: 7-in-1 Bundle which retails at $9.99 on the app store (see description and link in the text) 2 copies of the Life of Jesus: Easter Bundle (not yet released but will retail at approximately $7.99) So you can have one for yourself and SHARE one with a friend! Delivery will occur in batches upon funding in order of contribution, so be an early backer!

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    BELIEVER - Thanks for believing in the Word, in our team, and in the children! In addition to the DISCIPLER package, you get a limited edition 4Soils t-shirt for KickStarter backers only AND credit for you or your child in the app so the children of the world can know who to thank.

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    WALK WITH JESUS! In addition to your vote and credit for you or your child, you or the your child's "likeness" will be incorporated into a story page of the Life of Jesus series for at least one month. It’ll be like you were a live witness of Jesus’ teachings/miracles! Of course you'll get a copy of the Life of Jesus apps so you can see for yourself!

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    SERVANT - While this category may not seem great in the world's eyes, followers of Jesus earn to hear "well done my good and faithful servant." That's why we put it last, as the last shall be first. Thanks for your heart for the lost. Your treasures will be great in heaven (we'll count on the Big Man upstairs to fulfill this one). But while on earth, you will get to decide which app and which language we translate into (weighted vote). A custom made iPhone case your favorite Bible character. You or your child's name in the credits, and you or your child's "likeness" inside one of the story pages of the Life of Jesus series forever.

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    HERO - You have been responsible for spreading the word of God to the ends of the earth. Did you know that our apps (in English) have been downloaded around the world including countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and China? This is a catch-all for anyone who wants to support the project on a larger scale and partner with us. Please contact us and we'll call you to figure out details.

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