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We want to build a community radio station for San Miguel Ixtahuacan, Guatemala, where the locals are resisting a Canadian Gold mine.

*** check the "updates" for how I will use funds beyond my $2000 goal! ***

Our Kickstarter project is to build a community radio station for the Maya-Mam community of San Miguel Ixtahuacan, where 85% of Goldcorp's Marlin Mine is located. The mine has brought disease, damages to nearby homes, pollution and loss of water and farmland for the local communities. The organization hosting the radio station, ADISMI, or the Integral Development Association of San Miquelense, is also a leading organization in the resistance demanding accountability from the mining company.

I've been building radio stations with the Prometheus Radio Project for the past seven years. About 5 years ago, I started my work supporting communities on the frontlines of resisting resource extraction, like gold mining or the tar sands. These communities are almost entirely located rural areas and the majority are also indigenous. I believe that radio is the most accessible and appropriate technology for these communities. They can communicate with each other in their own language, share vital information, and more easily organize events and meetings.

At the request of ADISMI, I put together a volunteer team of radio enthusiasts to build a radio station for San Miguel Ixtahuacan.

In addition to building the radio station and in the tradition of the Prometheus Radio Project, the radio station will be built collaboratively with the community over a number of days. We will train the people of San Miguel in operating the station, making announcements and pre-produced shows, and managing the technical side of things.

Luckily, radio is an old technology, and you can build a station for very little money. ADISMI already has a terrific space for the station, so most of the funds will go directly towards equipment costs.

Thanks so much for considering supporting this project! Check out our donor gifts and check out the links to learn more about the resistance in San Miguel Ixtahuacan or community radio building projects. • • •

Also, thanks to Allan Lissner and the Caracol Producciones for materials for the video. And thanks to Jake, Shreya, Heena, Este, Erin, Josh, Noel, Eva, Wyanne, Katherine, Autumn and Pancho for volunteering to be a part of the radio building and documentation crew!


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    We will send you a handwritten thank you note along with two photos from the radio build!

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    We will send you a handwritten thank-you note, a photo from the radio build, and a copy of "THE BUSINESS OF GOLD in Guatemala: Tale of a Conflict Foretold", a 50-minute film, documents one struggle – the resistance of the Mayan-Mam people of San Miguel Ixtahuacan (in Guatemala) against the Canadian company Goldcorp Inc.

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    We will send you a handwritten thank-you note and a photo from the radio build, along with your own mini-transmitter and the materials and instructions for how to make your own! This design was created by Tokyo-based Tetsuo Kagawa to teach about the basics of radio transmission!

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    We will send you a handwritten thank-you note with a photo form the radio build AND your very own portable/bike sound system. I have one now that is the envy of everyone who hears me from a block away, rollin' up in my cargo bike. Housed in a paint can with inner-tube straps for fixing onto a bike rack or carrying on your back, this system is made from largely reused parts! Comes with a rechargeable battery and charger :)

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