Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 14, 2013.

Update #1

Greetings Northerners!! It's Jeremy with a project update. :)

Greetings Northerners!!

This is simply incredible. A huge, heartfelt thanks to all of you that have contributed thus far. We reached our initial goal of 10k within the first 24 hours, and quadrupled within 4 days. I'm so excited where we are headed, and am planning a special update tonight (Update #2), announcing a stretch goal -- what that means, what it gets us, as well as a brand new pledge tier that I know some of you will be very excited about.

Remember, the bigger this thing gets, the better we can make it! The sky is the limit, and I can't wait to deliver. 

For now, enjoy a podcast that I recorded last night (see below) and please, sound off in the comments. What does The Northerner, or the notion of "going north" mean to you? I'm excited to read your responses!


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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Trym on April 2, 2013

      I feel reflected in symphony title, "The Northerner", as a resident of one of the northern-most countries in Europe, Norway. The notion of going north is thus one of going farther into polar areas, crossing the arctic circle and venturing forth on an expedition to explore unchartered, hostile areas. Unchartered in the sense of "discovering" places where people seldom live and hostile with respect to encountering nature in its greatest force; raw and demanding respect so when you go you are there on its terms and need to listen to the environment in order to survive.

    2. A5_cropt.small

      Creator Frostina on March 27, 2013

      Going north = going home, where I belong, where everyone asks if I'm visiting for my holiday and I usually answer yes... A dead silent place where time flows differently and almost still, while the rest of the world moves on. A snow squall may or may not happen within the next hour, and it may be sunny when it does. Somewhere someone has a wood stove going, and around the right cliff, you could spot the shack. The air, the land, and the people are real.
      Mount Washington NH region. I hope it's not spam to post a link to a shot, if so, ignore the OLD links.

    3. Weresheep.small

      Creator G. Marc Dwarfen - Weresheep of Sin on March 26, 2013

      Going north for me means going into the cold (since i picture a globe) but also tranquility, but its also kinda homey, and cozy.

    4. Avataruserpic__250414.small

      Creator Aliaksandr Sirazh on March 23, 2013

      The North is a place of purity, serenity and subtle but powerful beauty. It rings with the life energy of the universe and radiates eternity. It's home.

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Karl Edward Woods on March 22, 2013

      "Going North" has a number of connotations for me, any of which I believe fit this historic event.

      Often you hear the term "Went South" to denote a situation has gone bad. Based on the Kickstarter response alone our situation here is clearly "Going North"; one of complete confidence and joy, a juggernaut of optimism and success.

      When I go North (literally), I often head to Vancouver B.C. These trips bring me a feeling of adventure and escape while maintaining a comfortable familiarity in a place I love to visit.

      The strongest feeling for me though, as far as "Going North" relates to this project, is one of discovery. I feel much like explorers of previous centuries must have felt; sailing into uncharted waters, crossing endless mountains and plains and spending days and nights in wonder of new sights and sounds but also keeping a small token of home in a pocket to have something familiar and comforting to keep the heart warm. Following a path is a great thing, but choosing to be the first to travel that path is a privilege reserved for the most courageous and determined.

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Steven Kiehl on March 20, 2013

      What I think of: I live about 43° North, so I consider myself kind of a Northerner, maybe not to the extreme that the cold North really is. I always think of cold winters warmed by fire and the smell of wood and soot. I think of the freedom of nature and exploration deep into the forest where peaceful hiding places can be discovered and yet unknown to anyone else. I think of cold streams of water and warm, open sunny valleys; Fresh, cool air that holds a barrier to the busy world outside; an escape where one can reflect on our existence atop the mountains; The deep earthy colors, greens, browns, grays, reds.

      It's such a refreshing, refilling place to think about. I'm really glad to hear that you've chosen your first symphony to be a place at whose foothills I reside.

    7. Missing_small

      Creator Slimane Dellaoui on March 20, 2013

      In a few words, it can be "Air", "Freshness", "Open", "Ample", "Soft","Quiet", "Peaceful", "Noble"... I'm not sure if it can defines "The Northerner", but it is the way I feel your music style. Especially about Skyrim.

      As far as I'm concerned, "Going to North" can be similar to "Going Higher". As a climber, it is funny to be at the bottom of a cliff and feel just... negligible, week compared to the hugeness of Nature. Climbing is like telling an optimistic story about life, or a journey:

      We have a goal, and multiple ways to reach it because the path is not completely written. Sometimes it is simple, but it can be very hard too. In that case, we start to have doubts : "Am I strong enough ? How can I overcome it ? How high still we have to go ?" Take a look behind you, and perhaps you will see someone supporting you. But the only way to succeed is to raise the head up and try. And then... We did it ! Time to take a deep breath and contemplate. But finally, we still feel insignificant. Although we earned a higher point of view, the world still wise and shows us what "Grandeur" is.

    8. Missing_small

      Creator Leonardo on March 20, 2013

      Going North means going in a new adventure like no other, an experience of a lifetime, to be with contact with the Nordic nature, its mountains, rivers, the forests and animals. To watch the beautiful landscapes and to go with a deep state of mind with the Nordic lands. To feel what the Nordic kings and heroes feel when they see their land is like no other. To be in the presence of the purest snow and cold of all, and to feel the green of the forest and the blue of the sky. To watch the northern lights and see its beauty, the Nordic no others. That is going North.

    9. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator John Bridges on March 20, 2013

      Its hard to add much to the thoughts so expertly expressed in the previous comments, but I would like to echo CS Lewis' idea of "Northerness", which is as good a word as any for a near indefinable quality that has drawn me to the north through story and myth, through Tolkien's work, books of Arctic lore and adventure, and even through TV shows like Northern Exposure and games like Skyrim. I'd like to also echo the recommendation of Haldor Laxness' Independent People (in my case, the English translation). Its wonderfully written, with passages of almost heart stopping beauty, alongside the harshness of life in old Iceland. I saw the northern lights for the first time on a cold night in late September in Reykjavik, and I'll never forget the sight. It was like someone flipped a switch, and the sky went from a blackness hanging over the snow laden city to an animated, illuminated, vibrant space of color and light. Bright green steaks of green dancing around the pillar of light cast into the sky from Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace art installation across the bay. The sharpness and clarity of the air, and the silence that lay across the city at night (Reykjavik is not a capitol of honking car horns and noisy urban sounds), combined to create an indelible space of time that seemed to last much longer than it actually did. I live in the American south, so I'm very grateful to have had that chance to have seen the Northern Lights at least once in my lifetime. Hopefully, I'll get to go north again some time.
      I'm really looking forward to hearing the results of your exploration of "Northerness".

    10. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Dirk Tol on March 20, 2013

      Going north means going home to me.
      Everyday and everywhere I go, first I need to go south. So at the and of a workday, a holiday or any other day that I not spend at home. I need to travel north before I'm there.

    11. Awesome_1158f2_1192700.small

      Creator Higgybaby on March 20, 2013

      Jeremy, what got me so excited for this project (apart from your awesome resume, of course) was exactly this question. If you're at all familiar with C.S. Lewis, he described a particular feeling he experienced occasionally throughout his life that he dubbed "Northernness." (Even his friend J.R.R. Tolkien used the idea, himself calling it "eucatastrophe.")

      In his own words, "I was uplifted into huge regions of northern sky. I desired with almost sickening intensity something never to be described (except that it is cold, spacious, severe, pale and remote) and then... found myself at the very same moment already falling out of that desire and wishing I were back in it."

      While Nordic in feeling, he compared it to the German concept of 'sehnsucht'. It's an intense feeling of joy, fleeting and lasting for only a moment, but it leaves you full of hope. It's something that you long for, but cannot find... like recognizing the melody of far off trumpets. The northernness was an "indescribable intensity of heart-breaking longing."

      When Aslan leads his friends into the Real Narnia (Heaven) in "The Last Battle," he calls out to them "Further up, further in!" The deeper they travelled into this land, the larger and more beautiful everything seemed to become, yet also growing within them was an insatiable desire for more. That, I think, was his attempt to describe this idea of Northernness.

      Where am I going with this prattling? I suppose it was to say that seeing your idea, and knowing your music style, the title is extremely fitting. How much of a longing do we get when we gaze northward, yet can't ever fully explain why? Is it the beauty of the mountains? The chill air? Or something that's always just beyond our reach? Listening to your music evokes these feelings within me at times, and it is in my utmost confidence that this will continue that trend.

    12. Images.small

      Creator Zachary on March 20, 2013

      Cold. Going north is Cold.

      Cold with life at every corner. Forests unseen by human eyes. Untouched by modern society. Forests very much alive with animals of every form. Mountain ranges spreading for miles and miles.

      But then you go further north, far enough so that all you can see is white. Streams and Rivers frozen over. This is whiter than anything seen on earth. Death surrounds you, and yet.. life still thrives here.

      I have never personally been really far north. (Florida Native) But when i imagine going north. I imagine it to be a very moving experience. Like you are one with the earth, or one with God.

      I will have to go one of these days.

      Until then.. I have Skyrim :)

    13. Missing_small

      Creator Chiara Fulgoni on March 20, 2013

      For me, going north holds the memory of going to my family's home villages in Italy. Every year we drive up in the car, me, my mother, my father and sometimes my grandmother. It's an exhausting 2-3 days (yes I know we're just sitting in a car but believe me, we're always so tired afterwards) It has always been a tough journey for me as the youngest but I've grown to appreciate having the views of the Alps as we travel through Switzerland and into Italy.
      As an aspiring, young musician myself with an extremely supportive family, I have always been able to be in charge of the car's music providing I choose something appropriate and with the release of The Elder Scrolls (and of course its music) I was able to experience the mountains I see every year in a different light. To have music that fit everything so beautifully felt absolutely wonderful.

    14. 15317_100585493319603_3114431_n.small

      Creator Max Steiner Agency Inc. on March 20, 2013

      The previous post is directly from Jeremy.

    15. 15317_100585493319603_3114431_n.small

      Creator Max Steiner Agency Inc. on March 20, 2013

      "Very inspiring posts everyone! Sergejs, I completely agree! Angela, Idaho is amazing!! Galvanic, you think in images... this is not unlike how I imagine music. It happens visually. Gabriel, the Great Smokey Mountains have always been an inspiration for me! Dave, it is in the plan officially now! Recording session at Skywalker! Jessica, I agree this is about endurance and persistence. The journey of music is like an audible metaphor. Badfrog... awesome! Beautiful way of putting it Ian. And Beijing is quite the contrast to this place you and I both imagine. Chris K, well said. I like the simplicity of how you state this. Nico, it hardly is more beautiful than where you live! Cyclone Jack, there's a definite sense of "home".

      I see so many inspiring comments here. There is music in your words. I was thinking my concept might be too simple or abstract to be interesting to all of you. But yet, with all the noise and complications that life brings us, I believe that beneath all of this pressure we share the same sense of peace and beauty. We are all linked in this way somehow. Yet, it just takes that inkling of a pause, that presence of mind, to make a moment of imagination the answer to the chaos of the day. I hope this music brings a sort of renewal about things that are important in each one of us. I know this is a lofty goal for music. But I believe there is a thirst for this kind of water. We really need to slow down, look about us and breathe. No matter what challenges we face, there is a constancy of freedom that we all know, understand and believe in. And in each day, the balance of knowing that there is a journey to a more open place should ring in our ears like the most beautiful music. Thank you and please continue with your thoughts! I am inspired by you!

    16. Garfield_dont_care_black_shirt.small

      Creator Øivind Rosvold on March 20, 2013

      Going north for me is what i imagine would be a great adventure back in the day, exploration, seeing unique vistas, meeting totally different people, animals and locations, cultures and peril. Northern lights, night, stars and snow, yet lush forests and moss filled mountains with ice cold waterfalls. No penguins tho..

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Sergejs Pogorelovs on March 20, 2013

      Hello Jeremy!
      For me, going north is about closing my eyes and seeing myself in a vast, majestic expanse of boreal coniferous forests, untouched or barely touched by human, yet alive with wildlife and cold rivers. It's about the spirit of air leaving me breathless with the power of nature that this wide place is filled with. I think that any human, discovering oneself in such a place, would want to become a part of it, no matter how far from it that person had been before.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator Angela Cleverdon on March 20, 2013

      Having been born and raised in Idaho, I have spent many hours walking in the high mountain desert. As a child I would catch lizards and collect rocks while going hiking and checking out the geology of the area with my Dad. We could also go a few miles the other direction and we'd be hiking in the mountains with just the sound of the wind in the trees as they sway and creak. The water in a small creek nearby chuckled its way to the river and lakes. We often saw many kinds of birds and the occasional coyote or deer. When we were picking berries, we sometimes saw bears. It is very much my Church. It fills me with peace and at the same time it is exhilarating.

      I play Skyrim and the landscapes remind me of our mountains and the rocky lava flows of the Craters of the Moon and Yellowstone. I enjoy the music you have put to the scenery and get a similar feeling and hope you will be able to bring that to this symphony. I picture the the trees and the sky and the smell that is fresh and clear and wonderful.

      What do I want from your work? Bring me thoughts of my Home.

    19. Coolbenav.small

      Creator GalvanicSpiral on March 20, 2013

      Going North, to me, connotes casting off the expectations that you might have about the world you live in, to be in a place that is familiar and yet allowing it (the landscape, the smells, the sights, the sounds) surprise you and fill you with the joy, even the euphoria, of life itself. It is an optimism and a hope that brighter days are ahead, if only you let your mind take you there, by seeing things in a new way, even if you have seen them all before.

      "Do not be discouraged! Though you lack steed or steady coin for travelling, you may go North by a different path. One traveled by none but you. Open your eyes and see, for the North awaits you, friend!"

      That piece of dialogue came to me as I was writing this comment. Not sure where it came from, but it seemed to embody what the North is to me.

      At any rate, great podcast, Jeremy! I'm even more excited for "The Northerner" now.

    20. Missing_small

      Creator vikpek on March 20, 2013

      Actually I stopped hearing your words in the middle of the podcast because your voice combined with the background music was so reassuring. Please think about it to create some kind of audiobook! I drank my morning coffee, listened to you and now I'm calm and happy! Thanks for that.

    21. Gabe_1_2.small

      Creator Gabriel Estes on March 20, 2013

      Hello lovely people! Coming from NC, the North represents a new world to me. In the future I hope to find a different part of myself there, in contrast to the quiet country life. It will be my first home away from home. The north may be a test of my soul, allowing me to understand the man I am outside of the place I'm most familiar with. "Going north," therefore, means a (re)discovery of one's own self (ambitions, soul, motivation, spirituality, global perspective, for example). "The Northerner", therefore, is an individual on a journey to find new understanding/meaning for life and stretch out beyond their familiar ground.

      "The journey will be the most challenging, exciting and beautiful part of your life."--My grandfather

      Peace and blessings from North Carolina

    22. Dave-headshot.small

      Creator Dave Bouvier on March 20, 2013

      @Jeremy - Perhaps you could get some of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra members to perform portions of your work. They have some free time right now.

    23. Awesome_reach.small

      Creator Walter Chan on March 20, 2013

      The idea of "going north" to me is a walking along a gravel road covered lightly with snow. To my right and left are tall evergreens, their branches glittering from the frost. There's barely a winter breeze, the air is fresh and crisp, yet cold enough to see your breath as you continue the journey down the path. The road seems neverending, and though the solitude and stillness of the environment is slightly unnerving, you feel a sense of unexplainable tranquility that only this moment can offer you.

      Thank you for doing this, Jeremy.

    24. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Matthew Dive on March 20, 2013

      I'm Australian, pretty much everything is north for me.

    25. Jo-story_fbprofile.small

      Creator Jessica Osborne on March 20, 2013

      I'm an Arizona native, so I haven't actually had much opportunity to witness "North" in person. I can count the number of times I've experienced snow on one hand. Whether it's because of that or not, I find myself always drawn to the imagery and milieu of vast northern landscapes: when I visit Skyrim (yes, visit) I find nothing more rewarding than to simply roam the wilds alone, immersed in the open spaces.

      A memory that keeps me returning to that space, and that score, comes from when I was early into the game, getting lost as I'm wont to do. Hearing the crunch of the tundra underneath me as I walked, the steady huff of my Breton's breath, I wandered past ruins cloaked in overgrowth, remnants of nature ravaged by seasons, encountering no other soul along the way. The essence of the solitude felt peaceful rather than lonely, though, as strains of music wove through the sounds of my movement all along, never overtaking the moment-- until, as if on some sort of phenomenal cue, the melody swelled, triumphant as I found myself at the top of a precipice, staring over a massive expanse of open landscape I hadn't seen until that moment. I took my hands away from the mouse and keyboard and simply soaked in the experience. I had to; it still amazes me how something in a digital space can feel so breathtaking. The music made that moment ten times what it might have otherwise been; it linked me to that space emotionally and made a memory.

      In short, "going north" is the momentum and reward of effort. It's the willingness to go it alone if you must, because you have a destination or goal you want to touch. Or perhaps you just want to see what lies on the other side of that rise, on the end of the road you walk. Going north feels like a long journey, plenty scenic along the way, though it pales to the reward you get at the end if you stick it out.

    26. Missing_small

      Creator Michael on March 20, 2013

      Going North makes me think of the quiet, subtle beauty found in snow-covered landscapes, but also the struggle of life to endure the climes. In my adolescent gaming years, I played Secret of Mana and the song "A Wish" from the Winter/Crystal Forest region felt like such a true and amazing sound for the setting.…

      I'm not saying that you should remake this song or anything, just that in the past, when I've "gone north," this is the song often playing in the back of my mind. :)

    27. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Derek Oren on March 20, 2013

      There is something that has always pulled at me with the concept of "North" It seems the correct path to go for enlightenment and peace. Wide open spaces, mysterious silence, glistening shimmering nights, gives you chills thinking about it right? I know it does for me, in a good way.

    28. Biopicstudio.small

      Creator Nick Borrego on March 20, 2013

      Here's what The Northerner means to me: One way, of many, that the music from Oblivion inspired me is during a time when I was working construction as a painter. I was sent out for 2 months as the one person in charge of painting a 2500 sq. ft. cabin in the woodlands of Jackson, WY. I didn't have very much in the way of lodging, just a foldout couch in a trailer shared by coworkers, and the cab of my truck became my closet. I had no phone service, so I wouldn't be able to stay in contact with my family or friends for these months that I would spend at work. During these days, I would break the monotony of the job by listening to the Oblivion soundtrack repeatedly. It helped my mindset in the way that I would not just be spending another day at work, but that I could take in the beautiful scenery of the Grand Teton National Park that surrounded me. It made my job feel like an adventure. I even had a moose stop by the site, look me over, and then head on. When I had the pressure of painting the interior and exterior of this cabin before a quickly approaching deadline, while feeling quite homesick, the music from Oblivion allowed me to find joy and excitement in my situation. It allowed me to see everything differently, in that I could appreciate the majesty of these beautiful woodland surroundings. That's what I feel like The Northerner is to me. It will be another life-enhancing piece of work, one more inspiring tool to breathe positivity into my life experience. Your Elder Scrolls music is synonymous with exploration and discovery, and I feel like The Northerner will be a continuation of that same wonderful idea.

    29. Peter.small

      Creator Peter Sabol on March 20, 2013

      Going North... to Alaska, go North, the rush is on. I kidd ;)

      On one hand, going North brings images to me of cold, harsh and unforgiving conditions. On the other hand, it conjures up feelings of peace and solitude; a chance to find oneself.

      Perhaps these can both be examined in a story motif, kinda like Beethoven's 6th... But I digress, you're the composer.

      Thanks for all your work up to this point. I am immensely looking forward to this!

    30. 503cef22dce880782b3d0b7dd2191ceb_large.small

      Creator Tyinsar of Axanar on March 19, 2013

      The North:

      Huge areas of land with very very few people, boreal forests, untamed land and animals (and generally more adventurous people).

      Spring and Fall are full of long shadows wrapped in amber light. Sunrise and sunset are never quick - dawn and dusk last for hours (and are longer the farther North you go).

      Autumn is full of of all the traditional shades and ends in soft snow. It is a time of frantic preparation and also of entering rest.

      Winters have both soft and crunchy snow, ice, deadly cold, and a purity of colour not seen in any other season, It can be peaceful and quiet like no other season yet when it's very cold sound travels extremely far. It can be full of raging blizzards and yet many days are brighter and calmer than you'll ever see in any other season. There is also a unique beauty in frost (especially hoar frost).

      Spring starts with melting snow, slow drips that become trickling creeks and eventually swollen rivers.
      There is beautiful spring growth (almost like deserts when the rain comes - just a more predictable season and a little slower paced)

      Summer days are warm and the nights are nice and cool - full of growth and life.

      It would be interesting to hear what you might do with the call of the loon:…

    31. Missing_small

      Creator Badfrog on March 19, 2013

      As a Packer fan, I just want to make a joke about voyaging to Lambeau Field.

    32. 123.small

      Creator Interitus on March 19, 2013

      I live in Canada, but was born in the UK. My mom is Scottish and grew up in Aberdeen (you might remember me talking about reuniting with her sister via Facebook). She still tells me stories about growing up there. Much of my family in the UK is in London and I spend most of my time in London when I'm visiting. Going North for me is taking that trip up to Aberdeen. It's especially great taking the train as you watch the countryside change.

    33. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Joana Mae Jacob on March 19, 2013

      The term reminds me of Scandinavia. The culture is rich and the music is to die for. I would love to hear some touches of that on your pieces, Jeremy.
      "going north"...hmm..I'm thinking of Polaris, the North Star, depicting "right path" or "guide to the journey", something that will lead one to where he should be, never leading you astray, if you know the star itself.
      The Northerner is a journeyman, that, although he has been in so many places and has been away in a long time, his heart belongs to and will lead him home one day.

    34. 15317_100585493319603_3114431_n.small

      Creator Max Steiner Agency Inc. on March 19, 2013

      Great comments everyone! As promised, Jeremy is reading through these!! One thing that he mentioned is that he is pleased that this concept is something that other people have sensed. There is something about the North!

    35. Missing_small

      Creator ian witchlow on March 19, 2013

      Being a Canadian who is working in a snowy Beijing, I find that going north reminds me of those precious moments of tranquility, either late at night or in the morning, when it is just you, clean fresh snow and the muted sounds of nature.

      Going north also makes me remember going through the Rocky Mountains, and the vivacious life that thrives despite harsh conditions. A beauty that comes with the unconquered, the majesty of peaks and the comfort of being able to return to a warm house.

      Finally, it reminds me of the bitter wind, the cold that gets to you despite all the layers. The deep snow that makes the journey difficult and the ice that lies underneath. After all, the North can be dangerous for the unprepared.

      Thank you for your music and I hope this project becomes as great as we all hope.

    36. Img_7338.small

      Creator Abilash Pulicken on March 19, 2013

      I think going North...
      Means fleeing from Polar Bears
      Someplace draped in snow.

    37. Missing_small

      Creator Marcy Tanter on March 19, 2013

      I'm from Massachusetts, living in Texas. To me, the notion of "going north" means going home, going to where I can breathe, where there are beautiful trees in fall, soft snow in winter, fresh grass in spring and warm breezes in summer.

    38. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chris Kurmel on March 19, 2013

      Going north is going home, something I would love right now.

    39. Missing_small

      Creator Aaron Trammel on March 19, 2013

      Going north to me fills me with all sorts of feelings. It's the sense of always moving forward but, never forgetting where you come from. It's the feeling of being successful while remembering that you only made it this far because you got through the pot holes in the road. It's the sound of gains of sand falling through your fingertips and watching the wind carry it off. It's the dream that everyone deserves. To become The Northerner.

    40. Art.small

      Creator Nick Poenn on March 19, 2013

      I grew up in a Northern, rural area of Canada. "Going North" to me means going home.

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Scott on March 19, 2013

      Going north seems like snow to me. Since Dungeon Siege, I associate that with the introduction to Glacern. Not a lonely north, but a more uplifting north.

    42. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chris Keller on March 19, 2013

      When you asked what "Going North" means to us, I began thinking about everything that makes us who were are. Going north, as best I can describe, means living our lives every moment as if on a journey. From the most mundane of tasks, to the biggest, most difficult decisions we face. I don't just think of traveling, or a map, or a compass, but the culmination of every choice, every variable, every action, and every consequence that led

      Life has thrown many challenges in my direction, and I haven't always conquered them. I've fallen short, mis-stepped, slipped up, lost friends, made enemies, and been hopeless.But when I look back on those things, I realize that my life would not be what it is without those challenges, and without those downfalls. If life was a series of only happy thoughts, how would we grow? I'm almost 30, and I've already had a great journey through life.

      If I had to put it in terms of geographical locations, I would have to mention the cabin my wife's family owns in Northern Arizona. I've always been an indoor city kid, and only visited the cabin once. But since then, I've decided to become a little closer to the world I live in, and appreciate the tranquility that comes from "going north." There is a certain level of connectivity with our world one gains from being separate from the things we take for granted, like cell reception.

      Truthfully, though, it's the little things that make me go north, at least in my head. When I spend time with my daughters, I feel that same tranquility as at the cabin. When I get lost in a book, listen to music, or laugh with friends - it all falls into the journey of life. No matter what direction I'm headed in, or what dragons I have to slay, I remain thankful for everything that has ever happened in my life - even the things I'd rather forget. Because of this, I'll always be going north.

      Thanks for your inspiring work, Jeremy.

    43. Watsuki_-_avatar_1_100x100_.small

      Creator Nick Colucci on March 19, 2013

      I used to go camping a lot with my family (something I wish I could do more now), and in doing that, I was fortunate enough to build many memories of nature that continue to inspire me. So, when I think about a symphony entitled "The Northerner," what that congeals as in my mind is "the essence of what is beyond the corruptibility of man."

      In the cities where we live, things are built to the human scale. We are the great center around which life revolves - everything is built for our convenience. In such an environment, it's very easy to turn one's gaze inward; to become fixated on oneself without looking further out. When we go North, we go to a place where man's dominion is not so absolute. We're dwarfed by everything - trees, stones, rivers, expansive tundras, and snow-capped mountains. It doesn't cater to us at all, and yet, we find it beautiful and awe-inspiring. Though people can live in such harsh climes, for most of us, there's a tacit understanding that we're just passing through - that the "North" is a place we can go, but is better for our merely temporary presence.

      If a man went to a sage on a mountaintop to seek wisdom, what good would it be if he decided never to leave the mountain? The north - the wilderness - is a place we take back with us in our minds, for when we need somewhere more stark and remote than life often gives us the opportunity to experience. To realize that we're so small, and that the world is so vast - those are the kinds of things I think about when I go hiking or camping, and a sentiment I would be glad to feel expressed in this symphony.

    44. Missing_small

      Creator JMel on March 19, 2013

      Going north....

      A long road, filled with uncertainty but with anticipation of the wonders and challenges that I'm sure lie ahead, because it will be worth it. Not only because of the destination, but also the experience of the journey.

      Thank you, Jeremy, for the inspiration you've given me and many others.

    45. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Trena Myers on March 19, 2013

      Being born and raised in the South, North was going to Iowa to visit my family. I had no idea growing up that Iowa was really the it will always be the North to me...a place I call home.

    46. Missing_small

      Creator Bryan Croteau on March 19, 2013

      I grew up in Southern California, in the High Desert north of LA. My fondest memories are of the rare snow that my home would get. Walking alone in the snow, you can't see very far, and the sounds of the distant highway are muffled but present. The houses are built on dirt roads, and to visit a neighbor during a snowstorm you need to walk. I remember when I was very young my mother led me and my sister through the snow to a friend's house several blocks away. I remember stepping in her footprints.

      The farthest north I've been is Seattle. I took a road trip not too long ago visiting every craft brewery I could find up the coast of California and beyond. I wanted to go farther but I don't have a passport. Someday I hope to visit Canada. I can't tell you what "going north" means to me, but I have a feeling it will mean a lot someday.

    47. Missing_small

      Creator Arnar Vilhjálmur Arnarsson on March 19, 2013

      I wrote a very long description of everything I could think of regarding the north but in the end I felt it was just dragging the subject, when it all comes down too it, to me the north represents a few elements; The cold, as I write this I can feel the chill breeze slipping through the windows and the heavy thud of the winds hammering against them, for me this has always brought a feeling of tranquility and calmness, thinking of the north also makes me think of the northern lights and snowy fields with the ever looming mountains in the distance, the star filled skies of the country side covering the grounds at night, guiding many a lost soul as they wander the night.

      I can't wait to hear some songs from the album and I just know that you'll capture the atmosphere perfectly as always. Although I have never read the English version, my favorite book is "Independent People" by Halldór Laxness ("Sjálfstætt fólk",…, Icelands most highly cherished author. The books story may not be the most thrilling but it is the character and the way it is told that has earned it it's recognition. I hope that, if not now, one day you can read it as I believe it could prove a huge inspiration into what it meant for many to be a northerner 100 or so years ago.

      I could go on and on but I believe it'd be best to draw it too a close, first though I just wanted to say that, of course, the north isn't always cold and harsh, during the summers the land here (and in most northern countries) is incredibly beautiful and prosperous, with many breathtaking landscapes, but the north is almost always associated with the cold and thus I as well nearly instantly think of the winter times when it is brought into discussions in most manners but I just felt like mentioning (after reading many comments here) that it isn't all about the snow and cold.

    48. Missing_small

      Creator Jeff Ball on March 19, 2013

      I was born in Alaska, so going north for me means going back to where my grandparents grew up. The midnight sunsets with beautiful colors that last for 45 minutes. The bittersweet smell of Hudson Bay Tea on the mattress of tundra, mixed with the thick scent of salty mud from the ocean. The one room wooden cabins that would be our only line of defense against the bears while we commercial fished for salmon. Riding in the back of a truck on a rocky beach for five miles just to take a shower. The net-lofts of the cannery, where skylights illuminate flecks of dust in a warehouse that smells like cedar, and Alaskan Natives work for hours hanging nets for fishermen. Nights where the ocean is lined with lights from fishing boats, days where everyone piles into the plane to fly to the grocery store. Weather that turns on a dime. That's what going north means to me.

    49. 196269_1002132006334_3960_n.small

      Creator Gabriel on March 19, 2013

      Going north, going back to Alaska where I was raised and showing my family the awe inspiring northern lights and wild expanses of the Last Frontier.

    50. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Justin Wong on March 19, 2013

      "Going north" is going the distances that are unknown to me. Born and raised near the equator (Hawai'i), I have been traveling north inch by inch. Now in the Pacific Northwest as a student, "going north" is going towards my dreams where the path is yet unknown. Eventually, "north" will not be north as in the cardinal direction, but "up" towards outer space; a location that is truly filled with mystery and the unknown. As a "northerner", I am someone who seeks the unknown feverish with wanderlust.

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