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The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
4,256 backers pledged $121,227 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Zachary on

      The Northerner: The Moon and the Night Sky" will release on Spring Equinox, Wednesday March 20th, 2019


      its April 2nd

    2. Jozape on

      I don't use Facebook, so emailing their backers with any updates definitely would be nice. Doesn't have to be long flowery pieces. Thanks for the information

    3. Missing avatar

      sunkzero on

      They posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that it would actually be coming out today... I did comment that they should probably post an update on here but no response.

      They posted a three days ago that KS backers would get an e-mail with a download link today and streaming services like Spotify would get it very shortly afterwards

    4. Missing avatar

      David on

      Better not to make promises than to fail to deliver. Where's the promised music? Gone the way of all the other empty promises? Or are you just a little behind schedule? Communication would help.

    5. Ben Bishop on

      20 minutes remaining of Pacific Daylight Time's 20th.
      If there's no release tonight, does this mean the deliverables increase to nine albums? ;)

    6. Jozape on

      Any updates on this?

    7. Missing avatar

      Elliott Ross on

      Well we've gone past the March 20th deadline for The Northerner: The Moon and the Night Sky and no album or even an update. i'm shocked, shocked!.. well not that shocked.

    8. Silver on

      Still no replies from the support email address. So that's not happening.

      Now I just wonder if they're really not checking the emails, or if you get blacklisted for publicly criticizing the project? I guess it could be either one.

    9. Fen Bogarty on

      I feel you Silver

    10. Silver on

      For the record, since they published update #47, I still haven't heard anything from support at northernersymphony dot com as of January 22.

      I sent another email to them today.

      And yes, I'm sure the reply isn't stuck in my spam folder. I've checked.

    11. Missing avatar

      deepstructure on

      If anyone never received the Dairies and just needs a download of the mp3s, I can make them available. You can reach me at nuquernaulma AT gmail.

    12. Silver on

      No replies from the support team, although we were told to contact them with any issues... yeah.

    13. Bobby Arlauskas on

      Looking forward to more, thanks! Making great music takes time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom Maddox on

      Let's just say, that based on the track record of promised milestones that were not only missed, but missed badly, I won't be holding my breath for that December date. I hope they prove me wrong.

      This KickStarter has been an eye opening experience. One where I lost respect for somebody who was at one time one of my favorite composers. His treatment of some of his most loyal fans, those fans who have stepped up and donated over $120,000 to the cause has been atrocious.

      Here is hoping that by 2020, 6 full years after the initially promised date that this Kickstarter is finally in all of our rear view mirrors and we have some worthwhile music to listen to.

    15. Doug Bailey on

      6+ years late (assuming we see it in December 2019) - got to be a KS record.

    16. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Disregard my previous message. Looks like it's time I sent a message.

    17. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Now I'm confused. Were 'The Northern Diaries' included in our pledge or not? I've in any case not gotten any e-mail pertaining to it in 2018.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nemodab on

      So will it be released in this new crazy technology that he's said he delayed the whole project in order to do?

    19. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      Let's see if this delivery really happens, since setting a date that far away into the future without any (for backers) visible progress is not very promising.

      Some things to note here: there is no update about the actual process of making this album. There is no background information as to what took Jeremy Soule so long, what he might have been working on in the meantime, no sincere apology or anything, that might make me feel validated as a backer of this project and financial supporter of this artist.

      He might be a great artist, but he's far less of a communicator. This is not my first KS with artists and I've seen this kind of silent acting before. Sometimes the artists say they're too busy to communicate, but I am pretty sure they talk with someone now and then about work. That someone should be writing all the updates on the progress. However, I have the feeling that Jeremy is very detached from his audience, which is nowadays unusual for musical artists.

      With that said, I'll never back any other musical project created by Jeremy Soule or Max Steiner Agency. It wasn't the worst KS experience (if nothing's written, you can't complain much about communication other than it's missing), but it's running in third or fourth place I'd say.

      To those who are so excited or even defending Jeremy: get some dignity and find other great artists to follow. Look at Christopher Tin, also a very busy composer, who's sharing more regularly some details on the whole process for his current album. Look at the musical work of Kingdom Come Deliverance with all the historical research to get accurate medieval music and everything recorded with a live orchestra and a great technical implementation as well. There are so many more artists and projects that made it from idea to finished product while Jeremy is still trying to provide something audible for the backers. So anyone defending Jeremy should take a look around first what has emerged in the meantime in other areas of orchestral and videogame music space, before naming doubters of this project "haters".

    20. Johan Munkestam on

      Ran >> The download was in Wav, AAC and ALAC

    21. Muad'Dib on

      Calm down.
      This is just an announcement.

      An announcement for delivering something that is SIX YEARS late.

      Something that had been abandoned by Mr Soule for years.

      How many promises have been broken in all these years?

      My last pending Kickstarter, and I hope this unpleasant experience finally comes to an end.

    22. Travis S Lohmann on

      Looking forward to this! So very excited!

    23. Silver on

      The apologist posts are hilarious. "Ignore the haters" you say - as if the practical abandonement of this project was somehow justified by this most recent update. Pardon me if I have doubts at this point.

    24. Missing avatar

      Trym on


      "If you have changed your shipping address or email contact info, please contact us at so that we can update our records."

    25. Andrew Bailey on

      Wow, I'm glad to see this come through! The Northerner Diaries is a great complement to winter, and I've enjoyed it plenty. Looking forward to more.

      Much Love, Andrew

    26. Morgan Schetzle on

      Yeah, I don't feel salty about not getting the music yet. I pledged to support an artist whose work I enjoy, not to purely to get a CD. Also there were definitely download links sent out for the diaries.

      So my only complaint would be poor messaging on the different between the diaries and the release CD, etc.

      Still excited to get this!

    27. Ran on

      I have not gotten any links to any music. Is it lossless download at least?

    28. Grady Klein on

      I just wanna be able to upgrade my commitment, or buy things like sheet music that were only available to backers. I am happy to get my CD's, but I have an infinitely better job than I did 6 years ago, and could afford to buy all the things.

      So glad this is coming to fruition this year. Proud of you, Jeremy. Ignore the haters. Symphonies are hard. Especially when you run two businesses. Wind, guide you.

    29. Raphael

      Please ping us again regarding shipping addresses in November. My address has changed, but may change again.

    30. Andrew H. on

      Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice

      Looking forward to the music!

    31. Matthew H. on

      @Max Steiner Agency, will there be an opportunity to update my address? I've moved since this project was funded.

    32. Missing avatar

      Neil Lalonde on

      Why are you communicating on Facebook instead of to us here? I still haven't received the email with my download link for the Northern Diaries, despite emails with support. Good thing it was released on Spotify. Also, I don't have a CD player anymore! It's been so long. Will these new albums be released on Spotify?

    33. Missing avatar

      Endyo on

      I'm glad we're getting the digital download with the release because I don't know that I have any CD players anywhere now outside of my car.

    34. LordWildMan on

      Good news I suppose, but already quite late. I am less upset but the time of delivery, and more so tat Jeremy does all of his interaction via Facebook and not here, where the original backers are. Hopefully the completed symphony will be worth it.

    35. Joshua on

      Hopefully these will be actual pressed CDs and not CDRs. Six years ago this was much less a worry. Nowadays you never know....

    36. John Bridges on

      Great news! I can't wait to hear the new music, and I'm really looking forward to having the completed symphony on cd.

    37. Missing avatar

      Garrett Westphal on

      Woot 6 years later! Get my CD!

    38. Peter Sabol on

      Huzzah! It has taken too long but I know the music will be worth it. Here's to the equinoxes!

    39. Chris Thiergartner on

      Please provide a new link for the previous link which was broken. I was never able to download either, and requests were ignored previously.

    40. Joerg Ritter on

      Glad I waited. Will be getting the Symphony at the end of 2019 / a measly 6.5 years after the Kickstarter. The two bonus downloads should be plenty of "interest". Now I'm hoping that the timetable sticks ;-)

    41. Rafal Ziolkowski on

      I'd rather wait when it's going to be ready to buy. I backed tier where I suppose to get 3 signed CDs and while I have received link to mp3 files which is really nice however I have never received this what I originally backed.

    42. Missing avatar

      Trym on

      Excellent news to start the year, looking forward to a year of lots of new Soule music! :)

    43. JourneyPT on

      I'm happy Mr. Jeremy is working on it. This second digital download is a very pleasant surprise. Also I'm very happy he released his diaries to the modding community.

    44. Kyle Madison Worthington on

      This is a pleasant surprise and I’m glad to see that this project is slowly, slowly coming to life. I understand quality symphonic work takes time, but an occasional WIP update or something along those line would be nice. That said, I’m quite excited for the upcoming albums and I look forward to appreciating more of your work!

    45. Missing avatar

      Elliott Ross on

      I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this update, the first in over 2 years, (that feb 2017 one doesn't count, you know why).
      I really hope the albums do come out and we get the actual symphony before the end of the year, but i'm not holding my breath. How about committing to 2 or 3 updates along the way this year? is that too much to ask?

    46. Nathan Camp on

      Looking forward to seeing this released! Very exciting.

    47. Max Steiner Agency Inc. Creator on

      Hi Dean Jones, please contact us at concerning any backing or refund enquiries.

    48. Raphael

      Wait, hold on. Are you telling me it's _done_? You've recorded everything and issued orders for disks? Is that what you're saying?

      Wow. Finally! =D

      PS: I'm sure there was a process with steps and progress somewhat recently. I'm sure many backers would have appreciated and maybe even calmed down reading some updates telling us about it.

    49. Mysta02 on

      Thank you for the update!

      6 years coming, but I'm excited for these.