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The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
4,256 backers pledged $121,227 to help bring this project to life.

Good Morning Northerners!

Posted by Max Steiner Agency Inc. (Creator)

This update is long overdue, and for that, I apologize.

When I started this project back in early 2013, I had an idea in mind and a timeline in which to accomplish it, but as I began the work, it grew bigger and more complex. I realized that technology didn't exist for some of the music I was writing, and that the project would take longer due to these limitations, and its increased length.

The symphony as it stands is more than 6 times the scale of what I initially envisioned, and simply put, that will take at least 6 times as long to complete. I have also had to take out time to create the necessary technology for the project.

I have not abandoned this, and the thought that my backers feel this way hurts. I have hurt you and I have let you down, but I will NOT fail you. The Northerner is still my priority, and my ventures in Roland are toward this end.

I am truly thankful for all of you who have stood with me through this extended project, and appreciate all the comments, whether support or criticism.

I have been hard at work, and have failed to give timely updates, and I am very sorry for that. Going forward, I will be giving monthly updates, no matter how big or small my achievements in that time.

The technology is nearly done, and recording has begun in the US and Iceland. I can't give an exact date yet, but we're approaching the final stages.

Thank you again for sticking with me, and it is my greatest hope that The Northerner will be worth the wait, however long that may be.

Jeremy Soule


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    1. JourneyPT on

      @Arthur Bodner The link did arrive and all is good. :-) Just takes time.

    2. Patrick McGrane on

      I got a download link, but it was filled with red flags from my browser, so I bailed. I'm still interested in this project, any official update would be greatly appreciated.

    3. Arthur Bodner on


      Seems like they come out over time. You should also check your with what e-mail you registered. Cause I registered with Facebook but use a different email for facebook than I usually do.

      But yeah.. haven't received mine yet too.

    4. JourneyPT on

      I still didn't receive my link. :-(

    5. Arthur Bodner on

      From his Facebook...

      Greetings Northerners!! E-mail distribution is in progress for "The Northerner Diaries", and distribution of download codes has commenced! We've included a variety of formats, including 384kbit/s CBR AAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), and uncompressed WAV! I'm very excited to share with you this 12-track, 54-minute collection of NEW Northerner music. Just a heads-up: the complete download is approximately 844mb! Please enjoy!

    6. Nicolas R Mattiuzzo on

      Yeah, well, "monthly" updates, "reasonably" scaled project, I don't see why we all worry, 4 years behind the expected "delivery". The baby is not so old, after all. #GettingSlightlySarcastic

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      FWIW, In the comments of the post here:

      On April 28, someone asks about status of Northerner, and Jeremy says he's working on the instruments for it...

    8. Justin Macumber on

      I'm so excited to listen to this.

    9. Julien Coquet on

      Are we there yet?

    10. Missing avatar

      Joakim Schön on

      6 times the scale? I payed for, and want, a symphony, not an opera.

    11. Ben Bishop on

      Stephen, this update was "fan fiction" mistakenly posted as a legit update, so we can't really hold Jeremy to any fantasy-promises made. I think Gloria was just as desperate as us for an update.

    12. Stephen G. Tucker on

      Great job on the "Monthly Updates"

    13. Missing avatar

      Wenjie Fu on

      I had given up on this project, glad to finally hear that progress is being made.

    14. Gray Carlyle on

      FAKE NEWS detected.

    15. Tyinsar on

      @ Franz Luger:
      Did you catch that this "update" wasn't actually from the "professionals" that knew that when it was pitched to us and then told us it would be ready for Chistmas 2013?

    16. Missing avatar

      Franz Luger on

      Foretelling the amount of time a creative process will take is an impossible task - usually it takes much longer than estimated. Of course it is somewhat disappointing for a backer to see a supported project repeatedly postponed, but I am glad to hear that the work is still in progress.
      I will not post any criticism until either the symphony is published or the project is cancelled - thank you for the lines and keep on composing!

    17. Alex Masterson on

      I check back in on this thing out of morbid curiosity, and... The Max Steiner Agency stole a user's 'Wouldn't it be great if Jeremy said this' post, and posted it as an official update from Jeremy?

      Is that actually what happened here? Amazing.

    18. Jason on

      Wow guys his project is so advanced he's composing with instruments and sounds that haven't even been invented yet.....

      Lol at 6x the time or original estimated date. I've already given up on the project a long time ago. Whatever little I paid I see it as entertainment money lost for reading all the angry comments.

      Just read the comments below, this update is fake and a lie. Not a real post by Jeremy.

    19. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      Looking forward to it, best of luck finishing the work !

    20. Marquise de Nonce on

      Sweet! Like my family says, take your time, but hurry up. :D
      On a more serious note, let's hope the borders are still open when a concert is organized.
      Looking forward to the end result, thanking you for all the passion and commitment you're showing to the music itself.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tom Maddox on

      I should have know this was not a valid update as soon as I read it.

      "I have not abandoned this, and the thought that my backers feel this way hurts."

      Jeremy has shown very little regard to the backers feelings or concerns, so much so that he essentially abandoned giving updates via KickStarter. That is not the action of someone who cares about his backers.

      "and appreciate all the comments, whether support or criticism."

      Again, when has Jeremy ever shown appreciation of criticism? He basically abandoned KickStarter due to criticism here that he could not censor, favoring Facebook where he has total control.

      "I will be giving monthly updates"


      Yeah, all kind of tip offs that this was not an actual update.

    22. Janardan Nathan on

      As a fan of your music, I eagerly await this album. Thank you.

    23. Mysta02 on


      From some of Jeremy's posts, I gather that he's been working on new synthesized instruments and sounds, as well as a new type of higher-def MIDI.

      I'm not an audio tech or even an audiophile, so I don't know the details, but he talks more about it here:

    24. Andrew on

      "I realized that technology didn't exist for some of the music I was writing..." Would you mind explaining what that means? Does this mean digital instruments? Synthesized voices? Better recording tech? One of the benefits of backing a kickstarter campaign is behind the scenes info. Please share what you can next update. Next month, or whenever.

    25. Oerwinde on

      As long as its good take the time you need.

    26. Mysta02 on


      None taken :-) I never meant for it to be an update on the first place, and a mistake got it there.

      It should be removed and replaced with a true update from Jeremy.

    27. Josette Baysdell on


      No offense intended, by the way, to your "dream update". :) It just isn't from Jeremy, so it shouldn't be portrayed as such. There have been responses here from those who clearly have not kept up with the comments.

    28. Josette Baysdell on

      I agree with JourneyPT. Whatever misperceptions lead to this update being put forward as Jeremy's words, it's not appropriate for it to remain here as an official statement. Something should go out to all the backers via the standard emails, and if it can be removed, it should be.

      Is it possible to delete an update, Gloria? KS is certainly not kind to the backers when it comes to editing or deleting comments.

    29. JourneyPT on

      Anyone can fail sooner or later, If this is a fake update, Miss Gloria should remove it ASAP.
      Words that are not from Jeremy or his representatives do not belong in KS updates. Even if I do like the update.
      I'll keep with Jeremy until the end...

    30. The Evolutionary on

      To all including Mr. Soule. This project started in March, 2013. nearly 4 years ago. It unfortunately shows the weakness of the Crowdfunding system. Back in the epic days of truly great composers (and I'm not saying stars are done, just we haven't a huge spark since the golden days from Haydn to Lizt, which I think had perhaps the highest quality + quantity per year in recently documented history), composers had to FINISH their compositions to get paid in full. Sometimes deposit were made, but not full amount without finished work. Most of the work done by Mr. Soule that caused us to have hopes in him for were paid for finished work so that put some pressure to get the job done.

      Here we have not a small amount of money given for a Symphony in advance, but no binding obligation to finish the work. I suspect the money given has long since been spent. (I could be wrong but it happens so often at kickstarter with nothing to show for it). But there is the flaw: no shared responsibility to by Kickstarter. They get paid in full no matter what. So people can (and have in many cases) taken the money and run. Kickstarter only take actions of the media or a politician makes a public stick. I don't think any other paying customer of Mr. Soule's would wait for 4 years for a work to get finished. They'd either demand their deposit back, or just cut their loses and find someone else. Thing like that ensure work actually gets done. Here we now have "as long as it takes", but seriously. If there where was real financial/legal pressure, he'd have this thing done, and recorded.

      This is a neo-classical work with a combination (presumably) or real + synthesized instruments/vocals. We've had many request for a live/real orchestra to record the work. And we are talking about "the technology" being nearly done? You don't need computer technology to write a symphony, you need music and musicians. And if it's not the "perfect" version of the vision, okay, nothing is perfect anyway. Even the great composers had odd flaws (sometimes beautiful in my opinion). I have a weird feeling this technology may actually diminish whatever comes out.

      Also, time is money even here because patience, faith and certainly respect are diminishing by the month. I've lost my fan status of Mr. Soule from this project. I'm not pulling out because I'd like to see if anything actually comes out of this. But I'm not hopeful in the results right now based on the little I've seen in 4 years. $127k (-20%, that is still a little over 100k). That should have been enough. It would be enough for most composers who were hungry to get their work out. History has shown technology is not the key to music composition. All you need is an idea, a written score and 4-30 musicians (even if only vocalists). I'd be impressed if you dropped the computer "gadgetry" and just write the music in full. It's mentioned "the recording has started". Without the full completed score? How does that even work? If there was a full composition with the score I'm sure we'd have seen it by now. What I read so far was only a few minutes worth of music. The style isn't "New age" but neo-classical. To my knowledge John Williams, Patrick Doyle or other fine modern composers with semi-classical style didn't need to develop a technology to finish their music. And if the music is done get musicians and record in full. It's then done, even if imperfect without this technology.

      Mr. Soule, if you TRULY want to get this done, forget the "technology", and get back to basics of composing. No northern exotic trips, no computer cleverness, just composers typically do. And make it happen with whatever is there when it's done. Maybe whatever was developed can be used better if a full score existed. If that means getting a music school to record it on the cheap if there are budgetary issues, I think we are all okay with that. (Eastman, Julliard, Manes, Oberlin, Indiana State, I'm sure you know MANY good college/university orchestras out there who could do a great job willing to do it for less than, say, the Chicago Symphony).

      While a new technology may be interesting for composers to generate their work in the future, that is not what this project was about or funded on. And Rolland giving some sponsorship to this technology given how little we've seen or heard, doesn't seem to be helping progress on this work. The money was given to fund a symphony not technology (and certainly not for a private corporation). So I hope the loss of respect and the hurt of disappointed ex-fans will spur you to just write the thing and record it. (preferably with REAL instruments/voices to be blunt). And if that means digging into pockets a little and you have a real score, you MIGHT get people to give you a LITTLE more. But enough about technology, trips, or "Soule" searching. Just tell your other paying customers you've got a job to finish and treat us with the same respect that you give your video game customers. We paid you in advance. Do that, to get our respect back. I sincerely hope you do. This is a bit long but my (like many) are feeling frustrated, and some feel cheated. (And who can blame them?). While this is the best update I've see to date, it's rather late in coming and doesn't really tell us anything. But regular updates would at least be a start.

    31. K R Parkinson (GalvanicSpiral) on

      Well, it's nice to have an explanation. In light of that, I stand behind the sentiments in my previous (much longer) post. I'm certainly looking forward to The Northerner - whenever it comes out.

    32. Mysta02 on

      A quick point of interest:

      This "fake" update has received more likes (101 so far) than any other official update.

      The second highest was a fairly comprehensive update (including mentioning that he'd be finishing and including some Roland tech into the symphony) from almost exactly a year ago (Feb 23, 2016. 99 likes):

    33. Mysta02 on


      I didn't mean to cause a commotion. Just had some words to get off my chest.

      That said, this has been more exciting than the last year or two of updates(?), and I got a good laugh out of it.


      I hope it sparks something in Jeremy and he pops in to say hi. I'll stay cautiously optimistic for the next few weeks and see what happens.

    34. Tyinsar on

      Had Jeremy actually writen that - and then followed through- he would have gained back some respect.

    35. Dean on

      @ Ben Fogerty Thanks for the clarification

      @ Mysta02 Dude you rock!!!! lol

    36. Andrew H. on

      Exactly, this update is not real. Gloria of MSA admitted that she posted it pre-emptively before knowing that it was not true, and she has apologized.

    37. Kevin Dombrowski on

      So, if Ben is right (see just below this comment) this update isn't real?

    38. Paul Fortunato on

      I'm only $15 in, so, as long as we get a message once a month that says its being worked on, I'm here till the end.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mike McElhiney on

      i forgot that this was even a thing. Completely forgot i backed it. so many years ago.

    40. Fen Bogarty on

      Okay guys, this is from a PM convo between me and Jeremy on Facebook just now:
      Me: "dude, what is going on with Max Steiner Agency and Gloria? This nonsense on the kickstarter is unacceptably confusing, ambiguous, and apparently deceptive. Have you seen this and what is going on? Why is she lying?"
      JS: "Gloria was trolled. Apparently she thought I had posted that material on a forum and she was moving it to the headline as an update. I don't know why but it was a misfire on her part."
      Me: "seriously dude, and she's been attacking backers and threatening us now"
      JS: "She has apologized to me but I don't know why should would post an update that I didn't make.
      I'm having one of my employees look into the kickstarter today."

    41. Fen Bogarty on

      lol O_O look at all the people not paying attention to what is going on and still supporting this nonsense

    42. Missing avatar

      James on

      If you want to impress me, bring back MC-808 software support or the MC-909 software support to the roland cloud.

    43. Missing avatar

      Antti Kuusama on

      Refund me please. Incompetent project managing and unacceptable excuses for breaking promises. I don't need this music.

    44. Christian H. Salicath on

      I thought about this a few days ago when I heard something reminiscent of Skyrim. I can't wait to hear it, and based on what I've seen on facebook, you've been making progress for a long time and overcoming some major hurdles. I don't know who these 'backers' are for writing what they are, but with the platform in mind and your hopes for the project, I understand that things take time and look forward to it just as much as I did in early 2013.

      You're one of my heroes, and I know that goes for many others. Good luck.

    45. Peter Lillevold on

      Can't express how glad I am to see that The Northerner is still going to be! Keep up the incredible work!

    46. Missing avatar

      Ishvara on

      Thank you for this update. As many of us still support the project and believe in it (regardless of time it takes), we would be so glad you give us something to hear, showing concretely you didn't forget us. I'm sure you can give us more than just a message, helping wait patiently :)
      So you'll have support from much people

    47. Jouni Lahtinen on

      I'm glad to hear things are progressing, slow or fast. Can't wait to hear what kind of audio magic you are brewing :)

    48. Magic666 on

      Wait an update? With the message that it will take much longer?
      Nice..... also nice MSA that I still haven't received my refund! After you promised twice to take care of it! So yeah... looks like I too have to wait much longer for my refund.

      This project fails on so many levels.... *wow*

    49. K R Parkinson (GalvanicSpiral) on

      So, wait. Was this post actually conceived/written by Jeremy himself or not? In light of writing my defense of this project quite literally as the situation developed, what's the story here? MSA says one thing, Mysta02 says another, with time-stamps that apparently supporting Mysta02's assertion of authorship.

      If this really was posted on another social media site before Mysta02 posted, we need to see it, or this opens up a whole new dimension of questionable conduct unless we get some sort of explanation.