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The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
4,256 backers pledged $121,227 to help bring this project to life.

What does a symphony sound like in a composer's head? I am going to show you.

Posted by Max Steiner Agency Inc. (Creator)

Greetings Northerners,

It's been an intense last couple of months and your patience is always appreciated. I've been at work with mountains of material to distill to the final movements of the Northerner Symphony. In this process, my sketch material has been accumulating. And of course, as with any creative project, the "extras" turned out to be too valuable to discard. So a prequel album became necessary. Today, I'm thrilled to announce Diary.

I am using technology for my sketches and acoustic instruments for the Symphony itself. But, having access to some of the world's most advanced tech also presented another possibility; how do I recreate what I hear in my head so that you, the listener know exactly what my ideas are without the limitations of either acoustic or computer instruments? The answer is with a new synthesis process that will be prominently used within Diary. This album is more of a dream in audio form and it will be released digitally in high resolution to all backers. So your support has created not one, but two albums. Of course, everything stands with the existing plan for the Northerner itself. All physical items are still being created for you, the backers. This includes signed CDs and sheet music.

I also have made a decision to primarily record the Symphony itself in Iceland. The Old Norse language requires a natural aptitude for the language which exists with Icelandic. Iceland also has a tremendous singing tradition.

As always, thank you for being a backer and supporter of my creative journey! I hope you enjoy Diary and the Symphony as much as I have in its making.


A prequel to the Symphony
A prequel to the Symphony
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    1. Zachary on

      Aug 18 2016.

      Still have yet to hear ANYTHING from this symphony. No samples, electronic reproductions.. what gives??

    2. Windy Stroud on

      It's now Feb. 2016 how about an update??

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Maddox on

      Am I happy to be receiving more music than I originally paid for? Yes.

      Am I happy that the promised November recording date has passed and all we have is word that he has decided to change the venue? No.

      With the change in the recording location and all the logistics that have to be involved with a project of this scope I am guessing we will all be here again this time next year waiting for more updates. I hope I am wrong but I doubt that I am.

    4. Frank Talbot on

      "So your support has created not one, but two albums."

      No. So far, my support has created zero albums.

    5. Missing avatar

      Endyo on

      So when can we expect to hear this Diary album?

    6. Janardan Nathan on

      With just one update, JS has sent me drooling and wagging my tail like a good little puppy!
      WoW! Much woof, such epic. Me Doge!

    7. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Vandergrift on

      Thanks for the update. :) It is good to know that things are still moving forward with this, and I look forward to what you'll have created when it is done. :)

    8. Muad'Dib on

      Did i miss something?
      Is there any update on The Northerner?

      It's nice to know there will be a 2nd album, but i would have preferred some news about the project i've paid for more than 2 years ago.

    9. Missing avatar

      Trym on

      Does this mean we get a second album for free as part of the Kickstarter? If so, thank you, love it! And can't wait for the releases to come out, I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

    10. Josette Baysdell on

      Truly stunning cover art. Kudos to your graphic designer. :)

      I'm pleased that the time you have taken to create this work has lead to such an abundance of beautiful music. A second album is a welcome surprise. I am looking forward to hearing Diary, exactly as you imagined it. Gives me a great excuse to finally buy a DAP that can play lossless audio.

    11. Vesa Uhlenius on

      Nice to hear things are progressing. While I understand some of the people here, who have been complaining how long creating this symphony is taking, I do not approve of their tone and hope they will come to understand one does not create an entire symphony at the drop of a hat. It takes time, love, and most of all - dedication. To me, when I listen to the symphonies of the old times - the likes of Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, and others - I'm not just listening to their music, I'm feeling their emotions. Creating music that allows you to hear the composer's feelings isn't easy. It takes skill and talent to sway the emotions of people with nothing but sound. I have a close friend who is a composer, whose parents are composers, and we have talked about this subject many, many times - so I have an inkling of an understanding why it is taking this long to get the record done. So, anyone bothering to read this message; please, have little more patience. Jeremy is very likely creating something that he will be most remembered by. I know a lot of people who like his work, but most of them remember his music by the games or the films where they could hear his music, without even knowing his name. With this symphony, there is a greater chance that he will be remembered by this record after its release. Also, I'm really exited about this prequel album and I'm looking towards to listening it through.

    12. Chris Mueller on

      Looking forward to hearing both! Any idea when they will be ready? Last I heard you were going to start recording in November but it sounds like we missed that deadline. I'm really looking forward to hearing this.

    13. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Senchaholic: one physical CD of the Northerner, one digital Album of Diary

    14. Sondre "Please never use FedEx"

      I backed for 3 copies, after the incentive to get some extra copies to gift for christmas 2013. Unfortunately, as of last month, both of my intended recipients have passed on.
      I wonder how the finished symphony will interact with my grief. And how will I be able to regift something before it was technically gifted away?

    15. Jakelin on

      Acoustic instruments for the actual Symphony is excellent news indeed. I know many people were concerned it would be largely virtual instruments and now we know the situation. A second album for free is welcomed as well. I hope we hear more about the tech he used to make it.

    16. Missing avatar

      shervin on

      I don't think you are capable of releasing a second CD... Your track record sucks with us.

    17. Alex Masterson on

      So basically an elaborate way of saying 'All I have to show for the last two years so far are some rough formless edits, and even those aren't even ready for people to listen to in any sort of reasonable form yet.'

      This is the equivalent of a villain chucking random objects out the back of the van he's trying to escape in, in the desperate hope that one of them will keep the people chasing him busy long enough for him to get away.

    18. Matt Morley

      Thanks for the updates! Sounds good.

    19. Almighty Cow on

      Amazing news about a second album! More of what we've heard so far is very exciting.

      But I think it's very apparent that we'd like some sort of progress update, please. Two years is a long time without knowing where the project stands. Thanks!

    20. Senchaholic on

      So does this mean we'll get two CD's?

    21. JourneyPT on

      Jeremy please finish the symphony first...Extras are nice after the main work is finished...More updates would be nice and also an extimated time of release of the albums would be nice.
      I have musians friends and I understand the time for creative work but sooner or later you'll have a mini riot in your hands. Think SC...just saying...

    22. TheChosenOne on

      Estimated time for arrival of diary is 2017.
      Estimated time for album is 2021.

    23. Missing avatar

      Wheeze201 on

      That's so awesome! I'm from Iceland and Jeremy Soule has been my favorite musician since The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion

      I would kill to be able to attend one of those recording sessions, glad to hear you're using the Icelandic language to give the album a authentic northern feel! <3

    24. ExitJudas on

      Looking very much forward to diary! Take your time!

    25. Ben Steed on

      Excellent :) Any estimation as to when this album may be available?

    26. Jonathan Powell on

      So when can we hear the diary?

    27. Old Man on

      Sounds great! Maybe I missed it, but what's the estimated delivery date for the Diary?

    28. J Scags on

      Best sentence in this update: "The Old Norse language requires a natural aptitude for the language which exists with Icelandic."

    29. Gary Cacace on

      Thanks for the update, but I'm sitting here feeling like this a project with no end date. I mean, how did you ever think The Northerner would have been done in September, 2013? I think it is wonderful that you're pursuing your dreams, but you raised $121K for this project. At some point you need to deliver something more than updates, right?

      Let's take a different tack. Imagine I was a video game publisher, and I was paying you to develop and produce the score for my new mega game. Would it be okay to suggest a delivery date, and then miss it by 2 years plus? What would the video game publisher say to you? Why is it okay to do that now? I get that this is a super creative project and you want it to be perfect, but at some point the symphony needs to be completed.

    30. Sam W on

      That is pretty cool! More of Jeremy's music is never a bad thing. I'd also forgotten about this, so a nice remembering of what i'll be getting..... but as its over 2 years later than the initial estimated delivery, I don't think its unfair for me to ask "When?!" without coming across as impatient ;)

    31. Forrest Roberts on

      Thanks for the update!

    32. Marquise de Nonce on

      I think from the beginning backer questionnaire I suggested a composer's video diary, and here you will be delivering more material based on your process -- I am delighted to read this. So take your time, but hurry up. :) Thank you.

    33. Jordan York on

      Awesome update! More is always better :). Will there ever be a physicsl release for Diary?