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The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
4,256 backers pledged $121,227 to help bring this project to life.

More To Come!

Posted by Max Steiner Agency Inc. (Creator)
Greetings! I know it has been a while since our last update but I'm working to deliver a surprise in November. What is it? You'll see...


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    1. Timo Kuttenkeuler on

      whoooo hooooo

      only 2 more days to another exiting failed "deadline" it's the souls style, promise and never deliver.

    2. Missing avatar

      shervin on

      I know people are impatient and often complain when its not warranted... But this project has been so mishandled, so late, such poor communication, and an artist who doesn't understand why his backers are frustrated. I think we are WELL past the point of acceptable complaints, negativity, and frustration.

      I feel cheated and insulted. I understand kickstarting is like donating with a gratis as thank you... But now I feel trolled for my donation.
      The jokes on us. Nothing Jeremy Soule says can be taken seriously anymore regarding this project. It will come when it comes, if it comes... Theres no more point in us hanging around here expecting anything to change. It's obvious he doesn't care about our concerns, lack of communication, and frustration with him. Just shows what kind of person he truly is when he isn't "Obligated" by a contract to deliver/produce. Pathetic.

    3. Missing avatar

      Skyler on

      Did he mean November 2016?

    4. Dean on

      Have faith, remember there are 30 days in November, (I will admit that my faith ended on the back in September after 2 years but you never know....)

    5. Dirk Tol on

      November is over half way still no update?

    6. YSoSidious on

      I agree with Nathan Black. Jeremy should give us our refunds he promised we could have if we want out of this project.

    7. Nathan Black on

      And to be clear many of us unhappy would stop commenting if we got the refunds we were told were coming.

    8. Nathan Black on

      You keep responding trying to do what? Convince us all we shouldn't be complaining?

    9. Luis Villafañe on

      To that I say, "Wanna complain? Do it with class. Don't keep bickering and avoid sounding like a complainer. That's not how you work with people."

      And that's that. Too many people complaining. Enough already. Thank you.

    10. Nathan Black on

      Luis its commendable you are defending Jeremy and nobody wishes him ill will. People are not happy because of the lack communication. The time it takes to complete the whole symphony has never been questioned and I haven't read a comment here where someone was angry he didn't finish it in 5 months. The frustration stems from a lack of communication. He keeps saying "true" backers wouldn't ask but that's disrespectful in itself. A group of 4,256 fans gave him $121k to help him on his journey of discovery and to be included in it. Thats what KS is all about right? Believing in someones dream and helping them achieve it and in return you get to be part of the process. That hasn't happened. Out of the 38 updates many of them were not updates or actual news at all. Gloria from MSA was posting them for 2yrs before Jeremy even figured out how to use this page. The year started with a few updates which was awesome thats all we wanted. Then straight away he fell off and posted nothing for 2-3 months at a time. Except on his FB page where he keeps posting things about music etc but nothing here. Last update "wait for next month for more info" We have been waiting right? Why not just say SOMETHING or post some clips of music etc? Your interested in the process of how its coming together? Well as a backer you would think we would get to see that and join along in his discovery. But instead he treated us like a bank he has shown repeatedly he doesn't care for his fans and imo been completely disrespectful to everyone here. Look at those rewards a few people spent over one thousand dollars to be part of the process and so far they haven't got anymore than we have. Its just a sad thing to be part of.

    11. Luis Villafañe on

      It's just so cool. I spend years studying music, composers, their lives (in order to better understand their music), and even the precedents set by the many performances of their work, but never could I follow along with the development of a full symphony. Smaller works, sure, but this is really special.

      I really would like a few more updates that would scratch the itch, showing a few more things about the process. Such as more about approaching the different sections of a movement, plotting the form, where you're writing horizontally or vertically, how you choose the instrumentation to convey different ideas, etc. But I understand that it can be more complicated/troublesome/distracting to share those things in a manner that would be clear to most viewers and listeners.

    12. Luis Villafañe on

      Looking forward to the surprise. Man...I'd love little more than to be in the orchestra for a performance of this work.

    13. Luis Villafañe on

      Kickstarter deadlines are not definite deadlines (most of the time merely placeholders) and I would not be surprised if that is even stated in the ToS. Let Jeremy Soule get the best work of art done as he can in peace. It'll come when it comes and then you'll have it forever. 19th Century artists are still relevant, and composing classical music now is very much similar to how it was then, I'll have you know.

      And I was certainly not under the impression that the Symphony would be done in 5 months. That's pretty unrealistic for most composers. Unless you're Mozart, Haydn, or someone whose done over 50 of them that's not gonna happen...

      We've seen 6 updates this year. 38 updates total. That's not bad. Whatever, calm down and give the artist some peace. You don't go onto Kickstarter and expect to get anything soon. That is the one true bottom line, and anything else is just a personal impression that you have.

      Kinda sad to be posting hate and other things pressuring Jeremy Soule in the comments. For me Kickstarter is about showing support, and then you maybe get some rewards on the side. Screw the notion that one becomes a partner or owns a share and has to know everything at all times. Every artist is different, operates different, and has their own pace.

      Sit down, calm down, move on, and when it's ready...get up, check it out, hopefully enjoy it, and be on your merry way.

      So long as the page has some relative activity there is nothing wrong going on. You people should follow him on Facebook if you're so antsy to hear from him.

    14. Marcin S. on

      Respect and consideration goes both ways. We have been promised to receive the Symphony by September 2013. Two years have passed and nothing tangible has been produced by Jeremy Soule. With barely an update to inform us I fail to see how the person who received our money and our patience, can be considered respectful or considerate.

      As to the fact that this is a Symphony, if the artist sets up a deadline and fails to deliver, then its on him no matter whether he promised to make a salad or build a pyramid. Pulling up an 19th century artist who worked in completely different conditions to Jeremy Soule is a bad argument.

      And we weren't told by anyone what to expect, save for Jeremy Soule who wrote that we should expect the Symphony by September 2013.

    15. Luis Villafañe on

      Be respectful and considerate. This isn't some band's album, this is an entire symphony. And no, not a Symphonic work (Example: LoZ: Symphony of the Goddesses) this is a real symphony, and not just ANY symphony, but his first one.

      Brahms took FOURTEEN years to complete his first symphony. This is the same Brahm's of the legendary "Three B's" of classical/baroque/romantic music. The premiere of that symphony was 1876 and that same symphony still sees regular performance to this day.

      So before anybody disrespectfully comments here, understand the MAJOR difference between a Symphonic work (video game music shows performed by live orchestra) and Symphonies. (An actual standalone, extended multi-movement work.)

      Oh, it's past the date that we were told? Yeah, I've backed bands that have been held up just as long as this to put out one little album. And I must reiterate that writing a symphony is like running a marathon, while making an album is more like a 5K.

      (except FAR, FAR, FAR less people are capable of writing symphonies than running marathons.)

      Y'all shoulda known what you signed up for. Seriously.

    16. Missing avatar

      Trym on

      It's November, time for a surprise? :)

    17. Angry Bunny on

      kaa kaa happens. :) I am like most who thinks using the money for personal vacations, even to "get away from it all and clear the mind" is pure BS. Wished I could.

      But we gave the young man our money and either live with it or delete the pledge. I bet that would be an awakening.

      I figured this is a wash and not worried about what anything Jeremy says or does anymore. It seems that somehow his parents failed to instill in him a sense of responsibility and ethics. I wished I could be rude like that. Onward thru the fog!

    18. Janardan Nathan on

      Meanwhile, I'm pledging for lovely violinist & composer Ms Julia Okrusko ( .
      I pledged for her last 2 projects and have been wowed!

    19. Marcin S. on

      Suing wouldn't work, since he is still within the parameters of making "a good faith effort" to produce. Since KS deadlines aren't legally binding he can work really slowly.

    20. Geff Chang on

      How about if somebody sues Jeremy Soule instead? We've been had, people!

    21. Frank Talbot on

      This better not be more pictures from trips around the world or the announcement that it's now a double album for which the writing of the 2nd CD hasn't started yet.

    22. Nathan Black on

      Has nothing to do with the music at this point I have long past cared for that the main thing is respecting the fan base who funded your "dream". I know many professional artists and have been involved in private commissions for posters that have taken over a year for the art to be finished, printed and received hell I've run a few. But you know in that time we got multiple updates work in progress pics or videos from the artist. Those were $50-60 investments most expensive around 100. Some people here have paid in more than one thousand dollars for personal time with Jeremy, they haven't even been contacted!! This year has certainly been better with communication but 3 months with no update then saying next month is a surprise is a complete F you to everyone here. If you don't mind being disrespected then thats your deal. But don't act surprised when other people are asking questions think outside yourself this has been handled about as poorly as it could be. I'll stop posting when the refund comes through which I hope is soon I'd like to forget this exists I'll be closing the KS account then too.

    23. Jason on

      Some of us are eager because it's TWO years behind schedule. While we are not expecting a masterpiece of the best album the world has ever heard there's still a generous limit to how long it should take to compose an album. This is probably taking longer because there's no driving force to meet deadlines aside from eager backers. If this was a contract for a game or movie soundtrack he would have been fired ten times over already for being so late. There are many many amazing soundtracks and scores composed every year, do you think those all took their sweet time to produce?

    24. Michael Riser on

      I fail to understand everyone's sense of urgency. What, there isn't enough music in the world already to keep us busy while we wait? The thing changed a bit, and granted it's taken a while, but so what? There's been enough evidence of movement to prove it isn't dead, and if it's moving forward, and if the end result is a richer project than the initial idea, I'm all for it. Projected releases are rarely met when it comes to creative endeavors, especially if they evolve and grow along the way like this has. Be patient and give some credit to an artist you appreciate enough to support. We have plenty of music from the man already, and yet another album done in a similar style would be nice, but far from as interesting as this has the chance of being.

    25. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on

      I'm willing to wait, but waiting for a surprise? Thats a little cynical torture right?

      I mean you put something like a carrot out, but not if the donkey is starving.

    26. Ebu diGriz on

      Just give me full soundtrack of Guild Wars 1 instead, if this will take another decade. I've never thought Jeremy could ever be this late. It almost looks like this Kickstarter campaign with no big company behind but only with ordinary people with no power to put a pressure on him, makes Jeremy feel he doesn't have to give it all...

    27. Jason on

      This album better win like twenty Grammy awards for like the next five years whenever it comes out.... � 1 year is fine, 2 years is pushing it and any more is just ridiculous for composing ONE album. Are there like 500 tracks?

    28. Nathan Black on

      We were promised all sorts of music clips and behind the scenes stuff that just didn't happen, I don't think its going to happen now. I'm not being overly negative I'm just stating the facts. I'd say we get 1 more update for the rest of the year, then we get CD's next summer or so. Why he feels compelled to share more info on FB than here is beyond me. I guess he hates KS since we are to demanding.

    29. LordMatsu on

      The planning definitely was horrible. Definitely shouldn't be pushed back like few years. As long as I get my music, I'd be contempt. If Jeremy ever decides to do another KS, he better do his research first.

    30. Jakelin on

      Good to hear things are still moving and that something special is going on. We know Jeremy is recording in November so I'm wondering if this will be about guest musicians. Hopefully once the recording starts we can get some behind the scenes videos and stuff we have been looking forward to.

    31. Nathan Black on

      Not disproportionate really some are upset some don't care. If you agree with how he ran the campaign so far well thats your opinion mine is different.

    32. Andrew on

      I feel like there's a disproportionate amount of hate in these comments. good art takes time.

    33. Jan Pospisil on

      Vague hyping can only work so many times. Meh.

    34. Missing avatar

      Franz Luger on

      Looking forward to it! :-)

      Greetings form Austria,

    35. The Evolutionary on

      Okay, enough surprises. While I've enjoyed the music I've heard from Mr. Soule for the most part, this...just wait and see bit is ironic...we've been waiting. Kindly give us a FIRM date we'll hear the music, get our CD's and finish this.

    36. TheChosenOne on

      Oh this is still alive? *shrugg*

    37. Daniel Klimmeck on

      Aw ... and its my birthday on November �

    38. Missing avatar

      Trym on

      A real surprise would be to unveil the finished symphony and start shipping them so everyone can have great music for Christmas!

    39. Josette Baysdell on

      Good to see you back here. I love surprises. :)

    40. Peter Lillevold on

      Looking forward to it! Keep up the good work :)

    41. Ikalios

      Kind of want hard facts, I don't believe in surprise anymore

    42. Missing avatar

      Endyo on

      Well uh... two and a half years after I backed the project I can't say I'm too excited anymore. I mean your last update said you weren't even going to start recording until November, so I suspect this "surprise" is that 25 months after the expected delivery date, recording is finally going to start.

      People complain about Kickstarters that go over their projected release by a few months, but this is a whole different kind of thing. With twelve times the initial goal...

      At this point, I think you're better off just letting everyone go back to forgetting and the next update, whenever that actually is, being the delivery of the project. That would be a real surprise.

    43. Missing avatar

      Alexander Koken on

      Is this a joke? Or does Jeremy seriously have no respect for the people who donated to this project?

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Dieckmann on

      Ooh I know Soule Smphony No 2 The Northerner Kickstarter coming soon!!!!

      Cant wait!!!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Nathan C. on

      2 years late? Maybe finally a completed project?!?!

    46. Nathan Black on

      @nin haha who knows at this point I'm not sure how its possible we have got 38 updates and we've really been told nothing. lol

    47. Adán Tejada on

      Until I read the comments, I hadn't remembered that this was promised 25 months ago... Hope it's a great surprise.

    48. Marquise de Nonce on

      Looking forward to it. :)

    49. Mysta02 on

      Thanks for the drop-in. Looking forward to the surprise.

      Please please please stop in at least monthly. Just let us know you're still alive and still thinking of us and the project.

    50. Old Man on

      Ooh, a surprise! Let me guess: you're changing the name to "The Southerner" and it's now going to be a Cajun music album?