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The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
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From 31,000 feet

Posted by Max Steiner Agency Inc. (Creator)
From 31,000 feet
From 31,000 feet

Dear Northerners,

Today, I am happy to announce that the Symphony will be recorded in November. In the last several months I have traveled the world to survey places of inspiration and possible recording venues. In total, I have journeyed over 25,000 miles. I am pushing my compositional abilities and my talent to my limits and I am working hard to make something of beauty. I appreciate your kind words of support. Many of you have written me and I have enjoyed our correspondence and your stories. I will also announce the venue in an upcoming update. Thanks forever for your patience as I strive to make this my finest work.



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    1. Marquise de Nonce on

      Hello Jeremy Soule,

      In previous updates you have mentioned that The Northerner will have twelve movements -- is that still correct? You are preparing to enter the studio in a matter of a very few weeks, and it would be of great interest to get an update about the shape of the composition at this phase. Will you be conducting some, or all of the vocal and instrumental recordings? Backers need to know. :)

      Thank you.

    2. Connor Fitzgerald Strader on

      I've funded nothing but personal student projects on Kickstarter, all of which have come out great and all of which delivered on their promises; and more importantly, delivered the REWARDS on time. This is the first Kickstarter I've supported that was founded and established by an industry "professional," and it has been handled in the least professional way possible.

      You promised a full HUMAN orchestra and choir would be used originally... It would seem from your vague and distant updates that you've now decided to use synthesized instruments. You also said you'd be recording the SYNTHony at Skywalker Sound if you reached your goal (which you surpassed by thousands of dollars), that was a lie too. You instead very obviously used people's money to fund your personal vacation, citing "inspiration" as a lame excuse, and are now TWO YEARS late on delivering this garbage computer music.

      You're a complete fraud, and aspiring students are twice as professional as you have been throughout this project. You clearly openly avoid criticism and just keep telling people to be patient and wait it out. Well I hope you enjoyed your vacation and stealing people's money. IF and when I actually do get my CD of this junk music you're "writing" I'll crack the disc over my knee. I don't even care to hear it anymore. You're nothing but a wannabe composer. REAL COMPOSERS write and record with REAL MUSICIANS. You're a hack. A fraud. A moocher. A CROOK!!!!

    3. Josette Baysdell on

      @ The Evolutionary

      Other valid issues aside, I think the amount of concern that's been raised about virtual instruments in Northerner is a bit off base.

      The original campaign announcement included this: "Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner" (Opus 1) will mark Jeremy's first foray into the grand traditions of classical music. This symphonic work is planned to feature live players and singers in addition to the innovative technologies for which Jeremy has become known."

      The fact that this was not going to be performed entirely by live players was clearly stated as part of the original vision. And given that Jeremy is noted for his abilities with virtual instruments (the Skyrim OST for example) and has founded a company which specializes in such, the choice to include this technology is hardly surprising. Also, the last info we got from him specifically says that both live and virtual instruments are needed to produce the recording he has in mind. So this doesn't feel like a "save money" decision, but an artistic one. This work has been a long time coming (yeah, okay, a really long time) and is obviously a very personal one for Jeremy. Skimping on its production in order to take a vacation doesn't make any sense.

      All of us have our preferences, certainly. Personally, I don't have a problem with a blend. What I am hoping for is that, once the CD's are completed, Jeremy conducts a live performance of the symphony somewhere within reasonable traveling distance of my house. :)

    4. The Evolutionary on

      Hmm....people are feeling like this campaign funded a vacation rather than real instruments for a Symphony which the money raised should have been able to ensure. Not sure talking about traveling the world looking for "inspiration" was the way to go. Too many great composers that didn't need to travel the world to find theirs. Just hope this work is good, and someone EVENTUALLY records it on proper instruments. The problem with electronics/computers is one can become too reliant on them as the convenience some easily.

    5. Darwyn Sansalone on

      Synthesized instruments, a huge vacation and way past its due date. Unacceptable Soule.

    6. Thomas Eiden on

      I was very forgiving about the constant delays until I learned I was funding your international vacation.

    7. renoxuken on

      I don't mind how long it took. I still get more than enough enjoyment out of the many great songs you've already produced. I still listen to Oblivion's OST every time I have a long drive.

      The main reason I backed this project was that it was an easy way to say "thank you" for enjoyment you've brought to me through your work over the years. Getting a copy of what may be your magnum opus is just icing on the cake.

    8. Jason on

      Are you trying to win an award for album of the century? Oscar winning soundtracks don't take this long to produce....

    9. Forrest Roberts on

      @Frank Talbot: What I really want to know is how much of this is going to be with synthesized instruments. I was under the impression that I was backing a real orchestral symphony. Now after all the talk, I'm not so sure.

    10. Frank Talbot on

      Is this an official "we won't change our mind and will record in November 2015 no matter what" date, or does it fall in the "scheduling for the summer months (2013) affords us enough planning time for a recording of this nature" category?

      I've been burned too many times with updates like this here on KS over the past few years when creators came back and said "it was a plan, not a promise, and it's what we were hoping at the time but unfortunately (insert bull**** reason) happened", usually after a few months of silence past that announced deadline.

      Just making sure what we can really expect here.

      And any idea how long the post production work usually takes? I'm guessing about a year between the recording and the shipping phase?

      Few more questions :
      - Is the writing phase really over now?
      - If it is, how many movements are there? You weren't sure the last time you talked about it.
      - Is this gonna be mostly with live players like originally planned or will it mostly feature virtual instruments? We've asked this a few times but I still haven't read a definitive answer.

      Thanks for the update

    11. KBowz on

      I'm glad we could fund your nice vacation.

    12. Josette Baysdell on

      Extremely pleased to have a recording date. :) After listening (repeatedly) to bits and pieces of the EQ Next ST on Soundcloud and the Tubes, it seems to me that Jeremy continues to develop and perfect his already considerable talents. I am very much anticipating this work.

    13. The Evolutionary on

      PS: Should have said "Orchestra" or "Symphony Orchestra" not just "Symphony" recording. Sorry about that. (sloppy). The Montreal Symphony Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra or Chicago Symphony I think would do a great job with the work judging from Soule's style. (And John WIlliams (who I'm convinced inspired some of Soule's style) I believe liked using Chicago or London for his movie scores if my memory is correct)

    14. The Evolutionary on

      I'm of mixed opinions on this entire project. And I am quite familiar with the creative process in art and even aware of some of it's history. One aspect of that is the musicians who were sponsored by noble/royal families or had big patrons were expected to produce SOME showable works (and it was understood if they didn't they could use their patron(s)). There were partial payments on some works but rarely full payment for works before completion. This crowdfunding model gets money all in advance and it's not an investment. The results are spotty enough I've stopped funding all but the proven "big boys" who have something to lose if they fail. When enough of us stop Kickstarter itself perhaps will take more accountability. (it's easy to just collect commissions...all gain, no liability/risk). Great for investors to kickstarter. :D Aside from this project being late (by 2 years?!?) and the talk of synthesized instruments to save money (ugh!) and from comments here no official comment of how much (if any) instruments will be real. From what I can see we'll have real vocalists but nothing I've seen appears to confirm more than that. Sometimes the creative process gets boosted by the prospect of not getting paid if a deadline isn't met. With Kickstarter that isn't the case). What I guess I'm saying is, while I have been a fan, it will take an amazing work with REAL instruments to impress me at this point and that was rather implied at this project beginning. It's buyer beware here...and I guess it's our own fault for not insisting on full details (which orchestra, musicians, how much is real) at the start. The lack of updates was distressing to say the least. Anyway, I do hope this comes out to something I can feel good about. If they use lots of simulated instruments (cheap) I hope they have the good taste to put the work out as public license so another symphony can record it properly. That would at least be consulation if the worst case scenario happens. But let's keep the November deadline. It's been long enough and all creative process stuff aside, 2 years a bit of a wait. I know all about something wanting to be perfect and what I've learned is, it's an ideal, not something that is actually achieved, even by the greats. If you wait till something is perfect, the wait becomes eternal (as I am doing/publishing my own imperfect recordings.. :D)

    15. Nathan Black on

      2016 it is.......... Maybe

    16. Missing avatar

      Mario Belorte Neto on

      Dear JS, I guess I'll be talking by everyone who's crazy about this project: take your time!!! Just take your time and do the best!
      I prefer a long time perfect work instead of a very fast shit thing! ;D

      Also, the last song, or I'd say, the last "taste" u sent us was amazing! Please, keep them coming! We'd love to hear small samples and feel and imagine how the work is going and will become!

    17. ianquest

      Great to hear progress is proceeding! :) I look forward to the upcoming updates with the announcement of the venue and maybe a few peeks at what will be happening in the symphony, particularly of the recording process. Those of us who don't work in the music industry are endlessly curious about its arcane functioning! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Deyres on

      I couldn't agree more with Steve Stanley.

      As much as I understand there can be delays in a creative process, those delays would certainly be less of a burden if there were at least some regular communication towards backers.

      I've read a lot of the comments on this project; mind you, the ratio of negative comments has never been as low as at the end of last year, when we were getting communications on a monthly basis... I think I'm seeing a pattern here ;)

      Anyway, can't wait to hear the final result!

    19. JourneyPT on

      I'm curious for the final result. Once a fan always a fan for the good and bad times.

    20. Steve Stanley on

      Thanks for the update! That was all I needed =)

      I'm absolutely fine waiting for as long as this takes. With a name like "Soule Symphony Number 1"... Yep, better give that all the time it needs. Creative blocks can suck, I know that first hand. And rushing this to release so you can make time for upcoming video game and film work would be equally terrible.

      I think if you can keep people updated every few weeks so they know they're not forgotten, regardless of the content of the update, that would keep a lot more folks happy =)

    21. Forrest Roberts on

      Don't get me wrong, I am looking to the end result of this project as much as anyone (if we ever get there), but after seeing so many Kickstarters crash and burn (even ones by "reputable" content creators) it's left me with a very realistic attitude toward crowdfunding and a basic expectation I have that is standardized for any type of crowdfunded content and any type of creator.

    22. Forrest Roberts on

      @John LaTemple: While nobody is suggesting that art is bound to a strict schedule, it's far different when a project was promised to be completed two years ago. An update from 2013 ( was created solely for the fact to drive up hype to get more backers on a promise that Northern Symphony would make a great "Holiday Gift for 2013". In case you're unaware, it's summer of 2015 and we have no estimated date of release. The fact that no real replies have been given regarding the backers concerns over the delays and the suggestion that apparently a large portion of this symphony is going to be synthesized now? (I've heard people claim this in the comments of these updates, but neither Max Steiner Agency nor Soule has come in and put these rumors to rest, so one assumes that they're either true or Soule is evading the issue). Looking back at the comments section and all of the update comment sections, there has been ZERO input from the creator even when people raise concerns or questions. That is not okay.

      I'm a huge fan of Soule and I'm thankful that he has at least not abandoned updates entirely, but this kind of dismissal of the concerns held by what are essentially the investors in this project is incredibly diss appointing. The "investors" are not invested in this project to gain a profit, they are invested for the love of music and their fandom for Soule, yet that fandom is being disrespected.

      Suggesting that people who want updates and a loose schedule simply not back "artistic kickstarters" (most Kickstarters are artistic) is lazy way of dismissing an actual criticism.

      And I'm not griping just to gripe. If Jeremey suddenly decides to start engaging with his fans in the comments and at least begins to address our concerns, then I'll be the first to change my tune and politely thank him and be grateful. But I can't abide disrespect for a fandom, no matter how much I love an artist, it's driven me to disown some of my most cherished idols in the past and it's a sucky feeling in general.

    23. Missing avatar

      Endyo on

      As much as I love Jeremy's music and despite how great I'm sure this will ultimately be, I think if I had known it would be two and a half years before it was even recorded I really don't think I would have backed it. I mean I understand delays and creative changes and all of that, but if that was in the cards I think maybe the idea of putting September 2013 as the estimated delivery date was not a good choice. I guess I'll just be happy when it arrives sometime maybe in the next year or so.

    24. Ran on

      I look forward to the final result!

      I rather have proper and well composed music than a mess that's rushed to appease a "speedy" delivery.

    25. John LaTemple on

      Gary Wishik, in the future I would suggest you simply not fund artistic Kickstarters. The Process is unique to each artist and it isn't like doing a 9-5 job (or even surgery).

    26. Missing avatar

      Barbara Murphy Hitchko on

      Thanks for the update. Can tell you are pouring your heart & creativity into your project. Can't wait Jeremy :-)

    27. Gary H. Wishik, M.D.

      Uh,sure. Wonder how long the post production polishing will take. And maybe a few months pondering the inner sleeve art. Long ago moved to my list of 'didn't I promise myself to stop funding crap...'

    28. Missing avatar

      Nicholas W on

      Awesome! I can't wait!

    29. Ben Steed on

      This will be something special indeed.