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The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
The composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues his personal musical journey by creating Soule Symphony No. 1, "The Northerner".
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Venue thoughts

Posted by Max Steiner Agency Inc. (Creator)

For some time we've been receiving inquiries as to where I am planning to record.  As this is a work-in-progress composition, the demands of the piece are evolving.  So, where am I recording?  As much as I love the acoustics at a particular studio in California (whose lawyers wrote and said I'm not allowed to mention their name--weird, I know), the choir is becoming a big deal and there is not a suitable choir in this particular location.  There are also restrictions on filming.  This is another non-starter as far as I'm concerned as many will want to see the recording sessions in a documentary. 

Two schools of thought now concerning choir are either I record somewhere where the local population is more naturally adapted to Old Norse...  Or the second, is to just focus on where the overall musical talent pool is the strongest.  No firm decisions have yet been made.  I'm looking at locations in Scandinavia for venues suitable for the choir.  Seattle is also a strong possibility as the choral community here is very strong.  Strings and winds will likely be recorded in California or Seattle. 

Why not record it all together in the same room?  Control.  Recording choir and orchestra, even in live concert situations, together, is difficult.  But with a recording, to be able to correct what we call "pilot errors" in the musicianship or errors in the notation requires time.  And as time is money, we don't want to be having both a choir and an orchestra idle during notation or performance instruction during the normal course of recording a new piece of music.  It's best to focus on choir and orchestra separately as each ensemble has unique needs.  When I recorded choirs in the past, the acoustics surrounding the choir are generally different from the orchestra.  So in other words, this approach is nothing new for me.  In fact, even the mockup I posted just days ago utilizes two different environments, albeit digitally created, to accomplish the surrealistic dimensions of that sound.


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    1. TrentJaspar on

      @Frank Talbot: Lol, that crossed my mind...but ultimately that's not who I am. ;-)

    2. Frank Talbot on

      @Michael haha yeah I know, I just guessed that those who pledged at that level were "close" to Skywalker Sound or at least near to where Jeremy is usually recording. Then again, I've always wanted to visit Scandinavia so that would've been the perfect excuse! :)

    3. Michael Way on

      @Frank Talbot The backers might be Scandinavian, don't presume locations! I'm from the UK and I backed it.

    4. Frank Talbot on

      For the sake of the 5 $1.5K backers, I hope you're not going to Scandinavia or it'll end up a very expensive pledge for them!! I'm not sure who those people are since they don't seem to be posting much but if you're recording the whole thing on another continent, you might want to check with them first if there's another reward you can offer.

      Anyway, thanks for finally answering that question about the venue. I can't believe we're getting answers. So we're pretty much scratching off Skywalker Sound right, or is it still being considered?

    5. Frank Talbot on

      @TrentJaspar, meh, keep posting even if you get your refund. What's one more broken promise with this project anyway? :)

    6. TrentJaspar on

      @Josette Baysdell
      I just didn't want to support him or his Kickstarter any more. I was only a casual fan in the first place-- it's not a big loss for me. I mostly backed the KS on behalf of a friend who is a JS fan (so I did the 3 for 33 tier). But I'm sure that whenever I'd listen to it, I'd be reminded of this terrible campaign, his longstanding indifference, arrogance (he's as bad as Eric Whitacre!), and so forth.

      I may still buy the CD some day when it comes out and give it to my friend. But I don't need two others. I wish him and MSA no ill-will. And I'm encouraged that maybe the campaign is turning around because I really want you and others to be able to enjoy what I'm sure will be wonderful music.

      Thank you again, Josette, for your tireless efforts. And I enjoyed much of the discussion on gaming as well. :-)

    7. Josette Baysdell on


      Sorry to see a fellow mobster opt out just when it seems as if things are turning around. :(

      I agree that this isn't a scam, even though the project has been decidedly rocky up til recently. I'm actually quite surprised and encouraged by current developments. Jeremy hasn't missed an update since he promised weekly posts, and it feels like we're finally getting some honest answers and a few glimpses of the internal process as well. Seems an odd time to leave. What prompted the decision? The rest of the Unruly Mob will miss you if you go. :)

    8. TrentJaspar on

      Not a scam, IMO, but a disappointment. MSA has not yet processed my refund request. When they do, I'll honor their request not to comment/post any more.

      That said, it's nice to see a nice update like this from Jeremy. Way overdue of course and too late for me, but still very nice. Let's hope things stay on the upswing!

    9. Jesse America on

      What a scam this is.

    10. Josette Baysdell on

      Not being familiar with how all of the different pieces of a musical composition come together, I was unaware that the environment for orchestra and choir each had unique requirements in order to be optimal. This is the kind of thing I was looking forward to learning during the production phase of this project. Thank you, Jeremy, for shedding some light on a question that I know has been on the minds of many backers. Excited to hear which venues you eventually decide on.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dean Jones on

      Charl Wamsteker's suggestion of London for the orchestra is good. The London Philharmonic Orchestra is great and they've done some wonderful renditions of Jeremy Soule's music (Oblivion main theme and "Far Horizons" from Skyrim).

      There's some YouTube videos of their performances (as in professionally recorded ones) so they're probably open to filming, too.

    12. John LaTemple on

      This part of the process is reminding me of my wind ensemble days back in college. Good times. I think that you should strongly consider going to Scandinavia for the choral work. Not only will the voices be more authentic, but the surroundings should contribute to again to your creative process. The more you immerse yourself as an artist, the better the end result will likely be.

    13. Ronald Wanders on

      Given that you're looking for Old Norse choirs, have you considered Iceland? Icelandic and Old Norse are very closely related (ie. mostly identical), and I don't doubt that they have talented choirs and proper music venues available.

      But I agree with others here, choose the environment that you feel suits your needs best, no need to worry about time constraints. ^_^

    14. Nathan Black on

      I wouldn't worry about the recording location much not sure why that is a huge deal to some folks, I think just getting it done and done right (sounds right etc) is most important. Also someone who can fit you into a schedule and not put you way out into next year so you can finish this up too. Thanks for the info.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathan C. on

      I say go where the talent is first. Then hopefully they allow filming.

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Wheaton on

      This has been the longest running investment I've ever participated in. How long will this take before we're presented with what we've invested in? Five years? Ten?

    17. Roy Moss on

      Hey Jeremy! I'm from Oslo, Norway and if you need help finding a venue please let me know :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Norbert Bensel on

      Mayby you should look on Iceland for the choir? I'm not shure, but I think I heart, that Icelandic is like Old Norsk?

    19. Charl Wamsteker on

      Record the music in London and then a short hop to Scandinavia.