Waveform - Indie game by Eden Industries

by EdenIndustries

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    1. Pedro Rosário Silva on

      Wow, the editor looks quite practical and easy to use! Some great potential here!

      One question about the editor: I was wondering if it would be possible to design a level where the "optimal path" so to speak would be dependent on the music, namely if the pitch varies the player would change the frequency of the wave accordingly (higher for higher pitch, lower for lower pitch) and vary the amplitude the same way according to the volume. So I was wondering if the music controls in the editor would allow this (being able to choose the music as well as the music's progress being tied to progress in the level). If not, I think it would be a good idea for an expansion. :-)

    2. EdenIndustries 2-time creator on

      I'm glad you like it Pedro! Your idea is possible currently, but only to an extent. Since you're able to choose the music, and the placement of all objects, you are able to connect changes in music to changes in the level if you craft it to do that. However, this idea breaks down whenever the player does really well and speeds up as a result (which you may see happening in the trailer). Since the music doesn't speed up as well, things would quickly get out of sync.

      But, we are planning on creating something very similar to this for an expansion! The experience will be much more tightly integrated with music, for all of those audiophiles out there :)

      All $35 backers and higher will of course get access to this expansion, and $150 backers (which is a reduced amount for our Cyber Monday sale so quantities are limited at this reduced amount!) will get to help us design, prototype, and test this expansion as well!