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Porno Dan craves intimacy. In spite of himself and despite his industry, can Dan finally find true love?
Porno Dan craves intimacy. In spite of himself and despite his industry, can Dan finally find true love?
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Screenings in San Francisco!

And funny enough we will be showing the very same night at San Francisco Doc Festival as the St Louis Film Festival. It will also be at an amazing theatre (the Roxie). And it sounds like so much fun, its breaking my heart not to be able to be i hope a ton of people will spread the word and tell their friends and go see the movie! Its also showing there on the 19th...and so is my husband's film Welcome to the Machine. So look out for that too!

upcoming screening at st louis film festival

hi all,

i know its been awhile, but post sandy and the noreaster things are moving again on danland. we have been selected for the st louis international film festival. i am very excited by this because for those of you who know me it is my fathers hometown...and for those of you who dont, my father recently died (he was a big fan and big supporter of the film) and so i am excited to be in his hometown just cause.

please spread the word. if you know anyone in st louis please let them know about my film. here is the link:

i will be there to do a q&a and look forward to seeing some friendly faces.

best, alexandra berger

a good mention in this article

A friend of mine recently sent me this link to an article where DANLAND is mentioned as a must see movie (about halfway into the article). Check it out:

Finally some new news!

Hi All, 

Sorry, i have been so long in writing with an update, but for now I will keep it short. Its has been a very very tough year for me personally. Good news though, we have been accepted to a slew of festivals, here is the info for the first one coming up, Arizona Underground. Spread the word!!!! More to come!

My film DANLAND will be showing in arizona on the 28th at 11pm (the closest they get to a midnight showing, i guess). Please spread the word and go check it out if you havent seen it yet.

Here is the link to buy tix:

Next Festival, More press, and where to send any future info.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send out an update, we are currently collecting your information to send out your premiums. I have been told, that there was no room to respond to my questions on the survey i sent out, i cant re-send...its a one time thing(a weird kickstarter thing), please feel free to respond to me directly through kickstarter.  Also just a big Wahoooooo, not sure I ever sent one out that said just that, as we did make our goal and get our funding!!!! Thank you.

Also, just to let you know, we are heading to The Atlanta Film Festival with Danland. We will be a premiere there as well and are up for awards, fingers crossed. The movie will screen on the 30th of March at 9:15 at the Landmark Midtown Art Theatre. I have never been to Atlanta and i am excited, would love to hear any suggestions. Feel free to spread the word! here is the link:

Also, here is another nice little piece on Danland....will keep you updated as we go:

Lastly,  if you wanted to follow the film or me on twitter it is!/the_a_bomb
and on facebook check us out at danlandmovie.

Thank you to you all. Its all very exciting.
All good thoughts, Alexandra Berger