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SoundJaw Unlimited is a sleek and compact way to get that extra volume out of your device. It works on most tablets and phones.

If you missed pledging on Kickstarter have no fear!!! You can now buy the SoundJaw Unlimited on TinyLightbulbs:

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This is the SoundJaw Unlimited. The sleekest and smallest sound enhancer on the market. From the maker of SoundJaw, SoundJaw Unlimited is the sequel to a great product (SoundJaw). The newest iteration is now smaller but with a bigger and better sound boost. The speakers on most tablets and phones are located on the back or the sides of the device. This makes for a lot of lost volume. The SoundJaw gathers up the sound and spits it back into your face.... just where you want it.

Some of you may know me from my previous Kickstarter project. In this project I learned a lot about manufacturing and design. Now I have taken the feedback from hundreds of emails and applied it to a new, much more flexible design. The SoundJaw Unlimited is versatile and can bend and grab onto most tablets and phones. The SoundJaw's patent pending design works great with iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and much more! It also has no problems going over cases. 

I went through many versions of designs to find the most compact yet effective shape. Perfection takes time. Below are some of the prototypes.

I am needing $7,000 to start this project. The cost of the mold will be about $6,000 and the remaining money will go to the first production run and shipping. I plan to ship no later than 60 days after the project ending, although with the last SoundJaw I shipped within 2 weeks of completion. We'll see ;)

Please Like us on Facebook and subscribe to the SoundJaw YouTube Channel for extra videos and demos. Thank you in advance for backing the SoundJaw Unlimited!

-Matthew McLachlan

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    Beecuz ya care.... If you think the SoundJaw Unlimited is a cool project and would like to give it a thumbs up, a dollar would go a long way. Sometimes when I'm up late working on my projects I get snacky for a cheeseburger.

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    This is a tier for those who are willing to spread the word. If you tell your friends about SoundJaw Unlimited, or even tip off a blog site, then you can enjoy this special lower tier. Please add $3 for shipping in the USA and $5 anywhere else. Oh yeah, you get 1 SoundJaw Unlimited.

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    1 SoundJaw Unlimited - This is a special Kickstarter price. The retail price will most likely be $15 once the project ends. Please add $3 for shipping in the USA and $5 anywhere else. Thanks for the support!

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    Want 3 SoundJaws? This tier will get you 3 of these little devices. As a Thank You shipping is free worldwide.

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    Want to get a price break on the SoundJaw Unlimited? 45 bucks will get you 5 SoundJaws plus free shipping. It's almost like you're making money....

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    Prototyping is a long and expensive process. I went through several designs before picking the one you are seeing. This means I have some extra prototypes of various shapes and sizes that I am not using. They are "printed" professionally by a prototyping company and are made out of various materials (ABS and Nylon). These can cost over $100 a piece. If you would like to help off-set the price of my prototypes you can buy one from me. I'll even throw in a free SoundJaw Unlimited as a thanks! (Look to the left for some pictures of the prototypes available)

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    10 SoundJaw's Unlimited at a slightly better price break with free shipping. If you have a lot of friends then this would make a great tier as you will have many to give away. The more gifts you give your friends the more they will like you. The more they like you, the more gifts they will give YOU. It's an investment in your future....

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    This tier is for innovators. If you would like to talk on Skype about ideas and get a bunch of contacts (CAD Designers, Manufacturers, Package Designers, etc.) then this is your tier. I love to help out fellow inventors and can probably give you some insight into the next steps you should take. This will include 2 SoundJaw Unlimited's AND 2 Original SoundJaw's

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    If you love the SoundJaw unlimited but don't have any device to use it on then this is for you... A New iPad and 10 SoundJaw Unlimited's is what you need! Just imagine all the Christmas gifts you'll be able to hand out!

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