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Update #20

Hey SoundJaw Unlimited Backers!

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A year has passed since my last update so I wanted to just send a quick note. First, I hope you all had a great year and have plans to relax and wind down as the year comes to an end. Second, the SoundJaw Unlimited was unavailable for purchase on my website for a couple months. I received quite a few messages about this, so for those of you asking, it is now available again for purchase at the crowdfunding store,, and could make a great stocking stuffer. TLB is guaranteeing Christmas Eve delivery on orders placed by noon on Friday and shipping is free on orders over $25 (USA). Thanks again for your support...


Update #19

A Shipping Status, A Thanks, And Storm the Gate...

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Good evening,

For those of you who were the first 100 to request a dot, they will be in the mail tomorrow. I have just compiled the list and am working through getting the envelopes stuffed. If you weren't able to get on the list I have another solution that I have tried that works great as well. Simply a small strip of double sided tape. :) 

If you receive one dot and you need it for more than one SoundJaw just cut the dot into 3 sections. I will be giving larger dots than pictured in the previous post for this reason.

Onto my next point.

Since it is after the project and my updates will now be few and far between I wanted to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to you all! You have been very generous in making this possible and for that I owe you a great deal. If you are planning on being at Macworld or still need tickets email me at: and be sure to stop by the booth to say hi.


My next project has officially launched. This time I teamed up with my dad and brother. It's not a plastic product but instead a premium wood game, adapted from an old french dexterity game.  And made here in the USA. It's really a fun and addicting game and we are selling it for less on KS than we are planning to in the future as costs for wood crafting can be high. When you have a chance, you can check it out here:

Thanks again ALL!!!!!

Update #18 - For backers only

Fix for SoundJaw Slipping


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Update #17

A New Project....

Hey there, Firstly, I have received the emails I requested from people who are having problems with their soundjaws. I assure you I am working on a fix and will let you know ASAP. I did however notice a trend in cases that are causing the problem. This is very helpful because it gives me specifics I can test with.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I have really appreciated all of them. The Kickstarter process is an amazing one, where an individual can show a large group of people their ideas and see if others like them as well. Beyond having a great time, I have learned a lot. For one thing, it's always important to hear what you, the backers, have to say. Just your feedback on the SoundJaw Unlimited will help me to develop and perfect my next projects.

That said....

I'm not the only one that has learned a lot from launching Kickstarter projects. There have been many great innovators that brought their ideas to life through crowdfunding. Throughout the last year and a half I have received many emails from people asking about the processes an inventor takes. Some of these people are wanting to bring their own ideas to life, most are just wondering how it works.

It was these emails that sparked my next project. This isn't a tablet accessory, or some revolutionary new way to floss your teeth. It's a coffee table book. This time around I'm not doing the project alone, I have teamed up with my brother. In addition David Barry, the maker of FRANK, did the video and is doing most of the design and artwork. We have also interviewed tons of other Kickstarter projects and compiled their stories. If you have a chance, check out my new project HERE.

I won't talk anymore about it as the video is more informative but basically it's a collaborative effort of MANY Kickstarter innovators. Thanks again for your support!

Update #16

Slip Sliding Away

Hey there backers, I'm happy to hear that some of the international orders have arrived! I'm also glad to hear people are enjoying the added boost :) However, I have been very concerned about those who have had issues with the SoundJaw staying on. Right now it seems that if you have a case with a "slippery" plastic you might be experiencing this. This really upsets me because I have been so happy to finally deliver these. That said, I will continue to help those with issues. The last thing I want is for people to be unhappy with the SoundJaw! IF this is the case, please email me at and let me know how it's slipping off, what device you're using and what case you have on. This will help me keep track. One of the awesome backers of the SoundJaw Unlimited, Anthony C., posted this fix I haven't tried it myself but it sounds like it works great! These are little rubber feet, I will try to find some in the next few days to try it out. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

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