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$117,982 pledged of $300,000 goal
By LASTER Technologies
$117,982 pledged of $300,000 goal



LASTER Technologies, creator of SeeThru Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear, announced a ‘Three for Free’ and ‘Four for Free’ Kickstarter referral program.

Anyone that refers three people that ultimately contribute to SeeThru’s Kickstarter $349 funding option will receive a free pair of LASTER SeeThru AR Main Edition eyewear. If they refer four contributors that invest at the same price or more, they will receive a free SeeThru Special Limited Edition signed by the LASTER development team. 

 “We spent several years creating world class genuine AR eyewear for industry and the military,” said Zile Liu, CEO and founder of LASTER Technologies. “Our next goal was to take that technology and offer the same quality to the consumer. SeeThru is the fulfillment of that commitment. Now we want to up the ante and help people see an enriched view of the world—so we’re giving away SeeThru to those that can get at least three people to contribute to the SeeThru Kickstarter program. It’s a one of a kind offer that will only be available until March 15th, 2014.” SeeThru is the only consumer AR eyewear product that offers technology and features based on enterprise class AR solutions. SeeThru wearers see the real world through their own eyes rather than through the lens of a camera. AR content is displayed within the wearer’s natural field of vision, allowing them to experience AR content unadulterated by a camera. Providing a larger field of view and higher quality images than other glass products, SeeThru also displays data in front of the viewer—avoiding the awkward looking up and to the right that other glasses require. This allows for a higher quality viewing experience that not only enhances visibility, but makes activities more enjoyable and safe. 

 LASTER SeeThru uses GPS location information coupled with accurate, built-in sensors (gyroscopes, accelerometer and a compass) to detect orientation and position determining exactly where the wearer is and in which direction he/she is looking. And LASTER SeeThru does all of this without a socially invasive camera, ensuring privacy for everyone around the wearer.

Details on how to secure a free Laster SeeThru: 

To receive free SeeThru eyewear, participants will simply send an email to and provide the names and email addresses of their referred contributors. After the Kickstarter campaign ends, LASTER will contact all backers to confirm shipping information and to acquire customization information (left or right eye dominance), and the confirmation of referrals will be made. At this time the name and the email of referred contributors and confirmation that their pledges have been received will be made. Once confirmed, Laster will contact the referring party and acquire their shipping and customization information. If a referrer has already ordered a SeeThru for themselves they can elect to receive those SeeThru as the free product and their account will be credited, or they can pay for the first SeeThru, and get another SeeThru at no cost. 


Additionally, LASTER is now offering FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world to all backers with a contribution of $349 (and more).  


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    1. Gerald Nacache on February 24, 2014

      @John, you have two ways to take advantage of the free shipping a) you do nothing and we'll adjust the amount you'll pay at the end of the campaign when we contact you to confirm shipping information and to acquire customization information, b) you can also use the "manage your pledge" button to adjust the pledged amount. Thanks for your support ! Gerald, Laster Team

    2. John George on February 24, 2014

      How can existing backers take advantage of the free shipping? I had pledged $349 + $60 shipping, but I can't find a way to reduce it back down to just $349 ..

    3. Abdul Halim Mat Ali
      on February 23, 2014

      Good..With the referral program and worldwide shipping. It may tempt more users to back this project.