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An evening-length Aerial Dance exploring how the web of humanity connects/disconnects as time (and people) pass.

Passages is an evening-length Aerial Dance with live music and film projection. The project was initiated by the personal experiences of Artistic Director Julie Ludwick but it is has become a universal homage to all those who have passed.

Death brings changes and delineates the passages in our lives. Through this project we have found ourselves exploring the ways that family ties are laced with anger, love, forgiveness and compassion. In rehearsal we discovered how little these concepts are talked about. In fact, the closer we are to people (like our families), the less we talk through these things!  As a group, our explorations have brought us closer to one another and deepened our understanding of what is truly important in our lives. This is why it is so important to complete this work and share it with you!

Dancers Ernesto Mancebo, Katie Martin & Kirstin Dahmer
Dancers Ernesto Mancebo, Katie Martin & Kirstin Dahmer

As part of our commitment to deepening explorations in Aerial Dance, we are exploring new aerial apparatus for the project. It has been exciting to create our first harness dance! Dancing in a harness frees the upper body in ways that other aerial apparatus can't but it also tethers the dancers together in ways that exaggerate the human ties we are exploring. We have also created a new trapeze with multiple bars that extends from floor to ceiling.

Our committed and talented dancers are: Janet Aisawa, Alissa Kaplan, Kirstin Dahmer and Damien Taylor.

The wonderful artistic collaborators working on the project include: Percussionist Luke Notary (composer & performer whose music you can hear on our video), Bianca Falco (independent film maker) and Elissa Iberti (costume designer from the Metropolitan Opera).

We've done this before; since 1999 we have produced 15 evenings of dance. See excerpts of our last finished project, Handel's opera of Apollo & Dafne, here:

The company will utilize the Kickstarter funds to cover rehearsal costs over the coming year and the premiere is scheduled for November of 2013 at Manhattan Movement Arts Center.

This new art form,  Aerial Dance, requires support from individuals as it grows. As Aerial Dance pioneers we invite you to join our process - learn how we explore new movement vocabulary to express age-old experiences. All of our Kickstarter supporters will receive rehearsal updates and can attend our works-in-progress showing for free.

Every dollar gets us closer to completing Passages.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This evening-length work has artistic challenges - working with more than one composer, insuring that the film, dance and music will come together as a complete statement. We also have physical challenges - creating and learning new apparatus takes time (which means solid financial support is vital).

We've given ourselves more than a year to complete the work and we have done this 15 times before. So, we have the time to fully explore our artistic options and we have the expertise and experience to meet our vision. We are excited about this challenge because it takes us into new artistic territory and pushes us past our current physical limits. We are also excited about sharing this project with you (through Kickstarter and beyond).


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