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Valley of Kildar is a small region for 5th Edition, Pathfinder and other role-playing games. More than 20 adventures and quests.
Valley of Kildar is a small region for 5th Edition, Pathfinder and other role-playing games. More than 20 adventures and quests.
216 backers pledged CA$ 3,739 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Daniel Despres Creator about 10 hours ago

      I have start last week to send back all the return packages. I have about fifteen returned packages to reship but this time I ship them all by plane and not by boat. So we're talking about 2 to 3 weeks and not months. Your package is not in the returns but since you have not received anything yet I'll send you a new one.

      For the second package is a friend of mine who will take care of it because he is much more competent than me in shipping. I will ask him for a "kind" of tracking system on shipping because regular tracking number is too expensive.

      I will finish the translation of the last 2 NPCs this weekend. For other texts that are not yet translated, I will hire a translator otherwise it will not be completed before 6 months! My translation technique is far too slow. I use dictionaries and books.

    2. Joni Nyman 2 days ago

      I am bit worried for that "it can take 5 to 10 week for post to deliver" part. I mean if you manage to send it for us in X-mas. So it mean for me that in worst case I first wait for first corter of 2018, then send you message around 1.3.2018 and you reply telling that you have gotten back quite many package.. ..and will soon contact us to asking if we get it or not.

      It would really help if we would get somekind of code to check our delivery.. like right now I have no idea if you have send my package again for me or not. Atleast I have not get your contact for if I get my first package or not so I guess that survey is still under production?

    3. Daniel Despres Creator on November 11

      I just finished the complete translation of the 15th NPC on 22. I'm finishing the last 7 and I'll give you a clear answer.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan on November 10

      When can the PDF backers expect their complete reward?

    5. Daniel Despres Creator on November 8

      I understand your skepticism about my project and the delay of more than 6 months but the writing took me too much time and the translation even more (I'm still translating the NPCs personality). Not to mention that I changed many things and maybe added too much details.

      Despite this huge delay I'm pretty sure that when you will have everything in your hands you will not be disappointed.

    6. gareth
      on November 6

      Being brutally honest I've effectively given up on receiving this project at all and am quite disappointed as it was going to be a gift for someone who is, or rather was quite heavily into D&D.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve Kline
      on November 2

      I haven't received anything Physical yet either

    8. Daniel Despres Creator on November 2

      Yes I have to check all shipments because I had a lot of returns of parcels for various reasons. I will have to contact you one by one to find out what you have received or not.

    9. Joni Nyman on November 2

      @Panagiotis Govotsos
      I have not get anything yet either. But he let me know that it can take around 5-10 weeks to get. So I am waiting still.. ..but I fear that I can not get my module for X-mas but hopefully before next summer.

      Edit: actually on on September 19 it was over 4 week since he post it. I wonder how long it really can take???

    10. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Govotsos
      on October 31

      @Daniel should I have received anything physical by now? A while back you said that you were shipping things but nothing has gotten to me yet.

    11. Daniel Despres Creator on October 29

      I understand your dissatisfaction very well and I am really sorry.

      I have not yet published the NPC texts because I decided to add an additional feature: the personality.

      It's only 2 or 3 additional lines of text per NPC but it gives more depth to the characters.

    12. Gordon Johnston on October 28

      Honestly the worst experience of backing a kickstarter thus far.

    13. Daniel Despres Creator on October 23

      Hello everyone,

      I finished the NPCs and I will publish the texts through a news this time, because I would like to have your opinion before completing the final pdf.

      Thank you.

    14. Daniel Despres Creator on October 10

      I will be on vacation from my regular work from October 13th to October 23rd. I will take this time off to finish the NPCs and Quests booklets.

    15. Daniel Despres Creator on October 10

      No problem. I will include all links in my next messages. Sorry for the response time.

    16. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Govotsos
      on October 2

      @Daniel when you send us links to new things, could you please also include the links to the previous releases? It gets difficult to keep track of half a dozen messages to have all of the links. If they were all in one place it becomes much easier. Also better chance of NOT missing anything.


    17. Chase Street
      on September 28

      Any update on the shipments to the USA? I'm in Tennessee and still have not received anything in the mail so far.

    18. Daniel Despres Creator on September 26

      Hi Thea,

      You just received a part of the Module because I'm still working on the NPCs and Quests booklets.

      In 2 weeks I'm taking another week off from my regular job to complete the Module.

      Also, since I am very late on my schedule, you will receive several free stuff throughout the year to thank you for your patience.

    19. Thea
      on September 25

      So, just got the awesome paper stuff you sent. I’m slightly confused - have the books shipped yet or was it just the paper stuff? Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Powell on September 24

      So I'll ask again, when can we expect to receive this large PDF?

    21. Daniel Despres Creator on September 23

      No you didn't miss the large PDF because I'm still working on some Quests. What takes me the most time to do is the translation from French to English.

      Also it's not all the stuff that was shipped, only a part of it.

    22. MNBlockhead
      on September 22

      I'm confused. The physical versions are shipping, but there isn't a final PDF download? My understanding is there will be a final, large PDF file with everything. Did I miss an e-mail with the link to this?

    23. Daniel Despres Creator on September 19

      Hi Joni,

      I just sent you a message with the last information I got from the Post Office.

      For each of you who are not in the United States or Canada (Europe, UK, Australia, etc.), they told me at the Post Office that when it's not a trackable shipment the delivery time is 5 to 10 weeks.

      For USA and Canada backers, I will get back to you in the next days with more information.

      Thank you.

    24. Joni Nyman on September 19

      It have been now over 4 week since you post the package, but it might be that you send mine for second week after your post so I will let you know next monday if my package have arrived.

      Can rest of you let me know if you have your package allready? Daniel have you get any tracking information since I have not get anything back from you (based on your message sebtempber 9:th)?

    25. Bulldozers
      on September 12

      Have all the packages been shipped?

    26. Daniel Despres Creator on September 9

      I'll get back to you with the information.

    27. Joni Nyman on September 8

      Same problem here in Finland, package have not arrived yet. Well, will wait and see.

    28. Chase Street
      on September 8

      Should I have received my package yet in Tennessee? I know it takes a while, but I thought I'd ask to make sure since its been a little over 3 weeks since the shipping update. Thanks!

    29. Daniel Despres Creator on September 2

      You will receive the separate links and at the end, a large pdf file that will contain everything.

      I forgot to upload some links last week, so check your messages in the next few days because I will soon add them.

      Then I will have to rework some texts of the NPCs and Quests and the module will finally be completed!

    30. Missing avatar

      Kenna Conklin on August 31

      Will we be receiving a final pdf or download link that is all inclusive? Or are the ongoing separate links the way we are receiving the digital rewards? Thank you!

    31. Missing avatar

      Scott Powell on August 22

      While updated files are indeed welcome, I guess my question is when can I expect my COMPLETE PDF?

    32. Daniel Despres Creator on August 21

      This week I finish sending the first packages and next week I should be able to finish and upload the latest files.

      However, I have already uploaded several new files. I will send you the links to these files this week.

      Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott Powell on August 19

      So when can I expect my PDF then?

    34. Darren P
      on August 7

      Really looking forward to this, thanks for the update Daniel.

    35. Chase Street
      on August 7

      Yep, I just got my survey, and I've already filled it out and returned it. Can't wait for the game!

    36. Daniel Despres Creator on August 7

      I just sent the survey. I did not want to have the addresses before I was ready to ship.

      I'm shipping the first packages this week.

      Thank you.

    37. RottenB on August 5

      Concerning the Shipping of the printed copies: Will the Shipping information be gathered with the next update?
      As far as I know this hasn't happend yet (and from the other campaigns I backed I'm used to a rather early gathering of addresses).

      Other than that I'm still looking forward to the module when it gets delivered!

    38. Daniel Despres Creator on August 4

      Hi Gareth,

      I know I'm very late on my first schedule but I always find things to improve and I want my first rpg module to be as good and simple as possible. I'm also late because I add too much details and stuff, particularly in the battlemaps. Beginner's mistake!

      But there is one thing I'm not late with: shipping. I have prepared several packages that are ready to be shipped.

      Next week I'll publish an update and I will send all the new digital files that are 100% ready.

      Thank you.

    39. gareth
      on August 4

      Some form of guideline with regards to completion of the project would be extremely useful and appreciated by the backers as we're now running at 4 months over projected forecast. A couple of months is pretty standard for most KS projects, but they generally still leave updates even if it's "nothing new to report" ones.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ryan on August 2

      Hi Daniel, just checking the status of this project for the digital-only backers. Are we just waiting for the maps/art to be completed? Do you have an ETA of when the digital-only part will be completed?

    41. Daniel Despres Creator on July 24

      For USA and Canada it's about the same price if I make 3 small shipments or 1 bigger shipment.

      For the other countries it's just a little more expensive if I split the reward in 2 or 3 shipments.


    42. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Govotsos
      on July 23

      I'm a bit confused about today's update. Unless I've misunderstood you, it sounds like you are going to be doing more than one shipment. Won't that be expensive? Wouldn't it be more prudent to wait until everything is printed and just do one shipment?

    43. Daniel Despres Creator on July 15


      Yes in January the project was at 65% done but since that I have added so many details (maybe too many) and changed so many things that the percentage went down before going up.

      So the project is now 85% done. In other words I still have between 25 and 30 hours of work to complete it.

      I will publish this week an update with all the details and the shipping dates.

      Thank you.

    44. Joni Nyman on July 15

      What is now estimate of percentage how ready your product is?
      It was 18.1.2017 "At this time 65% of the project is done"

      So I am wondering if we can expect for mail soon or these "one or two complete quests" you mentioned in april?

    45. Daniel Despres Creator on July 11

      Yes. I will soon publish an update.

    46. gareth
      on July 9

      It's been a while any update info would be appreciated

    47. Daniel Despres Creator on June 19


    48. Chase Street
      on June 19

      The map of the Bandit Camp looks awesome! I'm really enjoying the maps that have been shared so far, and I can hardly wait until I can get my hands on the final printed copy!

    49. Daniel Despres Creator on June 9

      Yes. It's why in 2 weeks I'm taking a week off from my regular job.

    50. Joni Nyman on June 8

      Last download link was (I believe): BattleMap_Crypt.pdf
      But nothing with text and complete quests have come for me as far as I have notised.

      Page seem to work now again. I am usually using Firefox 64bit latest (not beta) version.

      So we might get Valley of Kildar in PDF (and printed for those who payed for it) maybe during this month?

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