Funded! This project was successfully funded on August 11, 2012.

Update #2

To Our Beloved Supporters


Thank you.


With your generosity, we've exceeded our funding goals.  And now, we can dive into the creation of this production with passion, energy, and excitement!  Thank you.  You are all valuable members of our artistic family. 

There are still ways that you can support this project.  First of all, you can come to see it!  Our preview performance is Thursday, Sept. 6th.  ALL tickets to this show are $13.  We'd love to see you there.  

Also, you can help spread the word!  Do you have Philadelphia based friends/theater lovers?  Invite them to the show as well!  You can use this Facebook event to invite them:

Did you know that Veterans can use the code word SALUTE for a $10 ticket?  It's true!  Buy your tickets online here:

Again, thank you.

Devotedly, sincerely yours,

Lindsey Hope Pearlman

Update #1

Our Ticketing Page, Live! Featured on the Fringe Blog! And Other Great News...


Dearest, most beloved supporters of Devotedly, Sincerely Yours:

First of all, THANK YOU so very much.  Thanks to your amazing generosity, we've already exceeded our fundraising goal with just under 2 weeks to go.  Samantha and I are thrilled and touched by the outpouring of support for this project.  We could never do it without you!

With less than six weeks until showtime, we're starting to build excitement in Philadelphia about our show.  The Philadelphia Fringe Blog wrote a great article about Samantha's process on DSY.  We had our first production meeting last week, and the design and creative teams are truly top- notch.  And, our ticketing page is live, so you can buy tickets now!  Hooray!

Last, but not least, although we've met our fundraising target, that does not mean we are not still in need.  We're planning to rent a piano and rehearsal space, increase our marketing budget, and we want to pay everyone who works on the show at least a small stipend.  

Those of you who have already donated are extraordinary.  If you're visiting our page for the first time, please know there's no contribution too small!  We will donate a portion of our ticket sales to the United Service Organization, so your buck will not stop here.  Every single dollar counts, and we are working tirelessly to bring Philadelphia a fantastic show.  

Thank you so very much for reading!


Devotedly, Sincerely Yours,

Lindsey Hope

Producer, DSY: The Story of the USO/Co- Artistic Director, The Pearlman Sisters

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