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We want to spend a year Writing, Recording, and Releasing 52 new original punk songs.

We want to spend a year Writing, Recording, and Releasing 52 new original punk songs. Read More
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About this project

The goal is write, record, and release a new punk song every week. That’s 52 original punk songs released over the course of the year. Every friday backers will find a new track delivered to them either via email or a download page on

Where’s the money going?

To purchase equipment specifically meant for the recording and production of all the tracks. First, we’ll be concentrating on getting a computer interface and enough budget mics to get live tracks onto disk. When we start hitting stretch goals, we’ll move onto more channels and better mics. All the money will go into things relevant to making the production of the songs better, and the backer rewards.

When will backers get the first track?
The first track will be slated for release to backers on the first friday of june. This will give us enough time to get the gear in place, and fine tune the process.

Will Kickstarter be the only place to get these tracks?
Backers will have exclusive access to the tracks for at least a month. After backers have had the tracks for at least month, We will be packaging sets of 8 songs to put onto services such as spotify as EPs.  We will release the recordings under a Creative Commons license. This would happen at the same time they’re released on streaming services This means backers will have at least a month of exclusive access to the tracks before anyone else gets to hear them. None of this can happen though, if we do not hit our basic funding goals.

What kind of quality of recording will it be?
We’re expecting upper-end demo quality. That said, today’s demo quality blows some early punk recordings out of the water. We have access to a room suitable for recording. It’s been the location of a few recordings already, so we know it’s more than serviceable for this project. We just need to equip it for recording.

So who’s going to be working on the songs?
Lots of local musicians have expressed interest in being guest musicians. We’ll be filling in the list as we get people to sign on officially. I’ve recruited a solid core band to form the backbone of the band. I’ll be playing guitar on most songs. I’ve been playing in bands since the basement scene inspired me to finally pick up an instrument. Lately I’ve been playing bass for Death Waltz ‘76 ( ), and previously was behind Zombie Reagan. For drums I’ve recruited Barry, who’s in Death Waltz ‘76 with me. He’s also played in a slew of other bands too numerous to list here. Lastly, on bass is Roach, who earned noteriety on the south shore in the band Entrophy ( )in the late 90s, and more recently infamy in The Murder. ( )

So far for interested guest musicians we have:

  • Kris Jenson (Oilhead)
  • Crazy Jay (Redline Rebels)
  • Julian & Craig (Fantastic Liars, ex-Faulty Conscience)
  • Kevin Gallant (ex-Yestarday's Heros)
  • Ryan Coomey (Swaggerin' Growlers)
  • Chris K. & Chris T (Liberation Day)
  • Liam Boyle (Old Edison)
What will it sound like?
The core players will get a couple of demos together, and develop a core sound. The sound in my head to start with is somewhere between the Sex Pistols and the Dwarves. We’ll also branch out from that core sound. One week we might add a new instrument, like sax, organ or something along those lines. Other weeks we might vary the style a bit. Maybe we’ll be feeling the funk, or maybe we’ll make things totally fucking brutal. All the while, we’ll be retaining that core sound. Lyrics wise, we’ll be centering around day-to-day life topics. While we won’t shy away from an occasional political song, we’ll try to avoid timely lyrics that names names. We definitely want to try to avoid sophomoric lyrics. Even if we do end up singing about chinese food, we will at least try to keep it witty.

Will this even be listenable?

Hell yea it will be. If you need some quick samples, I recorded the Faulty Conscience album, good enough for punk rock, in a bedroom. (spotify linkage: ) We have several people with experience recording albums on board, so we're definitely covered for engineering, mixing and mastering.

Didn’t Jonathan Coulton already do this?
Yes, but he’s just one guy. We hope to have a lot more going on sonically than he had. Also, I have a mohawk and that makes me more badass than him automatically. Also, I’m much sexier.

Doesn’t Tim Armstrong do this too?
Sort of. He does a lot of covers. He also just releases songs whenever he feels like it. We’re also not quite as famous as he is, so we need help from you, in order to make this happen.

Risks and challenges

The biggest worry is what happens if we miss a week. If for some reason we can't get a track out for a certain week, we'll tack another week on at the end of the project, We'll make sure that you get 52 songs by the time we're done.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Every week for a year you'll get access to downloads of a new song in your email. That's 52 tracks over the course of a year.

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    Give us Feedback! You'll receive exclusive access to a forum where you can let us know how we're doing. Tell us which songs you love, and which you hate. Of course you'll also receive all 52 songs just like the $5 level.

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    A real CD! or two. When the project is over and we've written 52 songs we'll put together a double CD set in nice packaging with real artwork and liner notes and everything. You'll also get access to the tracks as they're done, and access to the forums too.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $35 or more About $35 USD

    Merch! You'll get the $25 level, plus you'll get to show off that you helped make the project happen. We'll send you a sweet band shirt with the project logo with your CDs.

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    6 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Live stream the recording process. A couple of times during the year we'll live stream a recording session for you guys. You'll get to see a song take shape before your very eyes. Also, you'll get everything in the $35 package and below.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    We’ll write a song about you. Or someone else. Someone’s life story, immortalized in song. (positive contents only. we don’t want to spend our musical careers burning bridges) You'll also get everything at the $35 level and below.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    We’ll write a song about the topic of your choice. (excluding specific current events) Our opinions on the subject matter might not be the same as yours though, but hey, you also get everything at the $35 dollar level and below too.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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