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A missing sister, an ancient machine, and a sinister presence await within The Gallery,
 a built for VR experience inspired by dark 80’s fantasy adventure 
films. A world filled with bizarre 
characters, curious interactions and awe inspiring adventure!
A missing sister, an ancient machine, and a sinister presence await within The Gallery, a built for VR experience inspired by dark 80’s fantasy adventure films. A world filled with bizarre characters, curious interactions and awe inspiring adventure!
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    1. Ole Bjørn Eithun on

      One question, why is there lens blur in the gameplay? Isn't the rift suppose to be you're "eyes" in the game? Eyes don't get lens blur of course. Is this just for monitors? Then its understandable. Really hope you're kickstarter succeed!

    2. CMFockler on

      Fantastic! Love the headlamp, spray paint, and the hand-to-hand board passing. These are things you just don't see in other games. I want to explore this world! Maybe we could get an update detailing some of the sound and visual effects you are planning that will really boost the immersion level? More updates please!

    3. Missing avatar

      Travis Kiel on

      Keep up the good work CloudHead. Its looking great. ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc Olivier Chouinard on

      I like what you did so far !

      I personally would LOVE a community driven game like the one your making. In a sense that multiple game studio could pitch in or standalone developer like me could also pitch in.

      I feel that what will make a great VR game is the exploration in itself, and to do this, you need a lot of contents so thing doesn't look repetitive and not worth exploring. This can also expand beyond just game developer, and recruit urban explorer and graffiti artist to help generate contents or idea on what could be interesting to see.

      For reaching the can in the backpack... Maybe it be better that we actually reach a backpack and get it off the back so we can actually have multiple items. Maybe allow to reach thing in pocket or a belt too.

      I would also love to see that flashlight be installed either at a standalone flashlight in the back pack or belt, OR one that attach to the wrist. So we can just move our hand to spot the flightlight where we want instead of moving our head all the time (Since the field of vision will be high with the rift, I feel that it will be more comfortable.

      I know I'm thinking of a different game, but I kinda like the urban exploration idea, that for example, the system hook to a weather database for your area, and depending of the rain level outside and you explore sewer system, you can actually make it impossible to visit some section, or just make it high risk of flood. Make it connect to a subway system, and entry into building, be for the watch of workers, alarm on doors... I know it different game style... But I've seen a little video of underground exploration, and what make it look interesting is how intricate the environment look like. There is nothing exactly the same every foot you move forward.

      I'm really excited at what you guys going to come up with. And I like @brantlew comment to create a video with the 2 rift warped screen cap(but don't do too much head movement :)

    5. Missing avatar

      brantlew on

      Hey guys, looks great! Once you get your Rift Dev Kits, you should consider doing a short Rift-warped screen cap video (or at least some screen shots) so Rift users can get a sneak peak at what the environment "feels" like.

    6. Cesare Piccolo on

      I'm so excited I bought a razer hydra (which, by the way, it's amazing on its own, ultra precise).
      The 65,000 goal seems so far away, I'm spreading the word as much as I can, but you have to start considering (but I think you're still doing it) a "plan B" in case this campaign doesn't succeed: it'd be a pity if your wonderful project stops because of lack of funding, too bad kickstarter is all or nothing, if end up at 99% of the goal you take nothing :(

    7. Douglas Newton on

      why oh why has this not been funded yet, it's just the game we need to progress forward in virtual reality.
      You guys are taking those daring first steps no one else dares to take and clearly this would end up incredible.

    8. Manly Stump on

      That bridge looks like it'd be very daunting with the Oculus, but loving the gameplay ideas you're coming up with. I'm getting a little concerned that you're focusing your attention on Hydra-inspired gameplay, even though there's a fair chance you won't hit the Hydra stretch goal.

    9. Nadim Alam on

      Wow, im really starting to love this game more and more! Everytime i see/hear about it, i can see how its getting better and better!

      Really can not wait to try out the early beta build in august :)

      One thing that is such a shame for me, i really wish i was part of such a game in its development. Oh well, heres to one day i make my own unique VR experience and that it turns out just as good as this! :)

      Best of luck guys!

    10. Mickey Frklic on

      Some great progress on the Hydra integration. I love the fact that you have been experimenting with different ideas such as the touch the forehead to turn on the lamp and reaching back for the spray can. Something that seems very intuitive and practicable for this type of game.

      The more you can do tasks like this by not just pressing buttons or scrolling through items, etc. the better.

      Nice to know you are taking all these steps to really make it as immersive as possible for those that wan't to escape into this world.

      Will do my best to promote this more and I think these new videos should help -- especially for those VR supporters.