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The first brand ever to offer all their products, at cost.
The first brand ever to offer all their products, at cost.
The first brand ever to offer all their products, at cost.
10,260 backers pledged $686,748 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Victor Bow about 10 hours ago

      hmm its too bad the shipping is still so high. making this backer from canada not order from this company. when all said an done the price is about the same as retail. correct me if Im wrong

    2. PM on

      @Philip I am not sure they are actually coming here often. You may wish to contact them by email instead.

    3. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      hello! i backed this with the "SUPER EARLY BIRD" for 49$. how do i claim my lifetime membership? if you guys sent an email for me to redeem it, i sadly cannot find it.

    4. Ben Caro on

      As a lot of people in these comments did, I pledged for this Kickstarter because I thought I would be saving money. However, after comparing, it's true that not only are these products just as expensive as the natural, cruelty-free products on Amazon, but sometimes more expensive. Since Public Goods used to be called Morgan's, it's hard not to think cynically that Public Goods is just a cash grab–that Morgan's was failing as a business, and changing their name and launching a Kickstarter was simply to keep the business afloat and lock more customers in via the "lifetime membership." Otherwise, it's the same business–why change the name and brand?

      All that said, I've put in about three orders with them, hoping to one day "get my money's worth."

    5. Sylvain Ethier

      and sorry for the quality of my English... I should have proofread before posting :) Sadly I can't edit.

    6. Sylvain Ethier

      I guess what mixed everybody is the meaning of selling at cost. In a traditional chain that optimized their manufacturing process their price of cost and yours can be different. Let's say they could manifacture at 10 cents an OZ then you had players into the mix (marketing, third party, etc...) who takes their cuts the customers could end paying 30 cents an OZ... In a non-optimized process it is possible that 30 cents is your cost so technically you are right from a technical point of view by saying your are selling at cost but it could be deceptive for your costumers that have hopes to pay less since technically they buy directly from the producer. Talking about shipping cost and distribution center is important but as you scale up you will add cost to your operation too (employee, etc...) so I guess my question to you is, do you believeyou will be able to decrease production price as you grow? This is the only way the exclusive lifetime subscribtion members will benefit since as your margin get better you'll make more money from the membership price and people that don't have to pay this membership will greatly benefit. That is of course if your business model is based on subscription.

      Same thing happens with farmers... How come it cost more to buy directly from small farm compare to bigger farming operation even if you are buying bio... It is because the cost of operation is often higher because they can't afford expensive machinery that will reduce cost but increase production so they can make less profit per item by producing and selling more.

      As for me, I decided to gamble because you seem to be smart and commited. I got the lifetime membership but I'll wait until your operation is big enough to be able to really benefit. Worst case scenario I am losing 69$ but if you succeed and survive long enough and IF you make money out of membership... as you increase subscription, you will be able to decrease production price and then you will fulfill your promises to be a better bargain compare to others.

      Also back you because I am based in Montreal and I really hope you will succesfully develop your venture.

      Sorry for the long post.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland

      Any closer to Eu Distrubutor to help reduce shipping to Ireland etc..

    8. Missing avatar

      Carson on

      Thanks for the reply!

      When I looked just now I saw 34oz for $11 and 12oz for $4.50.

      So that’s $0.324 vs $0.38. Must have gotten them mixed up!

    9. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Carson - thanks for the comment. For members, shampoo is 37 cent per oz for a bottle. But, 32 cents per oz when you buy the refills. So, I believe it's lower. But, you are right we have increased prices on some products. The reason is that originally (pre-kickstarter) we sold exactly at cost... and people paid exact prices for shipping... pass through prices. People didn't like that they would only see the shipping price at check out and ironically, said this wasn't transparent (when it was exactly transparent). Therefore, we since baked shipping costs into the price. This means we had to estimate and adjust based on average order size and product mix. We estimated too low, and thus raised prices to cover this and to make sure we can build a successful company that stands the test of time. In some cases we also lowered prices, like with toilet paper, when we able to bring in entire containers. So, it goes both ways. We'll open more distributions centers and this should help us out as well.
      Hope this helps!

    10. Missing avatar

      Carson on

      How come the refills are more expensive per ounce than the smaller bottles?

      Also, is there a reason for the continued price hikes?

    11. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Amy - We're glad to hear you've enjoyed the products so far and are sorry to hear you're not satisfied with the pricing! With the cost of premium ingredients, shipping and developing new products, our prices are as low as they can go at this time. As we grow, we expect to be able to see changes there and will definitely keep all of our members updated. Thanks for the support!

    12. Missing avatar


      I like the products and have ordered the basic/original stuff several times, but I've been kind of bummed about the seemingly high prices of all the newer items.

      I get the quality/chemical free/better for the planet argument and that's great and I really do want to be supportive- but frankly I backed this because I thought I would be saving money. Most of these (especially newer) items seem to be on par, price-wise, with similar products I can buy in person or online.

      Right now I don't feel like I'm saving money. I want to feel like I'm saving money.

    13. Missing avatar

      D on

      Are you going to keep raising your prices?

    14. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Nicholas - We're currently working on adding distribution centers within the US first but will keep you and all of our members updated on any shipping cost improvements to Canada.

    15. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Ben - We're glad to hear the shaving cream is working so well for you! We don't have any new shampoo or conditioner formulas in the works yet but we'll be sure to keep our members updated if we do.

    16. ben murray on

      I really like most of your products especially your shave cream, I think it’s the best cream I have ever used. I am sad about the shampoo and conditioner it really dose not agree with my scalp and my hair feels dry and a bit brittle after I have used it for a while. Any chance of some new formulations?

    17. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Gingras on

      Really enjoy your products, but shipping costs still hold me from ordering more. Could you give an estimate time on the CA distribution center?

    18. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      Hi Irwan, we’ll look into this but based on the work we have I don’t think this will happen for another year or two if we do it. Sorry I know this isn’t what you might want to hear.

    19. Missing avatar

      Irwan Khazani on


      I have order 2 times from PG and the shipping rates is the same rates as my total items. I have been holding on buying from Pg ever since.

    20. Missing avatar

      Irwan Khazani on

      Hello Morgan, would it be possible to have 1 Public Goods warehouse in China ? The shipping rate is is still at a high rate even after reduction has been made by Public Goods. Shipping from China to Malaysia cost me around 60-70% cheaper than shipping from US. I have been holding on buying anything from PG due to high shipping rates. Please consider the Asian backers upon this issues...

    21. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      Hi Nathan, yes Jerry emailed me and I have breakdown ready for him. Seems we need to be more clear because not everyone understands shipping, credit card processing, etc. Ironically, we're actually currently delivering products for under our cost because we're anticipating a west coast DC which should shorten lead times and reduce shipping costs. Sorry for the delay in getting back to him. We can work on having more info our site. There are actually so many things we need to fix on our website and so much more info we want to share so we're hiring and doing one thing at a time. We have many happy customer but also, lots of valid feedback on how we can improve. So, thank you for this.

    22. Nathan Blaisdell on

      Hey everyone, Jerry Ernst contacted me on facebook and said they refunded his pledge, he would have posted himself but can't since non-backers can't comment. As he said "they would rather shut people up by refunding than be transparent in their costs."
      I'll be asking for a refund as well. If you don't hear from me again then you know what happened.

    23. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      Hi Sean - we've gotten the Canadian rates down about 50% so it's more reasonable. Distribution center not happening yet though. We're doing west coast USA first.

    24. Missing avatar


      Hey, I am wondering if you guys are still working on that Canadian distribution centre. I am still waiting on that as right now paying for US shipping is not economical

    25. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      Firstly, I personally haven't been on this message board as often as I should be, so I’d like to say sorry for that. But, I think Ninah's been doing a great job addressing everything. There’s been some commentary on the subject of price and cost. Some healthy doubt as well which I can appreciate.

      On the business side of things we still have to account the cost of for picking, packing, shipping and other overheads. This is the cost to get the goods delivered to your door. We aim to make money our on membership sales. The way we compare, this puts us at about half the price of natural brands sold at some biggest retailer chains and e-commerce giants. And we’re way less expensive than other premium brands. We’ve found out that some categories are harder than others, therefore sometimes our prices are much better and other times just really good. And we’re growing fast so we’ll be able to continue to improve as we scale.

      I also think we think we offer a better product and simpler user experience by cutting out a lot of the clutter. We go the extra mile by making our bottles out of sugar cane in Los Angeles… things like that you might not see elsewhere.

      An interesting statistic, right now when we look at early customer groups (for example everyone who ordered in September) over 75% of people who order from us once, order again. To me that means that most people are really happy with what we’ve developed and what we’re building. It doesn’t mean we can’t improve. We can improve a lot in all areas of the business and we plan to.

      So, keep the feedback coming! We can take it :)

      Warm regards,


    26. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Aaron - Right now, we only plan on selling our products through our website but thanks for the suggestion.

    27. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Robert - I've just resent your account invitation. Please email if you have any trouble logging in!

    28. Jerry Ernst III on

      Hey look, they replied to a couple people. That means they're just blatantly ignoring us.

    29. Missing avatar

      Aaron Guerrero on

      Have you guys considered using Amazon for shipping fulfillment? I'm sure it would be cheaper and your customers who are also Prime subscribers would get their products in two days. Win-win.

    30. Missing avatar

      robert on

      Can I get another invite email?

      Hi, i made a pledge during the campaigning days of this project, and I think I must have deleted the invitation email that was sent. (Everything before december 2017 was deleted) Is it possible to get another one?

    31. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Roger - Glad to hear you're enjoying the products and thanks for your order!

    32. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @KK - Thanks for reaching out - We've emailed you about your order and hope to resolve this ASAP.

    33. Missing avatar

      cinsmi on

      I am still using all the natural products I was using before Public Goods and it's cheaper (being sold at a profit). I have yet to place an order with PG. If you can't convince a lifetime member to order from you how do you expect someone to pay a monthly fee to order? I can honestly say I would never consider being a member on a monthly basis as things are.

    34. Nathan Blaisdell on

      I can't justify putting in another order until there's more transparency and they take away the "free shipping" bs (which is really just them jacking up prices and then pretending that the shipping is free when you're really paying for it and who knows what else as part of the price.)

      I went to the store today and bought cleaning materials for half the price they sell for at PG. I honestly feel like I've been scammed.

    35. Danny Perski on

      Why in the world does the dish soap smell so bad? I've enjoyed all of the products I've tried so far but that dish soap is stinking up my whole kitchen.

    36. Jerry Ernst III on

      Surprise surprise, the new items look to have huge markups as well. $7.75 for a single ounce of tea tree oil when you can get pure and organic tea tree oil for cheaper in the same size and even bigger. 4 ounces of pure and organic tea tree oil runs about $16 anywhere else, and those businesses surely are not "selling at cost." Somehow your products are costing double or more than competitors who are trying to make a profit. So what is your excuse, Public Goods? We backed with the promise of getting items at cost, and these numbers don't look like they're adding up.

    37. Roger Smith

      Perfectly happy on this end. Another order placed. First order was a huge and gave most of it away to friends. Second order, slightly smaller, but I can only use so much Castile soap so fast. Excellent soaps.

      The moisturizer is very successful with everyone who uses it.

      The bar soap is excellent. I put my old bar soaps into my long term storage for emergency use.

      I’m glad to see the increased catalog. Argan oil, sponges and EOs ordered. Eagerly awaiting the shipment.

    38. Jerry Ernst III on

      It's funny how they talk about transparency in their last email but refuse to actually be transparent. I don't see how the prices are up to the costs unless they are giving themselves all fat paychecks. This is magnified by what others have said, the fact that other companies are doing the same for less. I'll go back to what I said as well. A candle should not cost $6.50 considering wax is the majority of what a candle is and everyday people can get a whole pound of soy was for cheaper than that. What else is there? Are you guys just using gold infused wicks and glass jars? You putting ambergris into the fragrance? Be transparent. Stop blatantly ignoring the people that helped you become successful.

    39. Missing avatar


      Hi, Morgan. I ordered goods on 29 April. They were not shipped so far despite promises. Please check my order 20030.

    40. Missing avatar

      Perry Dunn on

      Similarly formulated products by other companies are significantly cheaper and they are still making a profit. I like the products and wouldnt have a problem paying these prices but they are supposed to be sold at cost and it doesn't appear that way from the pricing.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marc Beaudin on

      Right now, it seems that people are complaining about the cost of the products. Just a random idea for reducing costs: Create bulk products and cut the free shipping.

      Yeah, it sounds nice that you are doing "free" shipping, but overall, the average cost of shipping is included in the product's price. This means that consumers don't have the incentive to buy quantities in bulk, which results in an increased price for everyone due to the cross-subsidization of shipping.

      I, and I hope others, care about your product, not your packaging. If I get your dental floss, I'm only going to get the refill pack instead of the single pack that comes with the little bottle. I'd rather have a quart of shampoo that I can pour into a little container of my own than to have to keep buying a bunch of little bottles.

      Just a couple pennies for thought.

    42. Jerry Ernst III on

      @Michael Kimble only after my comment. Their sudden silence speaks volumes. I think it's fair to ask for proof when their whole thing is selling at cost, especially when the costs don't make sense with the products.

    43. Pasta357 on

      About the subject of Brandless. I understand why a lot of people mention Brandless (Morgan is probably tired of it haha) because Brandless also promotes organic, natural, save $$, etc. As a consumer I'm very interested in comparing Public Goods to other companies but I also feel it's a little bit like me going to any brand name company (like Neutrogena or Burt's Bees) and saying "Suave is a lot cheaper. Tell me how you compare to Suave and why you cost more?"

      Don't get me wrong, it's okay to ask PG our questions. But you might get better answers from a source other than Public Goods. You can ask Public Goods to justify the decision to pick PG over Brandless (or Costco, or the 99 Cents Store) but we can also look for online reviews or even do our own comparisons (if we can afford it). I myself have tried comparing the ingredient lists for Brandless and Public Goods products, and I plan to order Brandless products for a comparison. Just not right now because I already spent too much backing other Kickstarter campaigns. :)

    44. Pasta357 on

      @Michael SImpson Thanks for your comment! You made several points clearly that I have been thinking about but hadn't been able to express, especially on the "at cost" topic. From early on in the campaign, I could see that there were questions and some confusion over what "at cost" actually means.

      Public Goods is in an interesting situation by making "at cost" one of their big marketing points. Some people are going to be satisfied with quality products at competitive prices.
      I'd like to trust that Public Goods is honestly focused on that. Some people are going to want more of an explanation. which I agree with too. But at the same time it wouldn't seem realistic to expect PG to be transparent to the point that customers can micromanage ('Well, if you paid yourself a lower salary, Morgan, you can reduce the price of shampoo!") or that competitors can take advantage of them.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Kimble on

      It seems like this method of communication has been abandoned by the creative team.

    46. Jerry Ernst III on

      8 days and no response.. Prior to this, they were responding frequently; maybe a few days apart. I don't immediately want a refund, but if they refuse to be transparent and prove their costs I do.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tyler Fletcher on

      I agree I would like a refund as I don’t think these prices are “at cost”

    48. Jerry Ernst III on

      OK, now I'm calling bullshit. 3.5 ounces of soy wax, glass, and some fragrance DOES NOT cost $6.50.

      For the laymen, you can get a whole pound of soy wax for around $4. That's not even bulk prices that PG should get. I'ts time to be transparent with these costs, guys. Either that or cancel my membership and refund me.

    49. Missing avatar

      cinsmi on

      Please do more scents in the candles. I'm excited about them but I hate lavender and most floral scents make me break out in hives. Scents like coconut, vanilla, apple cinnamon, etc would be awesome.

    50. Andy Martinez on

      I've been using your service and love it! Are the products and packaging FSC approved?

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