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The first brand ever to offer all their products, at cost.
The first brand ever to offer all their products, at cost.
The first brand ever to offer all their products, at cost.
10,260 backers pledged $686,748 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Morgan Hirsh Creator 2 days ago

      Hi Sean - we've gotten the Canadian rates down about 50% so it's more reasonable. Distribution center not happening yet though. We're doing west coast USA first.

    2. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Hey, I am wondering if you guys are still working on that Canadian distribution centre. I am still waiting on that as right now paying for US shipping is not economical

    3. Morgan Hirsh Creator 5 days ago

      Hi Everyone,

      Firstly, I personally haven't been on this message board as often as I should be, so I’d like to say sorry for that. But, I think Ninah's been doing a great job addressing everything. There’s been some commentary on the subject of price and cost. Some healthy doubt as well which I can appreciate.

      On the business side of things we still have to account the cost of for picking, packing, shipping and other overheads. This is the cost to get the goods delivered to your door. We aim to make money our on membership sales. The way we compare, this puts us at about half the price of natural brands sold at some biggest retailer chains and e-commerce giants. And we’re way less expensive than other premium brands. We’ve found out that some categories are harder than others, therefore sometimes our prices are much better and other times just really good. And we’re growing fast so we’ll be able to continue to improve as we scale.

      I also think we think we offer a better product and simpler user experience by cutting out a lot of the clutter. We go the extra mile by making our bottles out of sugar cane in Los Angeles… things like that you might not see elsewhere.

      An interesting statistic, right now when we look at early customer groups (for example everyone who ordered in September) over 75% of people who order from us once, order again. To me that means that most people are really happy with what we’ve developed and what we’re building. It doesn’t mean we can’t improve. We can improve a lot in all areas of the business and we plan to.

      So, keep the feedback coming! We can take it :)

      Warm regards,


    4. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Aaron - Right now, we only plan on selling our products through our website but thanks for the suggestion.

    5. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Robert - I've just resent your account invitation. Please email if you have any trouble logging in!

    6. Jerry Ernst III on

      Hey look, they replied to a couple people. That means they're just blatantly ignoring us.

    7. Missing avatar

      Aaron Guerrero on

      Have you guys considered using Amazon for shipping fulfillment? I'm sure it would be cheaper and your customers who are also Prime subscribers would get their products in two days. Win-win.

    8. Missing avatar

      robert on

      Can I get another invite email?

      Hi, i made a pledge during the campaigning days of this project, and I think I must have deleted the invitation email that was sent. (Everything before december 2017 was deleted) Is it possible to get another one?

    9. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Roger - Glad to hear you're enjoying the products and thanks for your order!

    10. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @KK - Thanks for reaching out - We've emailed you about your order and hope to resolve this ASAP.

    11. Missing avatar

      cinsmi on

      I am still using all the natural products I was using before Public Goods and it's cheaper (being sold at a profit). I have yet to place an order with PG. If you can't convince a lifetime member to order from you how do you expect someone to pay a monthly fee to order? I can honestly say I would never consider being a member on a monthly basis as things are.

    12. Nathan Blaisdell on

      I can't justify putting in another order until there's more transparency and they take away the "free shipping" bs (which is really just them jacking up prices and then pretending that the shipping is free when you're really paying for it and who knows what else as part of the price.)

      I went to the store today and bought cleaning materials for half the price they sell for at PG. I honestly feel like I've been scammed.

    13. Danny Perski on

      Why in the world does the dish soap smell so bad? I've enjoyed all of the products I've tried so far but that dish soap is stinking up my whole kitchen.

    14. Jerry Ernst III on

      Surprise surprise, the new items look to have huge markups as well. $7.75 for a single ounce of tea tree oil when you can get pure and organic tea tree oil for cheaper in the same size and even bigger. 4 ounces of pure and organic tea tree oil runs about $16 anywhere else, and those businesses surely are not "selling at cost." Somehow your products are costing double or more than competitors who are trying to make a profit. So what is your excuse, Public Goods? We backed with the promise of getting items at cost, and these numbers don't look like they're adding up.

    15. Roger Smith

      Perfectly happy on this end. Another order placed. First order was a huge and gave most of it away to friends. Second order, slightly smaller, but I can only use so much Castile soap so fast. Excellent soaps.

      The moisturizer is very successful with everyone who uses it.

      The bar soap is excellent. I put my old bar soaps into my long term storage for emergency use.

      I’m glad to see the increased catalog. Argan oil, sponges and EOs ordered. Eagerly awaiting the shipment.

    16. Jerry Ernst III on

      It's funny how they talk about transparency in their last email but refuse to actually be transparent. I don't see how the prices are up to the costs unless they are giving themselves all fat paychecks. This is magnified by what others have said, the fact that other companies are doing the same for less. I'll go back to what I said as well. A candle should not cost $6.50 considering wax is the majority of what a candle is and everyday people can get a whole pound of soy was for cheaper than that. What else is there? Are you guys just using gold infused wicks and glass jars? You putting ambergris into the fragrance? Be transparent. Stop blatantly ignoring the people that helped you become successful.

    17. Missing avatar


      Hi, Morgan. I ordered goods on 29 April. They were not shipped so far despite promises. Please check my order 20030.

    18. Missing avatar

      Perry Dunn on

      Similarly formulated products by other companies are significantly cheaper and they are still making a profit. I like the products and wouldnt have a problem paying these prices but they are supposed to be sold at cost and it doesn't appear that way from the pricing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marc Beaudin on

      Right now, it seems that people are complaining about the cost of the products. Just a random idea for reducing costs: Create bulk products and cut the free shipping.

      Yeah, it sounds nice that you are doing "free" shipping, but overall, the average cost of shipping is included in the product's price. This means that consumers don't have the incentive to buy quantities in bulk, which results in an increased price for everyone due to the cross-subsidization of shipping.

      I, and I hope others, care about your product, not your packaging. If I get your dental floss, I'm only going to get the refill pack instead of the single pack that comes with the little bottle. I'd rather have a quart of shampoo that I can pour into a little container of my own than to have to keep buying a bunch of little bottles.

      Just a couple pennies for thought.

    20. Jerry Ernst III on

      @Michael Kimble only after my comment. Their sudden silence speaks volumes. I think it's fair to ask for proof when their whole thing is selling at cost, especially when the costs don't make sense with the products.

    21. Pasta357 on

      About the subject of Brandless. I understand why a lot of people mention Brandless (Morgan is probably tired of it haha) because Brandless also promotes organic, natural, save $$, etc. As a consumer I'm very interested in comparing Public Goods to other companies but I also feel it's a little bit like me going to any brand name company (like Neutrogena or Burt's Bees) and saying "Suave is a lot cheaper. Tell me how you compare to Suave and why you cost more?"

      Don't get me wrong, it's okay to ask PG our questions. But you might get better answers from a source other than Public Goods. You can ask Public Goods to justify the decision to pick PG over Brandless (or Costco, or the 99 Cents Store) but we can also look for online reviews or even do our own comparisons (if we can afford it). I myself have tried comparing the ingredient lists for Brandless and Public Goods products, and I plan to order Brandless products for a comparison. Just not right now because I already spent too much backing other Kickstarter campaigns. :)

    22. Pasta357 on

      @Michael SImpson Thanks for your comment! You made several points clearly that I have been thinking about but hadn't been able to express, especially on the "at cost" topic. From early on in the campaign, I could see that there were questions and some confusion over what "at cost" actually means.

      Public Goods is in an interesting situation by making "at cost" one of their big marketing points. Some people are going to be satisfied with quality products at competitive prices.
      I'd like to trust that Public Goods is honestly focused on that. Some people are going to want more of an explanation. which I agree with too. But at the same time it wouldn't seem realistic to expect PG to be transparent to the point that customers can micromanage ('Well, if you paid yourself a lower salary, Morgan, you can reduce the price of shampoo!") or that competitors can take advantage of them.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Kimble on

      It seems like this method of communication has been abandoned by the creative team.

    24. Jerry Ernst III on

      8 days and no response.. Prior to this, they were responding frequently; maybe a few days apart. I don't immediately want a refund, but if they refuse to be transparent and prove their costs I do.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tyler Fletcher on

      I agree I would like a refund as I don’t think these prices are “at cost”

    26. Jerry Ernst III on

      OK, now I'm calling bullshit. 3.5 ounces of soy wax, glass, and some fragrance DOES NOT cost $6.50.

      For the laymen, you can get a whole pound of soy wax for around $4. That's not even bulk prices that PG should get. I'ts time to be transparent with these costs, guys. Either that or cancel my membership and refund me.

    27. Missing avatar

      cinsmi on

      Please do more scents in the candles. I'm excited about them but I hate lavender and most floral scents make me break out in hives. Scents like coconut, vanilla, apple cinnamon, etc would be awesome.

    28. Andy Martinez on

      I've been using your service and love it! Are the products and packaging FSC approved?

    29. Missing avatar

      Catherine Harrod on

      Please take the sulfates out of your cleaners! Even though they are from coconuts, they are still very irritating to the skin and should be avoided, certain ingredients in the bathroom cleaner and all purpose cleaners are known to cause cancer. I will continue to use my orange peel vinegar mixture until this is fixed. The bottles are pretty though.

    30. Michael Simpson Jr.

      I have been following this comment section for a while and wanted to put in some things to think about with the recent comments. As far as them raising prices on items by 50¢, on February 1 the creator explained in a comment that it was because they were losing money on shipping due to miscalculations. I'm assuming this was mostly in relation to the free shipping. Even if you're in a country that doesn't have the free shipping option, still it all goes to the same company. I do hope it changes though as well.

      I am also all for the price transparency. Although I believe that the recent commentators are aware, I do want to state that selling an item "at cost" doesn't mean they are selling only the direct cost they are getting it for. It means they are breaking even. On an item level, that would mean the cost of manufacturing and putting their brand. On an order level, it would mean the cost of shipping and even the potential of returns. On the company level, it would mean the cost of wages, the office their in, utilities, any legal costs, etc. These are not exact to this situation but are examples of what the overall idea is behind those products if they are truly selling "at cost". What it really means is that they are making it so that afterwards there is no profit retained, except by the cost of membership.

      I have been seeing a lot of comments about brandless, and although I haven't bought anything from there myself, I have seen the site. I don't believe I have ever saw a comment from the creator directly about them, and that may be a legality thing, or even a marketing thing (if you talk about your competition, you give them free publicity). What I have seen with brandless is that first of all when you can get free shipping. Last year I believe I saw it at $75, now it's down to $39, but that is more than the $25 Public Goods gives you. While brandless does have a bigger selection, and at only $3 each, I am greatly concerned with quality. When there is such a wide variety of items all at once, there tends to be less quality control based on what I've experienced before. And while $3 is enticing, there is something wrong with EVERYTHING being $3. Some items they would probably have to significantly reduce the quality just to get to their $3 threshold and make it profitable. It's like a Dollar Tree, while everything is a dollar, I wouldn't say that it was the best quality. If you guys are only looking for price with absolutely no concern for quality, then I say brandless is a better option. I apologize to Public Goods for making that statement, but I believe that.

      I for one love Public Goods because I trust the quality. Although a lot of their promoting at the beginning was more towards the idea of "at cost", another point that has been pushed but a lot of people miss is that it's for high quality items. So while their items aren't focused at a cheap $3 price tag no matter what, they are focused on first delivering high quality products that are environmentally friendly and are not harmful to use. Secondly from that is lowest cost for that deliverance.

      There was a mention of concern with them being on Indiegogo after this campaign. I have been a big kickstarter person for this past year, and I have to say that it's not at all unusual for a campaign on here to start one on Indiegogo after successfully reaching their goal (and obviously they would also go there if they were unsuccessful here). While they could've made all their goals enough to get started on here, that doesn't mean they can't try to stretch out for more sales on lifetime memberships. It was also a great way for people that miss the first campaign to still have gotten into it.

      Now while I have concerns of my own with Public Goods, I trust everything to smooth out over time. Although I would love the see product releases on schedule, I have yet to see a Kickstarter campaign delivering on time. There's a lot more to the time and research spent on everything than I think most people are able to grasp.

    31. Missing avatar

      Irwan Khazani on

      @Gustavo I just checked and you are spot on! to Publicgoods, please release your statement. I have just visited your websites and saw the new price increment on Lipbalms, Toothbrush, Dental Floss. Lipbalm now cost USD1.25 (previously USD0.75), Tooth brush now USD4.00 where previously it's USD3.5. WHY?

      The brandless does not claim to be selling at cost, but they managed to get their selling price far below than yours!

      What is wrong here? Do not tell us it's because of the ingredients in it. If so, you guys should have thought about it and making it at least competitively as possible than other companies. If it is selling at cost, we have pledge such reward for just that purpose. Now? Why the sudden price increment.

      Please think about the overseas customer such as me, we need to even look at the shipping cost.

      If the state is unchanged, I think i wanted a refund due to breach of promises.

    32. Gustavo Catalano on

      Just echoing the concerns about the price transparency. I'm having a hard time believing with the current prices that this is at cost. I would also like to understand why there is an indiegogo campaign after a kickstarter. This seems suspicious.

    33. Jerry Ernst III on

      Do you know when that will be? I don't think I will be purchasing anymore until it is up.

      As Irwan and I have said, the prices seem odd given that other companies has similar quality products for cheaper.

      Given that wages are also part of the cost, you're willing to be transparent about how much your paying yourselves? Kudos to you if that is the case!

    34. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Irwan @Jerry @Ryan @Dave - Thanks for your messages. We're currently working on a FAQ page for our website which will provide more detailed information regarding prices, ingredients, and production. We look forward to being able to share this with all of our members once it's complete. We'll be sure to keep you updated with any price or shipping cost decreases and as always, feel free to reach out to with any other questions or concerns.

    35. Dave Rombeck on

      Echoing the previous four comments, I'd also like to see an additional layer of transparency in regards to costs. If you're claiming you're selling these products with no mark up, then it would seem as though it would be no issue to provide a rough idea of how the final cost is achieved.

    36. Jerry Ernst III on

      Nice questions, Irwan and Ryan.

    37. Missing avatar

      Irwan Khazani on

      Hello, when will the every price of your products reduced to the original planned (cost) price like before? The price hike is too much and much more expensive than Brandless. I believe it has been a month since the price hike and still, the cost for shipping breakeven aren't met?

      Please fulfill the promise of selling the product at cost only. Awaiting your answers.

    38. Jerry Ernst III on

      Would you guys consider proving the costs accrued to make your products and how you come up with your prices? Some of the items seem smaller to comparable all natural items for the same price, and i know that spray cleaners should cost pennies to make, especially in bulk. I'm aware that you don't do AS MUCH bulk, but it seems unlikely some glass cleaner costs almost $6 a bottle to make, not to mention $4 for a little bit of bamboo and (nylon?).

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan McGregor on

      Hi, I was wondering if you could quickly compare your new cleaners to the Brandless cleaners (30oz vs. 24oz / $3 vs. $5.75)

      At a quick glance, they are both biodegradable and don't contain anything harmful.

      I love your stuff, but also don't like spending 2x as much for similar products.

      A little insight would be great as to why the Brandless product is better.


    40. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Marielle - Thanks for your comment! We don't have a date set in stone yet but we hope to start introducing our grocery products this Fall. We'll be starting with pantry items such as cereals, coffee and tea, dried fruit and nuts and other healthy snacks.

      I'm glad you're enjoying our sunscreen! We'll actually be launching a larger version within the next couple of months :) Feel free to reach out to me at with any other questions.


    41. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Andy - Refill pouches will be coming soon :) We'll be sure to keep you updated here and via email!

    42. Missing avatar

      Marielle Elise on

      Hey guys, you probably have gotten this question before, and I totally understand the hesitance to estimate when a product will arrive when I've noticed you've gotten complaints about how slow things are going, but do you have an idea of when groceries will be introduced to the stock? Also, what food products do you plan to introduce first? I decided to back your campaign due to the great appeal of groceries at cost, though I'll definitely try your non-food items as well. I understand you're working to get the cost down so I've just been hanging back and checking out the new products as they arrive and look forward to trying some out soon, especially the sunscreen! :)

      Oh, also, I actually like that your sunscreen is so small because I'll be attending a wedding in Egypt this summer so I'm glad that it's small enough to fly with - however, if you could consider providing a bigger size for the sunscreen as well that would be awesome! Thanks!

    43. Jerry Ernst III on

      Would you guys consider proving the costs accrued to make your products and how you come up with your prices? Some of the items seem smaller to comparable all natural items for the same price, and i know that spray cleaners should cost pennies to make, especially in bulk. I'm aware that you don't do AS MUCH bulk, but it seems unlikely some glass cleaner costs almost $6 a bottle to make, not to mention $4 for a little bit of bamboo and (nylon?).

    44. Andy Adamak on

      Love all this stuff! Been using it almost exclusively since launched.
      I do have one suggestion... When you have a family of 3 or 4 using this stuff, it goes pretty quickly with the small container size of everything. Do you have plans to release bigger sizes or "refill jugs" we could order for hand soap, body wash, etc? Or some sort of recycling program where we can send back used bottles in the box our new stuff came in? I feel bad going through so many bottles...

    45. jeremy gibbs on

      Is there any plans to add more bathroom products like bath mineral soaks, hair gel/paste etc?

    46. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Catherine - Thanks for your comment and I'm sorry the conditioner won't work out for you. We don't have any plans to launch a dimethicone-free conditioner but we will keep you updated if we do! Glad to hear you're enjoying the sunblock :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Catherine Harrod on

      I want to love these products, I am an early backer that bought a lifetime membership. I am sad to see that the conditioner contains dimethicone, as I follow the curly girl method. Is a silicone- free version coming out soon??

      PS- I love that the sunblock is not nano zinc based! Who knows what zinc small enough to get into your bloodstream would do?

    48. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Roy - Thanks for ordering!

    49. Roy P

      Made my first order. Ready to be impressed.

    50. Morgan Hirsh Creator on

      @Jerry - Glad to hear you're enjoying our products! We've sent out a few surveys in the past and always consider our customer's needs when developing new products. We're aiming to be able to launch more items very soon. Feel free to reach out to with any product release questions :)

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