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Videogamer is a feature length film that explores the intricacies of innovation in the gaming industry and views of its participants

The Project

Randy Pitchford (CEO, Gearbox Software) & Mikey Neumann (Chief Creative Director "Champion", Gearbox Software)
Randy Pitchford (CEO, Gearbox Software) & Mikey Neumann (Chief Creative Director "Champion", Gearbox Software)

We've talked with all the developers and publishers listed about involvement in the making of Videogamer: The Film:

2K Games, Crystal Dynamics, ATLUS, Obsidian, Sony, Nintendo, & More!

"Videogamer: The Film" is an exciting feature length film addressing both innovations and innovators in the gaming industry. It is being made to create a visual interpretation of how the gaming industry works and how innovation springs forth during the development process. It will address the idea from the perspective of developers, publishers, journalists, and gamers. Developers put hours a day into creating projects that sometimes take years to complete; publishers spend countless dollars to promote the games; journalists track the progress from their first showing to well after their release. Gamers then then put hours and days into playing games to completion. Generally the games are very well received, but I think all parties at some point begin wondering “What can we do that’s new? What should we do next?”

That is what “Videogamer: The Film” explores - innovation of today, and innovation of the future. We will talk with developers, publishers, journalists, and gamers and receive their views on both the current state and future of gaming. By combining views from each participating group on film from around the world on film, we intend to help improve transparency and create a greater understanding on an international level of both the innovators and innovations. This is a film for everyone across the globe who considers themselves a “videogamer.”

In filming, we will cover great innovative achievements that have been made in gaming; examining both smaller and larger companies that have influenced the industry. What better time to track innovation in the industry than at the prime of the current generation and eminent birth of the next generation of gaming?

We Explore - The Gamers

We have interviewed several gamers in preparing for "Videogamer: The Film" and found that many gamers believe that innovation is worth the time, money, and energy required to make them. It is a great sentiment but do they truly understand the process that the developers undergo to create a title? The issue here is that gamers are not sure what developers are thinking when it comes to innovation. There is a “disconnect” between the two parties. Many of the ideas in games are well received, but the gaming community would like to see new ideas that show change and growth for the medium.

There are countless titles that arguably revolutionized gaming, presented new ideas, and showed change. We found in our interviews that at times gamers find it hard to recognize change in the dominantly sequel based climate; and while sequels have always been accepted in the industry, they seem to have a tougher time now building the same momentum as they did in the past.

According to surveys, in recent months interest has steadily lessened in gaming. The sales of new gaming hardware, software, and accessories has declined 24%, to $848 million in the month of September, 2012 from $1.1 billion in the month of September, 2011 according to NPD Group. We believe gamers are no less interested in games now than a year ago; they simply want something fresh and new! This film is being made to address the concerns of all gamers worldwide, show where innovation is in the industry, and further push the demand for innovation.

We Explore - Gaming Journalism

Talmedge Blevins (VP of Games Content), Casey Lynch (Editor-in-Chief), Peer Schneider (Executive VP and Publisher) - IGN, Ent.
Talmedge Blevins (VP of Games Content), Casey Lynch (Editor-in-Chief), Peer Schneider (Executive VP and Publisher) - IGN, Ent.

As the primary link between gamers and developers, journalists are a very key part in the overall course of a game's production. Journalists from across the world offer an interesting take on the gaming industry. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most influential members of gaming journalism, IGN's Peer Schneider, Talmedge Blevins, and Casey Lynch. Each provided great insight on the current state of the industry, mentioned their favorite innovative titles that are currently on shelves, and their takes on innovation to come in future titles and platforms.

You read their articles and they offer a wealth of information-journalists also offer a one-of-a-kind insight when on the other side of the microphone. Inquiring information from enthusiasts and industry pundits, you find some of the most compelling examples of innovation in games. Experienced journalists are capable of providing detailed reviews of gameplay, establishing the connection of the gamers to the work of the publishers and developers. The role of journalists is crucial in making a film that connects the industry as a whole, as they are a major connecting point.

We Explore - Developers & Publishers

There are several developers and publishers producing great content for the games market through Triple A Titles, DLC, Game Of The Year Editions, and the growing Indie Games market.

Walt Williams (Spec Ops, Lead Writer), Randy Varnell (Design Producer, Gearbox Software), Anthony Burch (Borderlands 2, Lead Writer)
Walt Williams (Spec Ops, Lead Writer), Randy Varnell (Design Producer, Gearbox Software), Anthony Burch (Borderlands 2, Lead Writer)

It would seem that addressing the gamers concerns requires little effort; but, there is more to take into account. According to a Nielsen survey, game developers and publishers are actually delivering what gamers demand more of. Nearly 5,000 gamers participated in the survey, showing post-E3’s most anticipated games were sequels. All of the most anticipated PS3 and Xbox 360 games were, in fact, sequels or part of a long running franchise. While the Wii had a few original titles, the list mostly consisted of sequels. The PC has seen its fair share of sequels as well, but has a much larger gaming library to match. With many other studies showcasing similar results, it begins to contradict the arguments of gamers we've interviewed and talked with.

The key in bringing a good title to the consumer lies entirely in the people making the title. Beyond further enhancing the understanding fans have of the industry, "Videogamer: The Film" will give you unprecedented access to the environment of both major and minor game studios. You will get to see how the innovators inject originality into every stage of a project from inception to completion (and beyond!).

Our Mission

We want to reach a consensus with film, conduct interviews, produce statistics, survey and showcase results. The gaming industry does not have a "reference" point that clearly exemplifies what innovation is, where innovation is, and how to notice innovation. It can only benefit the worldwide gaming community to create a compilation of developers, publishers, journalists, and gamers all in one in film, each discussing what innovation is to them.

Gaming is International. Every gamers across the world can be a part of this project. We intend for this project to not only be an international success, but an international project. With Kickstarter, we can produce a professional film that accurately depicts the viewpoint of all sides and travel to all filming locations across the globe to provide the in depth footage for this global industry including but not limited to-visiting and chronicling Development Studios, E3, VGA’s, GDC, PAX, TGS, Gamescom, and more locations. Our ultimate goal for this film is to have a positive impact on the gaming industry and further the agenda for innovation. Together, we can uncover the many mysteries of the gaming industry and make it more transparent.

It is worth noting that several notable sources who are authorities on the industry-such as,,,,,,, have all written articles concerning either innovation or sequel based gaming. Many gaming blogs have voiced their opinions as well, and everyone is looking for a definitive answer. "Videogamer: The Film" will be just that.

Our Plan

Winter 2012- Winter 2014, we are going to primarily travel across North America for filming purposes; meeting with game development studios, publishers, experts in the industry, and gamers!

The gaming industry is exciting, and we intend to capture that essence on film. We are producing this film in professional HD recording, and will capture the best shots from industry awards shows, industry conventions, and developer studios while conducting interviews at every filming location. Upon completion, we will submit "Videogamer: The Film" to multiple film festivals, to achieve our goal of making this film as widely known as possible for the gaming community!

We currently have plans to film in:
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Boston, MA
Toronto, ON
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA
New York, NY
Austin, TX
Montreal, QB
Tokyo, JP

For more information and updates about the film, visit:

What We Have Already Done

We decided to pursue this project During E3 of 2012. We discussed our ideas and plans with different developers and game enthusiasts on site. The feedback was validating and a huge encouragement.

We began filming December 2012. We first traveled to San Francisco for IGN's Judgment Day event and to meet with a few development studios around San Francisco.

IGN's Judgment Day - December 5th
IGN's Judgment Day - December 5th

Afterwards, we traveled to Los Angeles for the VGA’s 2012

Spike TV's Videogame Awards Show - December 7th
Spike TV's Videogame Awards Show - December 7th

Machinima's Inside Gaming Awards.

Machinima's Inside Gaming Awards 2012 - December 8th
Machinima's Inside Gaming Awards 2012 - December 8th

We have began work on the project by making an investment of our own in both time and money. With our ties to the gaming industry it is easy for us to schedule interviews with developers we’ve already been associated with for years. We have reached out to a number developers and publishers to confirm their participation in the film, confirm interview dates, and gain access to exclusive events in the industry. We can only succeed at uncovering the gaming industry with your support. It is crucial we produce this film now, with the current generation drawing to a close, all concerns need to be addressed so we can make the next generation in gaming the best ever!


Be a part of making of this game changing film (literally). With your help we will be able to make steps towards bridging the gap between developers, publishers and gamers by boosting awareness of the issues and presenting our completed film to all major developers and publishers as well as gamers. This requires the cooperation of the international gaming community, to boost consciousness worldwide.

We need your help to complete this film. We do not have enough money to produce a feature length film that can reach masses of gamers, developers, and publishers across the world. Contributing to the completion of this film helps to assure this message will be received by hundreds of millions of gamers internationally. The gaming community is one of the largest entertainment communities in the world, and gamers, journalists, developers, and publishers can revolutionize this industry together. We currently plan to release the film digitally and via DVD disc or Blu-Ray. Ultimately, we’d like a theatrical or television broadcast release, which would only be made possible with enough funding.

Please show your support by donating and sharing this project with anyone and everyone across the world you know that is interested in gaming, film, or in innovative business.

For this project to be a success, we encourage you to share this project via social networking, media, and word of mouth. A message on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-mail, Text Message goes a long way in supporting the project! In our 30 days of campaigning, please share updates on a daily or weekly basis about “Videogamer: The Film” so that everyone you know can see that you’re a part of the gaming industry revolution!

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What The Funding Is For

·        Camera, Lights, & Equipment
·        Travel Expenses
·        Graphical Effects
·        Cast Expenses
·        Original Music Score
·        Acquiring Music Rights
·        Music Licensing
·        Professional Audio Mixing & Mastering
·        Video Footage Licensing
·        Marketing & Promotion
·        Video Editing & Mastering
·        Distribution, Translation, & Subtitling For Other Languages

If We Exceed Our Goal

We are confident that this film will help to-if not-be the spark to revolutionize the gaming industry. With additional funding we can put more money into production, visit more national as well as international locations for additional footage, host more events, include more rewards for all of our backers, and through mass marketing be sure that the international gaming community is impacted by this film. We want to add transparency to the industry by voicing every side-Gamers, Journalists, Developers, and Publishers alike from around the world. The gaming industry is already great, and with a collective effort for improving the industry it can only change for the better. There are a number of people in each group who are both optimistic and concerned about the future of the industry. “Videogamer: The Film” will make it clear.

If Our Goal Is Not Reached

If our goal isn’t reached then we will not be able to produce this film for the gaming industry. You will not be charged as charges are only made if we meet or surpass our goal. Our goal must be met so we can make this film! If we cannot meet our goal then we will be unable to add to the gaming industry during such a pivotal time.

What We Will Do For You

We are making a film that will explore the gaming industry in a manner that has never been done before, but we also have a lot of rewards to offer in exchange for your contribution and sharing.

Everyone who donates $5 is listed as a supporter of this revolutionary film! $20 or more receives an official film T-Shirt (choose from three designs) as soon as we are funded! We are also providing DVDs, Blu-Ray, Official Film Hat, Posters, Photo Books, Extended Interviews, Behind The Scenes, An Interview On The Making Of This Film, and a full OST. There is also the ability to make an appearance in our film, attend the premiere with friends, lunch/dinner with the cast, and the chance to score producer credits in the film!

International Backers: Because this film is for the gaming community worldwide, international shipping is at no cost!

The Gaming Industry Revolution Is Nearing

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As we have already established connections and affiliations in the industry, risks associated with the making of Videogamer: The Film are minimal. Our biggest risk comes in the completion of the film being delayed due to acquiring the best footage in such a dynamic year for the gaming industry. As of right now, we are on schedule for completion in early 2014!

The challenge we are most likely to face is the need for additional funding in completing the film. This can come in a number of ways, most of which we've listed in what we're using the funding for: ·
Camera, Lights, & Equipment, Travel Expenses, Graphical Effects, Cast Expenses, Original Music Score, Acquiring Music Rights, Music Licensing, Professional Audio Mixing & Mastering, Video Footage Licensing, Marketing & Promotion, Video Editing & Mastering, Distribution, Translation, & Subtitling For Other Languages

Another challenge we face is making a film that will have an impact on the gaming industry. To influence an industry that has been around for decades is not an easy feat, but we are confident that the film will be completed, and done in such a way that it will not only be a great addition to gaming culture, but a staple in our time, made by gamers worldwide.


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