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Chopin revolutionary etudes is a project which describes how Chopin revolutionized music by composing etudes for his students.

Chopin Revolutionary Etudes

Chopin Revolutionary Etudes is a project designed for people who love music!  Whether you are a musician or just love listening to music this project is for you.  It is a commentary on Chopin's etudes and how they changed piano playing and music forever.

In 1829 Chopin heard Paganini play a concert in Poland.  He was amazed at his violin technique.  Chopin set out to codify piano technique to teach his students.  And after composing his etudes he felt he failed because they were too difficult for his students to play.

But what he created was miraculous.  Even though Chopin set out to create technical works, each etude is a beautiful piece of music and the technique is used ONLY in creating a beautiful piece of music. Some of the greatest melodies of all times are contained in these etudes.

This project will bring out all the unique elements of Chopin's Etudes.  But it will also teach a lot about playing and listening to music.  After completing this series you will not only know a lot about Chopin's etudes but also a lot about music in general.  It will be a right brain left brain workout!  Great for staying mentally alert. It will be like viewing art in 3 dimensions rather than 2 dimensions.

We at Chopin Revolutionary Etudes are opening this project wide open.  We welcome comments and input and participation.  We want your comments and suggestions and participation.  That is just as important as your funding.

The money raised will be used for this Project. As you can see in the introduction video the project has to be edited and tightened up a bit.

Also please note that this project is about quality and not quantity.  It is better to do a fantastic job writing commentary on 3 etudes than to do a mediocre job on all 24 etudes.  A successful end to this project would be to record at least 3 etudes superbly.   The dream is of course is to record all 24 etudes!

We look forward to your participation and thank you for viewing the Chopin's Revolutionary Etudes Project.


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    The Chopin Student Reward(Sometimes lessons would last 3 hours): Entitles you to one etude mp3 sent to your email.

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    The George Sand Reward. (She did love him but what was with that Majorca trip): Entitles you to the DVD of Chopin Revolutionary Etudes.

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    The Robert Schumann (who said of Chopin: "Hats off, gentlemen! A genius") Reward: Entitles you to the DVD of Chopin Revolutionary Etudes + Project hat or t-shirt.

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    Karol Mikuli (editor of works by Chopin) Reward: You get all the material that didn't make it to the DVD. Since we are trying to keep each Etude commentary less than 20 minutes in duration this material is the material that didn't make it on the DVD but is interesting nonetheless.

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    The Józef Elsner (Chopin's first piano teacher) Reward: This entitles you to a 30 minute Skype piano lesson on a Chopin Etude or any other piano music that interests you (as long as it was written before the year 1900 unless it is gershwin of course.)

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    Friedrich Kalkbrenner (Kalkbrenner was a prominent teacher and almost became Chopin's teacher but required Chopin to spend 3 years of study with him. NOT!) Reward: Analysis of any Baroque, Classical, or Romantic piece of music. PIece of music will be recorded and analyzed if possible.

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    Charles-Valentin Alkan (A phenomenal pianist and composer and Chopin's neighbor in Paris) Reward: All the rewards above plus any new DVDs or recordings that are released in the future.

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    The Baronne C. de Rothschild(The lady responsible for opening her drawing room and introducing Chopin to the French Society. If she had not Chopin was planning on moving to the U.S.) Reward: Patron or Patroness of the arts. Sponsor an Etude. At the beginning of the commentary of the Etude is a place to sponsor this Etude.

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    Franz Liszt Reward: If you play the piano on a very high level and want to be part of this project we welcome you. Or if you are a great public speaker and would like to narrate the commentary that is also welcome. Remember Chopin wrote these Etudes for his students and always acknowledged when Liszt would play one exceptionally well. He preferred teaching to playing in public.

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