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$31,830 pledged of $81,100 goal
By Keith Tralins
$31,830 pledged of $81,100 goal

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Let me start this update first by saying: we thank you all for your support!  

We have some great news: we have, just in the past day, agreed to an exclusive distribution deal with Diamond/Alliance. This is amazing news for the game, because it means we're going to be able to get the game into every specialty and hobby store in the country, along with international distribution and larger stores. The game will begin to be solicited by Diamond next week. This is, quite simply, everything we had hoped for when we began to develop the game.  

Given that we now have an amazing distribution deal with the perfect distribution partner, we don't feel comfortable continuing to ask for funding money through Kickstarter. As such, in a short while, we're going to cancel our campaign for the game, and focus all our energies on getting the game to the distribution center as soon as possible.  

We are tremendously fortunate to have backers like you, though, and we don't want to disappoint you. We're proud to say that we are still going to create the Kickstarter exclusives that we've revealed (and a few we haven't) as a thank you for your support. We're also working on developing a program that will get you the game at the Kickstarter discount.

 If you're interested in receiving the exclusives, please email us at info@walkingdeadboardgame.com, and we'll let you know more as information becomes available. Please include your Kickstarter name, so we can match you to our list.

Thank you again for all of your support. While we know it's not fun to see a Kickstarter campaign shut down, we feel unbelievably lucky that for us, it's because we've managed to achieve our goal in a successful, but thoroughly unexpected, manner.  

Sincerely and with all our thanks and gratitude,  

Keith, Matt and Brian

Game Play Video & Week 3 Badges!


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Bunch of Updates and We Need Your Help!


I’ve just returned from GAMA in Las Vegas, and have a few updates for you all. I’ll get right to it:

  • First, we’re posting the contents list on the page, so you can get a good idea of what’s going to be arriving in the box. 
  • Next, for those of you inquiring about engraved dice, we’ve spoken to several vendors and our manufacturer about pricing them as both add-ons, and in place of the regular dice in the box. While we’ve been able to determine that it’s cost-prohibitive to do them as add-ons, we are going to add it as a stretch goal. The costs reside in the molds for the dice, which means we need a lot of dice to justify the expense. This is why it doesn’t work as an add-on. 
  • Next up, International Shipping. We’re still working on it, but it’s looking like costs are going to be around an additional $25. We’re still reviewing V.A.T., and making arrangements for shipping from within the EU, so more to come. (Hopefully this gives you an idea of where we’re headed). 
  • Our next update will be a game play video, which I’ll be working on non-stop between now and when it’s finished. I’m hoping for late Saturday or early Sunday. 

Finally, we need your help. We’ve had an unbelievably positive response to the game, but as you can see, our actual backing has fallen off. Most of the feedback we’re getting indicates there is an assumption that the game will fund, and people are excited about it. Hey, it’s “The Walking Dead,” right? 

But without good folks (like you) actually stepping up to the plate and backing us, it’s going to be a tough road crossing the finish line. 

So please, share this campaign. Tweet it. Email it. Let your Walking Dead friends and gamer friends know that we have an amazing game, and we’re offering great value, but we still need help to get it done. 

Thank you again for all your support, and I look forward to seeing you all from my video of the game play! 


Kickstarter Backer Exclusives Update #4


Hi all!

Making this post from cool, breezy Las Vegas, where GAMA is taking place. As soon as we return to LA, we'll be focusing on getting you guys a great video showing off the game and its mechanics, along with a component list and some other information.

I'm also about to meet with the manufacturer, so some of the lingering questions (engraved dice!) should be answered shortly.

In the mean time, here's another Backer Exclusive preview for you. It's a variant of the Michonne that will come with the game, with different art and a connection to Mike and Terry. Enjoy, and more to come!

Kickstarter Backer Exclusives Update #3


Hey...wanna see some more cards?

Up next in our preview of the Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Expansion Pack #1, a card that's sure to get you out of a jam...once. Nothing like borrowing someone else's strength, every now and then!

 Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

And as always, please help us spread the news that our Kickstarter is active by sharing, tweeting and posting about us! We can't wait to get this game in your hands, but we still need help to do it.

Look for more exclusives very soon!