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Use your Bluetooth headset to record automatically all your phone calls. Upload records to various cloud services.
Use your Bluetooth headset to record automatically all your phone calls. Upload records to various cloud services.
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Bluewire: Hands-Free Smartphone,VOIP Call Recorder



World's smartest Bluetooth headset call recorder

Introducing Bluewire ™  (Patent Pending) is the easiest-to-use smartphone and VOIP call recorder. With simple Bluetooth connectivity, it’s the ONLY Bluetooth headset on the market that can record both sides of a smartphone or VoIP conversation and store the recordings securely on the headset itself. it’ll record whatever conversation is passing through the phone; so if you’ve already got a Bluetooth device you’re comfortable with, Bluewire™ can still record the call and store the recordings on it's built-in memory, regardless of what Bluetooth device you’re going to use.

With technology changing every day, here is a Bluetooth device that is here to stay.

Record from a phone you own

Easy to Playback Recorded Files

 All of your calls are automatically saved on Bluewire™ and can be accessed through your Bluewire™ App.

Send Files with a Single Tap

 When you hang up, just tap your Bluewire™ to your phone, and that last call will be transferred and saved to your mobile device and sent to your email inbox.

Compatible with Any Headset on the Market

 As long as it’s paired with your phone and in range, whether you’re using the Bluewire ™ headset, another Bluetooth-enabled headset or device, or even your car’s hands-free system, Bluewire ™ will automatically record your conversations for you.

So why do you I need to record my phone conversations? 

Ever had a phone-call where you’ve not had a pen and paper to write down the details? Or simply forgotten what you were just told? It happens to the best of us. There’s also the ever-common hands-free situation where you’ll be talking on your handsfree system on your car and get told something you really wish you could write down.

That’s why the Bluewire™ exists. Get told a key number?  The device has you covered. It’s like having a second memory, letting you focus on having a great conversation or simply having the piece of mind that you won’t miss anything.

Better yet, if you’re a professional, such as a reporter interviewing a source or an HR professional assessing a candidate, you don’t have to worry about missing key details. It’s right there, waiting to be backed up.

 Ever try and record a VOIP call? It sucks. With Bluewire™ it’s a few seconds of work, and you’ll never think about it again. Most Macs now include internal Bluetooth connectivity and if your PC doesn’t have it, you can pick up a simple USB Bluetooth connector from most electronics stores.

No more awkward software packages or dongles. If a computer has Bluetooth, Bluewire™ will record the conversation. 

If you don’t know what Qi charging is, it’s a standard that lets many phones and devices charge just by leaving it on the charger.

We want you to use Bluewire™ as easily as possible, so we’ve integrated the Qi wireless antenna – not only is it a mark of true technological and design innovation, it makes your life just that much easier.

Additional Features

 With the Bluewire™  comes with a ring to add it to your keys. This isn’t just to make sure you always have it with you.

With the Bluewire™ App for iPhone (iOS) and Android, you can quickly find your keys around the home using the "Find Bluewire™" button. The Bluewire™ will then ring loudly, making it pretty obvious where you left your keys. Alternately, if you’ve lost your phone you can shake the Bluewire™ - your phone will start ringing.

Use Bluewire™ as a Burglar Alarm with BlueGuard


Plus, there’s a built-in flashlight


Two way communications

 Final PCB


(Real photos)

 Bluewire™’s casing has been in development for over seven months. The design has gone through more than ten iterations to get a geometry and size that can fit all our complex components as well as fitting neatly on your key-ring or in your pocket. We also didn’t want to make something ugly.  

The electronics have also been refined several times to achieve the lowest power consumption possible.

It Actually Looks Good 

How to playback-recorded files

After you have ended you call on your Bluewire™ device, retrieving all your details is as simple as opening up our app. Calls can be located using either your caller ID, time or date for seamless accessibility. Our features menu allows you to augment your call details to suite your specific needs. Now you can rename, delete or email your call files anywhere in there world from wherever you are without being tethered to your support desk.

Bluewire™s offers the unique ability to either store your calls on the 16GB onboard memory or syncing your data to your mobile device.  This feature allows you to playback your calls privately through your Bluetooth Headset while still giving you the option of file playback through your mobile device. Naturally, you may also use USB transferring to enable playback of your recorded files. 

Bluewire™ design CAD


Bluewire™  PCB 

Full Product Details:

• A Wireless leash (Bluewire™ will alert you when you leave your phone or headset a certain distance from you)

• **  Record up to 5 minute-long voice memos.

• Record both sides of the conversation wirelessly up to 33 feet from your phone or computer

• Record all of your Skype and VOIP calls (including Google Hangouts and Facetime) from your computer, phone or tablet.

• Connect the Bluewire™ to any Bluetooth headset on the market and any calls will be recorded.

• Connect to your car bluetooth system and all calls will be recorded onto the Bluewire™.

•  Find your phone by shaking your Bluewire™.

• Find your keys by attaching the Bluewire™ to them and activating the “find your Bluewire™" app function.

• Two-way communication between Bluewire™ devices.

• Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.0  

• Audio compatibility with classic and legacy Bluetooth devices

• Intelligent Wav compression for the highest-quality files and efficient use of storage.

• FAT32 file system for internal storage.

• NFC tap-to-pair and transfer for your last recorded conversation on supported devices.

•  Bluewire™ is detected as a mass-storage-device when connected via USB to any computer.

• The host application can "see" the files on the internal SD Card and copy files to its storage for playback

• Bluewire™ also supports A2DP BT profile for audio streaming

The Bluewire™ supports remote firmware updates for future upgrades and  improvements

• Playback is implemented three ways, (via app) on your earphones, played on your phone’s speaker, or if it’s transferred to your computer.

Where Are We With The Development?

As of today, we have finalized completely the electronics and PCB design of the Bluwire™. The hardware has been tested and is working. In plain English: we have the unit, it works well, and we are going to keep making it better. This isn’t a vaporware product; it’s a device that we use ourselves that we are going to take many more months to make even better. We’re perfectionists. You’re putting your money into a device that even in its current state some companies would ship.

Not us. We want it to be brilliant.

Okay, enough grandstanding. The Industrial design is complete, and most of the pictures you see above are real.  What you see is what you get  - but it’ll be much better after the tooling will be made  and the parts will be injected.

As far as the Firmware design goes, we are in the last stages of tweaking and improving it. By our anticipated delivery date of the Bluwire™ in July, we will have complete and fully tested stable product. Having great software to match great hardware is something that’s very, very important to us.

App Development is going well. We are working to improve our internal Android version, and have started on our iOS version. By delivery, we will have completed and fully tested a stable App design on both platforms.

Either way, the Bluewire™ headset will support remote firmware updates and upgrades. We are not going to simply release the product and forget about you; this is a device we want you to use, love and integrate into your life for a long time.

So What Do We Need The Money For?

· We want to further improve our app design.

· We want to further refine our firmware.

Why choose Bluewire™ over Recording apps

A question we’re often asked is why we’re better than any of the “free” recording apps out there for both smartphones and VoIP.

To be blunt: have you used any of them?

On iOS, due to Apple’s rules, you use an app that will call your phone back to make the call, files are awkward-to-access, and very often don’t have great call quality. They’re incredibly hard to use with a car’s hands-free system and you’ll spend extra time fumbling around to make it work. The “free” options are limited on how long you can record. If your call drops, you go through the entire process again.

On Android, your options are less limited but still lack in quality of recording and ease of use. Furthermore, you’re still stuck with the limitations of your device’s memory.

VoIP recording solutions are either horrendously expensive or immensely awkward, and in some cases record the entire sound coming out of your computer, including any notification noises. There are conversation-recording software packages. They’re as expensive as the Bluewire, if not more so.

In some cases, the software also can’t record both sides of the conversation. In all cases, it’s an absolute pain to do.

Beyond that, these applications cannot compensate for the undeniable hardware limitations that all phone manufacturers are implementing, which cause poor sound quality one side recording only and other recording defects.

The level of quality control on these apps also leads to some users finding their call isn’t recorded.

To be selfish for a second, we’re also making Bluewire for ourselves. We can’t randomly lose our conversations. That’d annoy us a lot. And it’d annoy you more after you bought the device.

That’s why Bluewire™ is a hardware solution combined with software, enabling two-way recording to run seamlessly, reliably and deliberately built for business-critical situations. That sounds like jargon, but we started this project with the quality goal to be for those who can’t afford to lose a conversation. By setting an insane quality and reliability standard from the get-go, we wouldn’t let down even the most casual user of the product.

We’re relying on the almost universal Bluetooth standard, so that the Bluewire™ can record conversations using cellphones made even 15 years ago. These older phones don’t have access to the Bluewire app, but will still be able to record both sides of their conversation and store it on the internal memory of the Bluewire™ headset. They’ll be waiting on the headset until you plug it into a computer.

As Bluewire™ can connect to any Bluetooth device, it enables any Bluetooth device to take advantage of two-way recording. Any tablet, any PC, any Mac or anythingthat can make a call works with our device.

Somebody is going to ask, and we’re here to answer it as simply and plainly as possible. We want Bluwire™ to be a device that people use legally.

There are two primary laws concerning the recording audio.

One Party Consent Laws: This is federal law and the law in 38 states. You can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party to the conversation. Furthermore, if you are not a party to the conversation, a "one-party consent" law will allow you to record the conversation or phone call so long as your source consents and has full knowledge that the communication will be recorded.

Two Party Consent Laws: Twelve states require the consent of every party to a phone call or conversation in order to make the recording lawful (California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington). Although they are referred to as "two-party consent" laws, consent must be obtained from every party to a phone call or conversation if it involves more than two people.

In addition it is important to note a general trend in privacy/legality in public

Privacy Expectation: Generally speaking, however, you will not be liable for intrusion if you photograph or capture video of people in public places, even if they have not consented to being recorded, because individuals cannot have a reasonable expectation of privacy when in public.

For more information, click here:

Disclaimer: We are NOT lawyers, and the materials provided above are informational and should not be relied upon as legal advice. If you are concerned about using the Bluewire in a particular situation, seek legal advice from a legal professional.


 For press inquiries please contact

General email:

Risks and challenges

Our team of engineers is experienced team and has developed many complex products in the last 20 years. Avi, our founder, spent two decades creating devices for governments agencies and big-budget movies (Mission Impossible and Miss Congeniality). For example, Avi invented video glasses for covert operation 19 years ago and built other miniaturized complex devices like a watch with a 720p camera built into it for a government that would intelligently switch position for active monitoring of a situation.
Our engineers have extensive experience in hardware and software design, and we have been developing Bluewire™ for around a year. Throughout the course of R&D, we have created several iterations of prototypes and have continuously improved their functionality and quality. We actively refuse to release something we’re not happy with.

We have a team of nine people working on the Bluewire™.

We understand that Kickstarter backers want their Bluewire™as soon as possible, and on time, but quality control is at the top of the list. Even though we are confident we can deliver on our deadline, there are always unforeseen challenges, or small changes that could cause delays. We will not, however, disappear or fail to answer your questions. We’re in this together.

As we push the Bluewire™ toward the finish line, we will focus on real-life testing to make sure we deliver the best product possible that real people will use with ease.We don’t just see this as a cool tech product but as something that could make the average person really, really happy.

We are dedicated to our timeline and Bluewire™’s quality, and will keep you informed on the status of our the project’s progress on the first of each month (at a minimum), and will continue to send further updates as we have them. We are committed to being transparent and keeping Bluewire™ fans and Kickstarter backers informed.

We are far from new to manufacturing new and innovative hardware and software, and have done so for the toughest, most mission-critical situations. We mean that completely literally.

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