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An exhibition series by Sterling Clinton Hundley.
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It's been quite some time since I've posted an update. Many things have transpired since I launched this program- all in the right direction. 

To date, I've shipped every reward tier out with the exception of the ideation video and a few orders that were mixed up, returned, or never seemed to arrive. I had hidden a few gems in with some of the orders- original drawings, extra incentives, etc. where I could. I hadn't heard back from those that received the additional work and I'm a bit concerned that they may have never arrived. 

International shipping has proven rather problematic in confirming deliveries. If you have yet to receive your rewards, had questions or concerns- please let me know. I'll be attempting to send out the missing orders over the next two weeks and I'd like to make sure that everyone is included. 

The ideation video has become more involved than anticipated and is being designed as a much larger project that will touch on ideation, all the way up through the development of artistic voice and additional content. Each of you who supported at that level will have full access to all that comes of this project. This will still be some time in the making, but will become my focus once again at the first of the month. 

I thank you all for the amazing support and patience in the delivery of the remaining element. 

In addition, I wanted to extend an invitation to each of my backers. I have created a major new initiative- here is the short introduction:

"I aim to challenge the notion of the creative process as the solitary endeavor. I have spent the past several years building a community project entitled Legendeer. Legendeer is the connection between a life well-lived and the creative process. Betterment through the arts and experiential learning are the core principles behind its development. Please join the facebook group if you are an artist, entrepreneur, writer,  photographer, or illustrator interested in finding your creative voice through personal experience. seek | make | share; Life is story."

Through Legendeer, I'll be issuing weekly challenges that guide participants through the creative process and inform their work through first person, experiential learning. You can email for additonal details related to the workshop, the group and the philosophy.

This endeavor will continue to inform my burgeoning painting career and will take me to Oslo, Norway this October for a solo exhibition at Blank Space gallery and a Legendeer workshop to compliment it. 

All the best to everyone, I hope to see you in the blog, or in the Legendeer group.

Sterling Hundley

Legendeer Group
Legendeer Group
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    1. Creator German Selim Shible on March 18, 2014

      Who can I contact if I never recieved my rewards?