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Dormant Sky is a vivid 16-bit RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and the Tales series.
Dormant Sky is a vivid 16-bit RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and the Tales series.
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So you're telling me it's 2015 now?

Posted by EdgeEntertainment (Creator)
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Because nobody told me.  

Hey guys.

Boy, it has been an eventful last few months. It really has. 

I have been talking to a lot of people. Mostly developers but even an interested party in marketing. My primary goal as I mentioned before was increasing the size of the team in hopes that productivity wouldn't halt as it did last year when complications with skill positions arose. This year cannot be a repeat of last year in terms of progress. 

I was excited to update shortly after my last update because things happened MUCH quicker than I anticipated. Within about two weeks I thought I had the personnel needed to move forward. However, things didn't come back together how I would have liked after the holidays were over; so rather than play the waiting game, I've spent that time re-evaluating talent to get it right. There might be one or two positions left to replenish but I'm confident things will be back to normal soon. 

As has always been the case. Artwork and Music haven't slowed down at all. In particular, behind the scenes I've been trying to get a new design for Seeo done. A little more than half way through the plot, Seeo will go through a costume change as a sign of his maturation.

Seeo V2 (WIP) Gokunobaka
Seeo V2 (WIP) Gokunobaka

 Maybe you guys could help me with that? Do you think the change is radical enough? Should anything be subtracted/added? 

In the music department, two orchestral pieces have been completed. I'm really excited about revealing one of them once a demo trailer is uploaded. 

I'm pushing for one of the devs to come up with the next update. I appreciate all of the fans being so supportive and understanding. While this is a gaming project, it also realizes a particular vision. I want to make sure the pieces are in place to do this the "right" way as opposed to the "fast" or "easiest" way if that makes sense.

Let's have an awesome year, Dormant Sky.


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