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Dormant Sky is a vivid 16-bit RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and the Tales series.
Dormant Sky is a vivid 16-bit RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and the Tales series.
Dormant Sky is a vivid 16-bit RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and the Tales series.
227 backers pledged $5,583 to help bring this project to life.

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      Jeremy Lee Evans on

      (sorry for last comment errors)
      Im not trying to be rude but It would really be helpful if we got an update on this project. It has been 5 years since this project started and the last update was almost a year ago. Now you could be working hard on the game and such but I think we backers deserve some update or answers. Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Lee Evans on

      Im trying to be rude but I would really helpful if we got an update on this project. It has been 5 years since this project started and the last update was almost a year ago. Now you could be working hard the game and such but I think we backers deserve some update or answer. Thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris S

      Their last login to Kickstarter was January 5th. Either the project's completely abandoned, or the Kickstarter portion of it is. Either way, reported, not that it's ever done any good at all for any project I've been a part of.

    4. Caleb Benoit on

      Summary of how MagFest went?? Would love to hear even small updates!

    5. Bryant S. on

      Last update was january... we need to see some progress especially with games that were funded after this being released or going silent.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexei Blackman on

      keep in touch guys even if only to say that your still struggling every coupel months. it goes a long way when so many games have gone silent,

    7. JadeL on

      Only just recently checked back. The January update looks and sounds great! You even went to MAGfest- that's more than can definitely be said about some other long running projects that that began the same year as Dormant Sky. Well done so far, keep going!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Thanks for the recent interface video update and project status. It looks like the assets are coming along very nicely. I enjoyed how colorful the menu system appeared.

    9. Dawn_

      I had completely forgot i backed this one ^^
      I guess i should completely forget it reading the comments.
      Happy Holidays To All, though!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      I have pledge money towards projects from various crowd funding websites in the past and often with smaller groups or worse groups with only one or a few people working on everything, I often find it takes awhile to do everything. This was one of the projects I first backed way back when I was still early in my membership to Kickstarter. From previous update it looks to me like they have worked really hard on the game and I do not feel they would abandon it so easily. I'm not a developer so I do not know what it is like. For me it is not time to give up hope yet. This game honestly still looks amazing to me and I'm willing to wait for a polished finished project even if it takes years as opposed to one that just gets shoved out to release due to customer pressure. I've seen that happen too often with other crowd funding projects when times get tough. Then the final result is just trash. This game looks like it could be really good. So I'll keep waiting.

    11. Bryant S. on

      It doesn't take 6 months since the last update to let us backers know whats going on. I understand things happen but 6 months is an entirely long time without any sort of communication.

    12. Missing avatar

      Melissa Palmer on

      From the look of the updates it is typical to have months go by with no feed back so I hope development is still going strong and its just been crazy hard to get it all done. (I know this feeling all to well)

    13. JadeL on

      Woah, I haven't logged on to Kickstarter in months, I completely forgot I pledged to this... If there are any updates, please let us know. It sounds like money is a problem, but my $50 at the initial funding period is all I can offer at the moment. Happy holidays, and good luck in the new year! Hope to see some progress next year.

    14. Bryant S. on

      Guess I'm the only one concerned that we pledged to something and been abandoned. For those who pledged a fair amount of money, I'm sorry because its looking the project creator took the money and left.

    15. Bryant S. on

      Still no update? This game was funded over 3 years ago. We would all love to see more updates and more progress on the project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexei Blackman on

      how goes the struggle?

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris S

      Um...promised update? Please?

    18. Bryant S. on

      Is this project still happening? Its been years since this project was funded. I almost forgot about it. Any new updates about a possible release?

    19. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      You can expect another sizable update this month, as we have ramped up development of the demo.

    20. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      Progress has been steady and we should have a new update for you guys soon. The next couple of updates should really be great.

    21. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      Just letting everyone know that depending on the work of a couple of our artists, the update could be here as soon as next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

    22. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      When I decided to go all in with this project, I definitely should have realized overhauling "everything" would take time. Especially since I care a lot about quality. Hopefully the fans appreciate that I am actually trying to go above and beyond what you all initially invested in. I'm sure everyone will be happier I went this route.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Thanks for your recent comment regarding the upcoming update. I look forward to its details. The content shown off for this title so far has been rather encouraging to me and I'm still glad I supported this project. I've come to expect delays on Kickstarter. In fact I consider it to be almost normal anymore. I've always said I'd rather the developer take time to make it right then mush it together quickly and have a poor release. As long as you keep us informed of your progress on a regular basis, I expect everything will be great in the end. Keep up the hard work and I'll check back on this Kickstarter once you post that update.

    24. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      Hi Chris. I was really shooting for last month. I had my heart seat on August. But some things occured that caused a delay. I am however, excited about the changes we have made and look forward to show everyone. Moving forward, I realize we will only be as successful as the support we have behind us. I think the next update will at the very least, give fans who have had doubts with the project some things to be excited about.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris S

      When can we expect that "massive update" you mentioned?

    26. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Thanks for the response regarding an upcoming update. I look forward to any new news on this project.

    27. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      Massive update coming. We are at work every day.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Lee Evans on

      I actually almost did, if he doesn't have time to do an update, he could at least just make a comment to let us know that he's alive or everything ok.

    29. Bryant S. on

      Anyone else feels forgotten in this project?

    30. David Brunelle on

      Can this be considered vaporware now ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Max on

      *poke poke* Hello? Anyone alive?

    32. Imban

      Hey, any more updates?

    33. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Given @Caleb Benoit's comment, it makes me believe that a lot of time and effort is being put into this game. Which is great news. On that note, any new news or tidbits of info on the project? It has been awhile since the last formal Kickstarter update.

    34. Caleb Benoit on

      Ahh I can't wait for this game!!!! I know how long it's been in development even before kickstarter

    35. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      I have good news for you guys. Just need some time to give an update where I can show a little more.

    36. Missing avatar

      Max on

      New update for the month?

    37. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Good luck with the Art All NIght event if you are able to attend. Sounds like it would be a great chance to show off Dormant Sky.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Oooo. I always somehow enjoy when you tease us. Looking forward to hearing more about the development of the game.

    39. EdgeEntertainment Creator on

      If things continue on schedule. There should be an exciting update at the end of the month.

    40. Pavior on

      Nice you got Blue Nocturne! Guy makes some epic Kingdom Hearts fan music!

    41. Matt Reppert on

      So where is everything at?

    42. Missing avatar

      Max on

      Stay on target....stay on target....any day now....

    43. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Excited to see the next visual update. All the art and visual assets that have been shown so far look really well done. I think this is going to be a great title.

    44. Caleb Benoit on

      sweet, can't wait to see the progress!

    45. Imban


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