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The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control & 360° visibility that will transform your riding experience.
The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control & 360° visibility that will transform your riding experience.
The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control & 360° visibility that will transform your riding experience.
346 backers pledged $344,336 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Borderless Creator on

      @Farshid S
      Sending you a private message :)

    2. Farshid S on

      I need to change my order to a to a slightly smaller size due to a permanent haircut (also known as going bald). How do you prefer this communicated?

    3. Missing avatar

      BlueSonic on

      I expect to hear good news in the near future.

    4. Borderless Creator on

      Sorry to hear that! We were only allowed to do testings at certain times due to SoftBank rules, but we're currently working through collaborations, on setting up pop-up locations in Japan and will have more news on that as it develops :)

    5. Missing avatar

      BlueSonic on

      Are you planning to conduct a head-up display experiences association in Japan?
      It was disappointing at SOFTBANK only to see the helmet on display.

    6. Dean on

      @Borderless - Even with the change of display type it's still on track? That's excellent news. Very Impressed.

    7. Borderless Creator on

      We have a section on warranty, replacement and aftercare on our campaign page. Our official stance is 5 year lifecycle for the shell. We'll be offering a shell replacement service, which will allow us to replace parts of the helmet (shell, EPS, etc) at a much lower price.

      @Brian Aylott
      Hi Brian. We have a shipping schedule in our second update (base on certification) and we're still on track.

    8. Missing avatar

      BlueSonic on

      I have a question.

      Other major helmet manufacturers recommend to replace helmets in 2 to 3 years.

      However, cross-helmets are not realistic in short-term replacement. Because it is expensive.

      Does Borderless assume that the useful life of this helmet is many years?

      Also, Are you planning to provide after-sales service for long-term users?

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian Aylott on

      Hi guys.
      Have you got any idea yet when deliveries might start

    10. Borderless Creator on

      Just wanted to let you know, our plan has changed a bit. We'll be posting a smaller update in the next day or two.
      We have a long team meeting planned in 2 weeks with our designers + engineers, and a possible new hire so we'll do a big tech update then :)

    11. Dean on

      @Borderless - Excellent news :) Very much looking forward to this product. Will keep an eye out for the update, thanks again!

    12. Borderless Creator on

      We're putting together another tech update for Friday or Monday. We have some great progress we'd like to report in the near future, but we're waiting to make sure things are official and that paperwork, contracts, and whatnot go through beforehand.

    13. Dean on

      How's the tech coming along for this? Anything new to report?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Labiak on

      I just measured my head and it came out to 22.25 inches. According to the sizing chart the smallest helmet will be too big. Do you have any plans to manufacture a smaller size?

    15. Missing avatar

      tommy1k on

      @Creator - True. So make it a separate & replaceable battery. An 820mah lipo will run a Mobius for over 2hrs producing a FullHD MOV @20Mbits/s. An 3800mah 18650 Li-ion could last 4.5hrs. Yes it's a challenge, but the result is worth it and I would pay extra for it.

    16. Borderless Creator on

      @Andre Reinders
      We've looked into recording features extensively and currently have no plans to incorporate this feature as having to encode and record video cuts heavily into battery life. With the battery capacity that we have, we want to ensure that the helmet lasts a full day of riding.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andre Reinders on

      Even just another of the rear facing cameras mounted in the front, maybe in the chin bar would be awesome

    18. Missing avatar

      Andre Reinders on

      Hi, pretty sure that this has probably been asked before but will highlight the demand.

      Is there any plan to build in a helmet camera to record your ride. This would be great for those scenic rides or for police/insurance in the event of an accident.

    19. Borderless Creator on

      @Martin Nguyen
      Sorry, my personal account. But as mentioned, we can only offer M to XL at this time unfortunately.

    20. Missing avatar


      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    21. Dean on

      @Martin Nguyen & @Borderless - Tinted visors are legal for Victoria but only during Daylight hours. They would need to be swapped for clear at night. In terms of NSW they'll need to be 50% of higher as shown here They also must display the ECE22.05 certification on them.

    22. Missing avatar

      Martin Nguyen on

      @borderless thank you, also for glove sizes on the extras could you get a small size for the gloves as my hand are to small for the medium size, wondering if it was possible

    23. Borderless Creator on

      @Martin Nguyen
      We'll have UNECE22.05 certification, which is an accepted standard in Australia. You may want to look into local laws regarding visor tint, though. The dark visor may not be road legal in your area.

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Nguyen on

      @borderless, I have backed this project from Australia, but because the motorbike helmet laws are strict it needs to have one the accredited companies stickers that are proof of approval for Australian standards or else I cannot use it on the public road, the information for this is on the following website "road

    25. Borderless Creator on

      @Farshid S
      No problem! We'll let you exchange for your correct size in the case that it doesn't fit.

    26. Farshid S on

      Since helmets can be finicky fit wise (just like shoes) until you try them on. What happens if I get my helmet in the size that I chose and for some reason, fit is off. Can I exchange it?

    27. Missing avatar

      Megahed on

      new photochromic visor looking better for sure!
      keep the updates rolling!

    28. Borderless Creator on

      @Helene Garcia
      Sorry about the delay. Our manufacturer is looking into this. I'll send you a message as soon as we have a concrete answer. Regarding camera, we only have plans for one at the moment :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Helene Garcia on

      @ Borderless. Good morning. Any update on Singapore Standard Permit to use on the road? Also, I just submitted the survey. I saw that there will be a new gen 360 degrees cam. Is there a way for original backers to have an option to add a certain amount to replace the current instead of ordering a totally new set? Please =)

    30. Borderless Creator on

      Thanks guys, sorry about the delay. We're doing the finishing touch on the surveys and will have them out tomorrow (Thursday or Friday, depending on time zone).

      @Helene Garcia
      Let me get back to you with more info regarding Singapore permit tomorrow :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Megahed on

      Congrats! Awaiting the surveys!

    32. Missing avatar

      Helene Garcia on

      This is the most expensive birthday gift (in time for November 2018) I ever bought my husband and he doesn't know it yet. The reason I pledged even for its hefty price tag... safety on the road. My husband had two motorbike accidents (both not his fault but car drivers). Please advise if the helmet will carry or pass the Singapore Standard permit. Otherwise, this CrossHelmet will become an expensive display in his helmet shelves. Also, I read comments noting on Touch Control being on the wrong side. Please listen to them. They are riders. I believe they know what they are saying. I'm not a rider. But I agree that it should be on the left so the right hand is always in control of the throttle as per @Tommy1K. Thank you and all the best to the whole team. Looking forward on this. Meanwhile, this is a big secret to my husband till then.

    33. Borderless Creator on

      @Chris Wilson
      For Australia, we'll have ECE 22.05 certification which in the last few years has become an accepted legal standard :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Wilson on

      Have you decided which safety standards you will certify the helmet to. I live in Australia and would like to know if your helmet will be legal to use here.

    35. Borderless Creator on

      Your current pledge is for 2 normal visors and a photochromic. When we send out the survey in the next few days, it should be more clear and you'll be able to select your options. Thanks for the support, we won't disappoint!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nekoturbo on

      Hi there, sorry to bother but I had pledged extra $198 for an additional visor and a photochromic visor additional. I'm a little bit confused right now, because I don't know whether there would be two normal visor plus one photochromic one or only one normal visor and one photochromic. Btw, it's really exciting when I see this campaign, because I saw how the Skully went out, and it is frustrating. I believe you can make this dream product come true, don't let us down, please... Good luck in the future and hopefully we can get this helmet ASAP! Many thx!

      As a rider and as always, RIDE SAFE!

    37. Borderless Creator on

      @Couderc Fabien
      We won't have a pinlock feature so if you often have fogging issues, we recommend an anti-fog spray. We plan to explore these options as we progress so likely it will be an add on available in the future.

    38. Missing avatar

      Couderc Fabien on

      Hi, not sure if I missed this in descriptions or comments, but I face fog quite often, and was wondering if you have included a pinlock system such as on my Shoeis. Thanks!

    39. Borderless Creator on

      If you can't decide, I believe you should be able to add on even after the campaign ends, when we have better samples to show.

      Thanks for the feedback. I'll talk to the team about it but it's not a planned feature at this moment.

      @Anestis Kozakis
      Thank you for the support! Every little bit helps :)

    40. Anestis Kozakis

      Unfortunately i can't afford to back this to get one at the moment, but I pitched in $5 to get updates,

    41. Richard on

      Just a thought...
      Would the rearview video feed be able to be record onto the riders mobile.

      Just incase there is an acident the rear video could be used to record and help protect the rider after the incident... I.e. A car does not stop and hits the back of the bike.

      The hardware would not have to go change and it could be an update later on the app

      With a one touch button to erase video after ride when you safely get to destination.

      Just a thought �

    42. Missing avatar

      Megahed on

      How many of the current backers are going for the photochromic visor upgrade? :)

      I need a little push so appreciate if you let me know.

    43. Borderless Creator on

      1. The current smoke visor is around 60-70%.
      2. We'll be looking to match the photochromic visor with our smoke visor.
      3. Sourcing and getting a sample that resembles the final visor will take more time than the 6 days, so unfortunately not, but we'll be posting more sample videos to show our progress!

    44. Missing avatar

      Megahed on

      Just saw the photochromic sample and it's looking good but I need to ask:
      1. What's the tint % on the regular smoked visor
      2. Will the regular and photochromic have the same smoke color
      3. Are you planning on showing the actual visor or do i need to decide on the upgrades now

      6 days left!

    45. Borderless Creator on

      Thanks for the support! We would love to expand our sizes and will definitely do this once we get our first batches out. We realize there's a lot of head sizes beyond what we offer and while we try to cover a majority of them, we don't have the resources yet to create more than what we can currently offer.

    46. Hayoung Yeom on

      Thanks for world wide shipping. I live in South Korea so really agnied to be backer.(Despite of the trouble I already did..!)
      But i still have worries about size. You have only 2 size, M and L. Im woman and my head is smaller than M(..actually..52~53cm :( ), so its not gonna fit, i know..
      Do you have any plans for other size? There are so many riders who have small size head, and they also want to experience cross helmet. If you dont have plans for it, i may give it to my friend after test it. ���� It' not easy way way to add other size model now but plz consider about it.

    47. Borderless Creator on


    48. Missing avatar

      Megahed on

      you mentioned in the latest update regarding shipping that you have "opened up other countries starting today" and i see on the other pledges that they can be shipped to anywhere in the world, could you also update this for the "Launch Day Special Set" as i would like to change the delivery address please :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Megahed on

      you mentioned in the latest update regarding shipping that you have "opened up other countries starting today" and i see on the other pledges that they can be shipped to anywhere in the world, could you also update this for the "Launch Day Special Set" as i would like to change the delivery address please :)

    50. Borderless Creator on

      Thanks! We'll look into audio recording as we've gotten some requests for this function as well. This could be implemented via software through the app.

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