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GOOD AND CHEAP is a gorgeous cookbook for tight budgets. The PDF is free—and the print version is the #1 cookbook ever on Kickstarter. The bigger, better, cheaper 2nd edition is in bookstores now! For every copy sold, we donate one to someone in need.
GOOD AND CHEAP is a gorgeous cookbook for tight budgets. The PDF is free—and the print version is the #1 cookbook ever on Kickstarter. The bigger, better, cheaper 2nd edition is in bookstores now! For every copy sold, we donate one to someone in need.
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Here's the final PDF!

Posted by Leanne Brown (Creator)

Good people of the Earth,

It took a couple more days than we wanted, but the book is done! It's at the printer now, and that means it's time for you to download a shiny new copy:

The new version has:

  • 44 more pages — up from 132pp to 176pp
  • 20 new recipes, plus a page explaining how to cook dried beans
  • corrections and improvements to dozens of existing recipes
  • replacement photographs and improved design for some of the uglier recipes
  • one fewer of the old recipes (Leftover Polenta Fries didn't fit in the final book)
  • thank-you credits for everyone who submitted their info before tonight

And the printed books are still on schedule to ship in late September!

Apologies to anyone who didn't have a chance to fill out the survey and get their name in the book—I know it's vacation time for many. Unfortunately, in order to print so many books in time, the book had to be at the printer today!

You guys, finishing a book in a month is really hard. Now I understand why publishers ask for everything so far in advance of release. So many small things to do.

And now comes the even harder part: going through the list of non-profits and divvying up all the donated copies and working with everyone to get the $4 copies out. If you work with a non-profit that applied for copies, I'll write to you soon to finalize your order.

Oh, also shipping. Where do you guys think I will fit 8,000 envelopes for all the individual copies in our apartment? How much does 8,000 padded envelopes even weigh, let alone the books? So many questions.

As soon as we know where all the donated copies are going, I'll share a list of the organizations with y'all.

Going to sleep now.



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    1. André Pinheiro on

      I don't know if it is possible that the book would have the temperatures, and some measures if possible, in metric units. I think your book is very practical for people with little time and looking to save some money... So maybe make it a little more accessible for us in Europe? It never hurts to ask I guess...

    2. Leanne Brown Creator on

      Hi, Maia! To update your address, just look at the list of rewards on the right side of this page. The one in green is the one you picked; there should be a "Your response" link at the bottom. Click on that and there will be an option to update your address. Hope that helps!

    3. Missing avatar

      Luke M Stevens on

      Hi Leanne,
      Your book is fantastic! Congratulations on your success and best of luck with all the hard work that lies ahead. =)

      Luke Stevens

    4. Missing avatar

      Maia Gerlinger on


      I've moved! How can I change my address?


    5. Tamara Plasha on

      For shipping, consider using media mail through the post office. It may be cheaper than ups or fedex. shipping times for media mail are a little longer, but usually only a by a few days. The cost difference though, can be significant. You have to specifically request media mail to get the lower shipping rate.

    6. Tamara Plasha on

      Just looked at the book in pdf. it is wonderful! the photography is beautiful and the recipes look delicious (not to mention healthy). Can't wait to get the hard copy, but I'm making shrimp and grits from the pdf version tomorrow! Great job!

    7. Nathan Venturini on

      You are awesome!

      I'll be sharing this with everyone I know. I'm so happy this exists :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Meg Gravelle on

      Congrats! It's beautiful -- great work!

    9. Missing avatar

      Scide on

      Nice work!
      Can you share a picture of your packing party? ;) this could be really interesting with 8000 books!

    10. Missing avatar

      Katie Buys on

      This looks awesome! Can't wait to get my hard copy. Will there be a chance to purchase additional hard copies in the future, or are you just printing once?

    11. Leanne Brown Creator on

      Thanks, everyone! Timothy, good suggestion, but we looked into a fulfillment service for the individual copies, and it just doesn't make sense. We will be doing that for all the full boxes, though (the bulk orders of donated or discounted ones that are going to non-profits), because what we certainly can't handle is a thousand boxes! Don't worry, we have plenty of friends who have volunteered to stuff envelopes. We'll make a party of it.

    12. Timothy O'Dell on

      Not sure I feel 100% good to suggest this, but "fulfillment" of 8000 pieces by the likes of, say, Amazon, is a "five-finger-exercise." Not recommending Amazon specifically, but rather, a well organized fulfillment service of any sort. Drop ship press run from the printer. Transmit shipping instructions and data. Could be faster, cheaper, and less prone to error (always time consuming to sort out) than any operation which you might improvise for this occasion. I fully agree, with those below as regards awesome. However you proceed, I'm confident that you will be effective.

    13. Caroline Vidican on

      What a brilliant result, the recipes look delicious and are so attractively presented. Well done, my congratulations!

    14. Michael Skolnik

      Awesome!! Thank you!!

    15. benj binks on

      You're AWESOME!!!!

    16. Gracia Carlson on

      I'm very proud of you, Leanne. It's a pleasure to support your work.
      What next?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Norton on

      Thank you Leanne!! You're doing such a good thing and I'm proud to be even a tiny bit of it! :)

    18. Tony Pangilinan on

      Congratulations Leanne! You made the deadline and are making the difference in many people's lives. Thank you!

    19. Glen Bodor on

      You're a champion, amazing effort to get that done!!!

    20. Nickawanna Shaw

      Squee!!! I'm so excited to share with my nutrition students and fellow yogis!

    21. mark purdy on

      I hope your apartment is on the ground floor, i couldn't imagine having to lump 8000+ books up the stairs. 8000+ books much weigh at least a couple of tons.