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1993, The Pharcyde had a stunning debut. Here's the doc about it's prodigy producer & family man's ride through music & drugs.

The goal:

We are close to the finish line. We're raising funds for the final phase of post production which takes us straight to distribution.

The background:

I spent seven years chronicling tortured artist J Swift's (The Pharcyde) love of music, his kids and his addiction to crack cocaine. The heart pounding musical journey is finally in the can and we're in the final stages of post!  What started as a reality pilot about a once successful rap producer's fervent desire to rise out of an addiction, turned into a documentary feature film with real life twists and turns. 

An early cut of the film premiered at the SXSW film festival in 2007, but it took four more years of shooting and editing to reach a real climax in the story and  truly shape this film.  Throughout, Swift kept composing music so we've got a pulsating music score composed by Swift and a select few other musicians.

Now with the digital revolution upon us, we've found this doc a home.  We showed our latest cut to a leading Video on Demand (VOD) distributor Gravitas Ventures. They believe in it and just picked up 1 More Hit for digital distribution. Now we have to get the documentary ready for delivery and market it too! 

The festival cut of 1 More Hit was nominated for a PRISM award which honors the entertainment industry's efforts to accurately depict drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction.  With your support we can share this depiction to the world.

Where the 17,000 goes:

1) The final edit (content, sound, color), digital delivery (transfer to all VOD platforms)

2) final edit for 40 minute school version and encoding for digital and DVD

3) music clearance

4) marketing and promotions.

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    You'll light up any occassion with the always useful 1 More Hit Lighter inspired by one of the many lighters flicked in the doc. 1 More Hit logo personalizes it and always reminds you of the support you gave. Plus a personal thank you letter from the filmmaker.

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    THE LIMITED EDITION DVD - Now you're not only lighting up the world BUT you'll receive a copy of the limited edition DVD along with the 1 More Hit lighter and personal thank you letter from the filmmaker. Shipping within the U.S. included.

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    Add DIGITAL MUSIC to the mix. Get hot tracks from the film produced by gold and platinum producers like The Pharcyde's J Swift, Noel "Detail" Fisher (Lil Wayne), the Original Young Buck and more. Plus you'll be bopping your head with everything else named above (the limited DVD, and the lighter). Shipping within the U.S. included.

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    EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL CONTENT - A 40 minute version produced especially for teachers and parents. Plus everything above!

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    You're part of the CREW with a limited edition one sheet POSTER signed by camera extraordinaire Matt Bass (who shot the film's poster) plus members of the cast and crew. That's not all. Enjoy your favorite hot beverage inside your 1 More Hit MUG. Plus everything above!

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    You and a guest will be flown to L.A. on the first thing smoking for a guided tour of the films Hollywood and Downtown locations followed by a private dinner and screening of 1 More Hit with a special celebrity guest and other VIPS. Plus everything above! Lodging not included.

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