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A series documenting life in Amsterdam as we experience it as tourists, as expats and as first-time parents. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 20, 2011.

A series documenting life in Amsterdam as we experience it as tourists, as expats and as first-time parents.

About this project

UPDATE: We now are over one month into our expatriation, and things are moving at a greater pace than ever! We have a series of videos in line and ready to begin production on a range of topics, and just 7 days left to reach our goal. We hope you'll consider helping us out - if for nothing else than the opportunity to see me consume a raw herring!

What started as a blog for our friends in the states is growing into a travel guide and web series for people all over the world!

We traded our cars for bikes, our little bungalow for a fourth-story walkup, and our lives in the Motor City for a new one in Amsterdam. Along the way, we quit our jobs, sold our belongings and found out we had baby on the way. Even with the unexpected surprise, we decided to see if the American dream wasn’t somewhere overseas.

We’re documenting a year in Amsterdam, a city we’d never been to, living in an apartment we’d never seen, and dealing with a language we’d never dealt with. Along the way, we’re going to share our lives and experiences, as tourists, as expats and as first-time parents.

We’re going to document the city and our lives as we learn to live here. At the end of it all, we hope to provide a travelogue that lets you know who we are, what Amsterdam is and where we all fit into the world.

We’ll be seeing the sights and meeting the people who make Amsterdam what it is. We’ll be talking to locals and to expats, and creating a travel guide with a unique perspective, from someone that is taking it all in for the first time.

We’ll be creating video profiles on Amsterdam’s history, its people and the little quirks that have made it one of the most unique cities in the world. We’ll be talking to local artists and musicians and everyday people. We’ll also be creating a travel guide of all the things a tourist would want to see, with the added insight from someone who lives here.

We need your help to make this travel guide and web series a reality. Your contribution helps to offset our production costs and the research and time necessary to create quality written and video content that can be used by people traveling to Amsterdam, artists and musicians looking for exposure and also by people looking for insight into the world of the expat and of the first-time parent.

The scariest part of this move was the uncertainty – leaving our friends, family, financial security and the life and system we knew for something utterly foreign. Doing it a time that is utterly not ideal (with a baby on the way) makes it even more so. This really has served as a catalyst for our creativity and a stronger desire to explore a brand new city, attempt to grasp a brand new language, and to find a way to make Amsterdam a place we can call home.


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    I'll Eat That For A Dollar! - One of the most popular Dutch foods is the herring, and it's one feared by tourists, expats and transplants alike. It's something that I am distinctly afraid of trying, but remember that kid on the playground who would eat things for a dollar? That will be me.
    For one of our first video pieces, I will explore this Dutch delicacy, and eat one on camera. Donors at any level will get exclusive access to this video of me, tipping back my head and trying a Dutch herring for the first time. It's just a sign of my commitment to using this site to expose everyone to Dutch culture and to embed myself into life here.
    Don't miss your chance to see me eat that for $1!

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    Access to all of our project updates, and a personalized thank you in the form of an email with a photo of us from Amsterdam.

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    Above, plus a personalized postcard from Amsterdam, offering some sort of hopefully witty tidbit or insight on the city.

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    The Kitten Thanks You Package! You get all of the above, plus a snapshot of the upcoming baby, with a personalized thank you.

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    The Official Sponsors and Benefactors Package! You get all of the above, plus a souvenir from Amsterdam, the type you'd only get if you were here! We will also list you on the site as a sponsor, with a link to your site or a site of your choosing.

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    Patron of the Starving Artist Package, all of the above, plus a limited edition Amsterdam photo from Nicole the photographer, signed and numbered. This photo will not be available anywhere else.

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    The Dutch Treat Package! Because they have managed to become an almost honorary mascot on this site, we're arranging a special donation level for those who want to try one of the Netherlands best delicacies - the stroopwafel - as well as a piece of authentic Dutch Ceramics.

    This gift level gets you a personal postcard from me, thanking you for your patronage, and a package of authentic Dutch stroopwafels with a Delft Dutch ceramic jar that's just the right size for holding them! Taste what we've been raving about! We will also list you on the site as a sponsor, with a link to your site or a site of your choosing. (For US Backers Only)

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    Be an Honorary Expat For a Day! - This is perfect for anyone who's planning a trip to Amsterdam, or as a gift for someone who's on their way. I'll spend a day in the 'Dam with you. We'll do whatever you want, and go wherever you want to go! I could show you my favorite record stores, stores and street vendor stands, or we could just get some coloring books and go color. I will make myself available to be your tour guide for the day. I'll even let you ride my bike around the block!
    We can set up a Skype conversation in advance and plan it all out, then when the day comes, it will be off and running. We'll even produce a video episode for the website about your day as an expat. (Donor is responsible for all expenses)

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    Talk the Talk and Look the Look - You get all of the above (including the Dutch treats!), plus an Amsterdam souvenir T shirt - and we're talking an especially cheesy one, hand selected by us!

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