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JOIN ME ON THE ROAD!!  (Adventure from Nashville, TN to the Southern-most tip of the American continents.) A pilgrimage to document culture and self.
JOIN ME ON THE ROAD!! (Adventure from Nashville, TN to the Southern-most tip of the American continents.) A pilgrimage to document culture and self.
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turning on dimes

My Dear String Pullers,

If you have made it this far to read my update, I am bashfully thankful. So now I can say: the whole thing is coming to some re-blooming end. As it does.

I started writing one of these updates a few weeks ago, it has since turned into a chapter of my book.

This is the abbreviation.

Motored up from Peru into Ecuador, drank rum and lime and sang on the beach with a true American kid named Dan. I named my motorcycle Percy and learned how to treat her right. Worked for an old lady named Linda, helping to maintain a building on the sea. Drove the bike to Columbia where I met Oliver the quiet genius. Oliver brought me to Leonardo; Leonardo had the boat to swing us over the Darien Gap. Oliver, our mad captain Leonardo, Roman the Pole and The Sarge, all on a little torn up sailboat rocking through the Carribean Sea. My bike and I made it physically intact to land, the mental is a story I will have to tell in the book. Forded rivers, camped in cowpens, beautiful deserts, highway hills, and slept next to bodyguards bearing machetes. Then up through Central America and now on the brink of our last great Mexico.

Ah romance.

And Joseph! is somewhere in the Straights of Magellan, hitchhiking the boat trails. I miss my travelling brother like I can't explain, but we will be reunited sometime soon, perhaps with you to share whiskey and tales.

Now business:

Some of you may have received Kickstarter Rewards. Some in fancy packing, some in boxes with the words ¨Peligro Guanacaste Militia¨ on it. If you have any complaints about the reward, be it a surprise piece of brain coral, or a worn out hat from Guatemala: you can air your grievences in the bin, for these are my prized items.

If you have yet to recieve your reward, all of which are the PHOTO reward, be patient. It is coming and will be worth it.

Now I once again say Thank You. Thank you for taking the time to read this and Thank You for helping me to see my dream in the flesh.


PS You can hopefully see some journey pictures on my facebook page:

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Dear Friends,

For the first time in half a year, I am turning around and heading North. With a strong slap from Joseph on the outside of my bus window, we parted ways once again. He is headed South to see about his dream to fish in the Patagonia, and I am headed to the warm sun and my motorbike.

Oh yeah! I bought a little Honda motorcycle to carry me home. All the way home. On a 125cc motorcycle. Deep Breath.

Yesterday we were hitch-hiking in the empty dump of a dump truck. And standing at attention in the front of our rusty steed, we rolled down the Grand Valley of Arentina. And there we knew: this is exactly what we came for.

I would lather you with details of our complete lostness, but they escape me at the moment. Suffice it to say we have been everywhere from lavish accomodations to a campsite underneath the awning of a corner store on a dirt road of a no-where town, bargaining with the children. We have summited mountains, dealt with the one-eyed boss, cooked rice and rice and rice. We have found shelter with a family in a field and drank wine that literally flowed in a river. We have likely been seduced by the love of the unknown, but I am still looking for it and therefore unsure of our relationship status.

The plan now is to make it to Northern Columbia. I am going to try to find us some kind of water transport from Cartagena to Panama City. There are rumors of cargo ships that take passengers on a trip to deliver food through the San Blas Islands for around $50, if you´re lucky. Hopefully by the time I find some luck, Joe will make it up to meet me aboard.

Other than all that, we remain overwhelmed and lost. Give love and be well.

Your Travelling Servants of the Great Gravy,

Edwin and Joseph

PS: Tierra Del Fuego is not in our scope anymore. This seems an afterthought to the phosphorescent beauty of Latin America, which is continually slopped in our hands. I was fortunate enough to take a quick look at the Patagonia with my Uncle, and now Joe with his. We are infinitely thankful to you.


Well, Dear Backers . . .

We´ve made it to the Motherland. South America. Where everyone is a matriarch. The streets wind through saturated mountains and all the old towns are built from the church down. Humor, fear and genuine kindness are often rolled together into one eye-cringing connection - gringos and indians.

Right now I am working in the old beach town of Huanchaco at a little German-owned cafe. I sleep in the upstairs of a ramshackle cement home with a big open roof in the middle. Aunt Cecelia feeds me watermelon and papaya and I pay her about $2 a day to stay there. I also play music sometimes at a bar called Chill Out, it´s owned by a Sociopath Scottsman and his Peruvian wife. They treat me well.

Joe is hitchhiking from Ecuador to meet me here. From what I understand, he has a following now. I can´t wait to meet them.

The plan is to throw our thumbs to the road and make the long haul down to our final destination - Tierra Del Fuego.

A quick rewind - I sold the Toyota in Costa Rica and we bought some flights over the elustrious Darien Gap. Joseph to Ecuador and I to Peru.

So now we go South to take a breath and turn around for the great move Northward.

Be good!

Much Love

Costa Rican Architect

By Now, we´ve wandered into Malpais, Costa Rica. We spend our days working for an American architect, constructing a bamboo staircase. Daily Discourse is nipping at our heels with a real job like this, but we keep sifting and keep sifting. Most days we run down the beach till we hit some giant breast of a black rock, pointed out with trees all hanging around, there I write or sit and Joseph most often is darting around, camera in hand, and we´ll eat a dinner of cookies and peanuts. And In a week we´ll be looking for a boat ride into South America.

Island Love,
Edwin and Joseph

PS, I´ve been playing music with some Israelis here in town on Saturday nights at a cafe. They tell me Sababa means Cool in Hebrew.


Dearest Backers,

We've been stacked through rooms of imigration papers and pushed along the rocky coast, swung out through the island night and back into the arms of sanity.

That is to say we've made it through the thick of Latin America to arrive in Costa Rica.

As I write you my buckshot postcard - monkeys, toucans, pigs, ocelots, anteaters and parrots break an a-harmonic shout through the sanctuary where we currently reside. It's called Rainsong Animal Sanctuary and it's where we will reside for a few weeks to figure our game plan to cross the Darien Gap.

All for now,

Edwin O'Brien and Joseph Berger