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A documentary about war and faith, love and loss, family myth and legacy - based on letters from my grandfather a man I never knew.
A documentary about war and faith, love and loss, family myth and legacy - based on letters from my grandfather a man I never knew.
176 backers pledged $26,285 to help bring this project to life.

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American Documentary Festival

Anybody in the Palm Springs area, or anybody who knows anybody, Be Home Soon will screen at the American Documentary Festival April 4 - 8. I don't have specific times or dates yet but will keep you posted.

First Screenings

Hi All,

I have received several inquires about how the first screenings of Be Home Soon went.

OUT OF THIS WORLD! That is how.

I never could have hoped for or imagined the response to the film I have received thus far. Phenomenal, gratifying and overwhelming. I had two screenings at the Mill Valley Film Festival and just returned from screening the film for a completely different audience - The Diocesan Convention of the Diocese of the Rio Grande which took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A beautiful, moving and heartfelt response there as well.

I have applied to my first group of additional film festivals and I am working to get the film up for sale on the website probably within the next month. I am also working to get all of your rewards out. Thank you for your patience. Just me, myself and I in the mail room. To keep up with future screenings and news please "Like" the film page on Facebook which can be found by entering

Be Home Soon:Letters from My Grandfather in to the Facebook Search.

Also the film website is up and many of you have sent me feedback and corrections which I greatly appreciate

This photo was taken by my friend Pattie Traynor at the first screening. I guess she could not help herself.

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First Screening Today and Website UP

Dear Kickstarting Supporters of Be Home Soon,

Only a few months ago you stepped up and chipped  to support my film. Today the film will have an audience for the very first time at the 35th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival. 

In anticipation of the screening, I finished a website for the film just last night. (I work better under pressure). I will be making adjustments to it in the next few weeks,including creating a way for people to purchased the film. Until then please check it out.

Some sturdy eyes alerted me to edits that needed to be made. I expect you will as well - I don't mind I appreciate the input.

Many film supporters will be in the audience today. I wish I could transport you ALL to be there.



35th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival Screenings of Be Home Soon Next Weekend

Hardly seems possibly that the film will be screening next weekend October 13 and 14 at the Rafael Theatre in San Rafael California as part of the 35th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival. When I look at when I started this Kickstarter Campaign, how scarey it was, and how you all showed up before the campaign ended on August 10th - I think how is it possible that from then to now the film has been completed and is ready for its debut?

Possible because of your support and the creative collaboration of several including my tireless editor Nao Nakazawa, Colorist Chris Tipton-King, Chelsea Walton on credits, Alex da Silva and crew at Colorflow Post, and the amazing trio of Chris Barnett, Steve Boedekker and Zach Martin - dialogue editor, sound design and sound mix respectively- at Skysound. 

I wish you all could be there. Truly.

And in case you are able you can buy tickets at this link


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TA DA!!!!

Five and a half weeks after the closing of this Kickstarter Campaign (and many years previous),

Be Home Soon:Letters from my Grandfather is done. I am taking the final to the lab just after I hit send here. Unbelievable.


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