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By Ken D. Webber
$3,972 pledged of $20,000 goal

How things roll in Plague of Smiles

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I want to say a big THANKS to everyone who made our launch go so well. Loving it! We are off to a really good start. Know that we have a video update coming soon because I have a model shoot, she’s HOT, and that will lead to the completion of three more cards! Switching gears, I have to tell you about last night. Instead of doing art, a bass playing friend of mine came over (he’s also a member of Plague of Smiles) and somehow we got into a conversation on anagrams. My own name KENNETH DAVID BRYON WEBBER is DARK HOBBY INVENT NEW BREED. We popped his name into the anagram generator located here: and when I saw this I freaked out…


I told him that just had to be a song on Paranormal Strangeness so he began writing lyrics and I began writing melodies. After reading what he’d written I remembered reading an article on the Internet about a Russian Sleep Experiment gone VERY wrong: 

I made a few very minor changes to the song’s lyrics and it’s ready for us to take it into the studio and record . I can already hear the vocal lines in my head. He wants the song to be Slipknot or Five Finger Death Punch HEAVY and I’m hearing that but with a bit of David Bowie overtone (The Heart’s Filthy Lesson for example). I am so confident this song is going to be on the CD that I’m releasing the lyrics here in this update so my Kickstarter supporters can see it first. (special thanks to Pete!) Pay close attention to the twist ending.  Enjoy, and tell your friends about all the strange weirdness we’re getting into with this project. Every bit helps!

The Mad Crave Shadows by Plague of Smiles, inspired by the logic of an anagram and the insane ramblings of an unknown author’s (hopefully fictional) story. 

Spoken: "We are opening the chamber to test the microphones step away from the door and lie flat on the floor or you will be shot. Compliance will earn one of you your immediate freedom." 

Whispered: “We no longer want to be freed” 

My blood shot eyes 
Red, the pigment of demise, you
stand in line outside awaiting, watching time
while I creep awake without the dark
Searching for the lucid dream of those
I see I see I see you and I know
The mad crave shadows 

Read your reports of dark dismay
I’m in the light all night and day
Consuming souls keep me breathing, gas
and go, now run and hide
I’m not the devil. He’s inside you
reason past your fear and fright
because in my conscious mind I know…
The mad crave shadows 

Black feces sticks so you can’t see
Hands gripped to such a dream
As I break... you tease and change
Hope to none… there goes a scream
on day 13, 14, 15, 33 pieces of a spine?
Your silent microphone screams mine all mine 
And now they truly know the reason why
The Mad Crave Shadows 

I’m a shadow of a person
cursing all I used to be a
bumble bursting, singing, pleading
with my surgeon to just keep on cutting
keep me anything but sleeping, sleeping,
keep me, keep me the shadow that you crave!
(pop, pop, pop, pop goes gunshots)
So… nearly… free

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    1. Ken D. Webber Creator on

      Indeed! Pulling a Mr. Mojo Risin' (Jim Morrison)

    2. Coastal Pete

      2 station opening section with your eyes closed. It really feels as if the train enters from one side to the other as if on a real station!

    3. Coastal Pete

      OH! & yes to the Thin White Duke overtone.

      Try listening to Station

    4. Coastal Pete

      A song out of a story & an anagram website! Now that's MAGICK!