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A scientific quest to understand beer at molecular level: Send us a beer ▸▸ we study its DNA ▸▸ we trace a tree of beers ▸▸ you discover new beers.
A scientific quest to understand beer at molecular level: Send us a beer ▸▸ we study its DNA ▸▸ we trace a tree of beers ▸▸ you discover new beers.
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There is a world inside beer - microbes

Posted by BeerDeCoded (Creator)

Dear friends,

Today we take a virtual flight to California to meet a backer that is helping us getting things done.

But first, the latest news: we marked half of the campaign and we are 90% funded. You asked many questions, so we spent the weekend in writing some FAQs -- now posted at the bottom of the campaign page.

OK. Ready for the virtual flight. We remained with our premium cat litter. Remember? Good silica powder that we use to capture the beer DNA. Backers of the Sequence Beer @hackuarium and Sequence Beer @biotehna (and others workshops to come around the world) will do the DNA extraction together with us. Meow.

After some more work at the bench, we will put DNA inside the sequencing machine to get out a big text file that looks like this. Gigabytes of A T C G. 

We just landed in California. San Francisco based Nick Greenfield is a "Sequence YOUR beer" backer and CEO of One Codex. Nick made available a great tool for us: a super fast search engine for DNA data. Think Google for DNA.

One Codex can search beer DNA and count and report all the organisms that are present in that A T C G file showed above. One Codex can only count organisms that are already present in a DNA dictionary. And Nick and colleagues already build a dictionary with 33,987 small organisms.

Aren't you curious to see what is inside a beer bottle? We are.

Here the magic of a Kickstarter community: Nicolas Bokulich a colleague of our "sequence a beer!" backer Holly Ganz at UC Davis published a DNA mapping study of a micro-brewery in the open access journal eLife. Nick could take the DNA file of a beer bottle and run it through One Codex.

Bam! There is a world inside beer. Yeast (a hybrid one) and many other small things.

It looks much better on One Codex site: it is interactive give it a try!

So inside we have:

  • Ale yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
  • Wine yeast (Saccharomyces kudriavzevii VIN7)
  • Lactobacillus

If you are a brewer you are already asking... where is the Brettanomyces?

Something other is missing? Yes. Cereals and hops.

Not a surprise: One Codex is a software mainly used for clinical diagnostics and their dictionary is then build with bacteria and viruses in mind. There are some yeasts in the catalog but we definitively need to build a dictionary... for the whole tree of life! 

So we are now taking a flight to Ontario, Canada to meet the largest Institute and global leader of species identification via DNA identification. But this is the story of another update.

Give your contribution now or bring more backers on board. If we do the tree of beers, we do it together.


Gianpaolo and BeerDeCoded team.

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