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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Harry Rowland
pledged of $39,834 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Harry Rowland Creator 14 minutes ago

      Yes of course Mathieu, like all previous companions it will be available for sale on our website when its finished which will hopefully be a couple of months after release.


    2. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN about 5 hours ago

      Harry, is there a way to get our hands on the WiF digital companion if we're not First Class, but only platinium?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Dolges about 6 hours ago

      I'm sure this is absurd but one of the things I'm really looking forward to with the printing is the color rulebook with illustrated examples. The basic text only pdfs are nice and all but the final product is gonna be awesome I expect.

    4. Scott Chisholm
      about 11 hours ago

      Just received my 1998 WiF Annual! Just need the rest of the game.... ;-)

    5. Harry Rowland Creator about 14 hours ago

      Gidday Ryan,

      the Deluxe vassal module will be available as part of the wif companion which will include all the data much of the working papers, all the graphics and the vassal module. That will be released as soon as we compile it all (and finish the module, it's a huge task in itself to include all the units and features we want).

      Glad you like our first Vassal offering as a taste of things to come.


    6. Missing avatar

      Wendell A Collaborator about 16 hours ago

      Patrik, Carriers in Planes will now be part of the new Ships in Flames - so yes, included!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan Freiburger about 17 hours ago

      Hi Harry,

      I opened the new Fall of France Vassal mod and it looks great! I am wondering when we can expect the full vassal release of collectors edition?

      I've ordered Delux Edition, but I have seen some posts indicating that it will only be available for Super Delux players? Is this correct? (If so, I find that disappointing as I already have all the other kits from Super Delux, so I am only buying the new sets). But, I would be happy to buy the older sets if reprinted someday (DoD IV, please!)

      In any case, if a timeline exists, I would love to know when the new Vassal mod will be released? I'm eager to start a new game, but it would be great if I could use all the new stuff!

    8. Patrik Pössi about 18 hours ago

      Is Carrier planes in Flame inclouded in The World in Flames Collector’s Edition Super Deluxe games set ?

      Rgds Patrik

    9. Harry Rowland Creator about 18 hours ago

      Lets just say it was multi-functional.

    10. JLLongshore about 19 hours ago

      Thank you for the informative response...

      One question though.. re: the Matrix version, the large world wide map set that was part of the purchase, is that a valid play map or was it for decorating my man cave?

    11. Harry Rowland Creator about 20 hours ago

      The actual game itself JL is very simple and old school, igo-hugo (admittedly with a pinch of blitz). The kickers are the initiative system (where you can set up double moves) and the action type where you have to choose to do a land, air, naval or a combined which allows you to do a little of all 3. Germany and the USSR will do mostly land actions of course (with the odd combined to slip Doenitz's sub raiders into the atlantic to wreak havoc) and Commonwealth often naval, but most will often need to do both and must choose. And later in the war the USA and Britain may want to do air actions to unleash their strategic bombers.

      There's lots of rules but each rule is fairly simple in itself, and most of them are optional and can be safely ignored. The options appear embedded in the rules but we are typesetting them with a sand background, so you kknow that everything with a sand background can be skipped. As the entire last 10 pages of the rules are just optional units (and the following 10 the index), you can safely ignore more than half of the rulebook if you want.

      The reason we have included the options in the sequence of play is to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Wherever you are in the sequence go to that part of the rules and you will get your answer. Furthermore the online rules which you can download from the ADG site are fully hot-linked cross-referenced so you can move back and forwards between the rules with ease.

      Add to that a large index/glossary again completely hot-linked to the rules and that we have spent a decade simplifying, clarifying and integrating all the rules into a coherent whole with a large number of colour illustrated examples to hopefully make it easy to understand what we are trying to say.

      Looking forward to finally playing it myself.


      PS Will do up a simplified game outline in the next few days.

    12. Harry Rowland Creator about 21 hours ago

      The 5 combat charts are all the same Mathieu.. We thiink 5 or 6 are the optimal number to play WIF and since 5 is the most popular (eg at Eurowifcon at Hofgeismar next month there will be 6 tables of 5 players each (CW, USA/France, USSR/China, Germany & Italy/Japan)), everyone gets there own chart.

      But battlemaps etc sound excellent as free downloads post publication and then incorporation into the Collector's edition annual.


    13. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN about 21 hours ago

      I'm already so hyped about the full color rulebook and scenario booklet. Since we're getting already 5 (!!!) player aid, which is already quite neat in its own right, I figured 2 of them could be air and naval battle mats, they really helped my games. But sadly, that's not for me to decide :(

    14. JLLongshore about 22 hours ago

      I would appreciate any and all of that. My hiccup with the Matrix computer version was the 30 minute video (I think it felt like two hours and the concept seemed to require 2 -3 viewings) of getting material and industrial supplies to Great Britain. Not a complaint at all, as I am close to retiring and want a lifestyle game :). I have great anticipation of the board game, but will have to translate it into my pea brain in bite sized chunks :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN 1 day ago

      When learning FAIII, I've made a Simplified Rulebook and also two battle mats (Air Battle Mat) and (Naval Battle Mat). Here they are:

      Air Battle Mat…
      Naval Battle Mat:…
      Condensed Rules:…

      To help out with john gallagher's and others requests, I can definitely send you the files if you think they're worth it.

      I personnally like john gallagher's idea, as I definitely would appreciate anything in the box to help coping the with learning curve. These are simple word files (docx).

    16. Harry Rowland Creator 1 day ago

      Just uploaded the final maps to be printed and the free vassal module of the World in Flames collector's edition both in the download section of our website ( SO you can see how the game plays right now.

      Will write an update tonight (which will mentionbut thought you should be the first to know.


    17. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield 2 days ago

      Hi Harry, thanks for that and am just content to see the forest on the map- even though I mainly play the Allies never feels quite right to be all clear in that part of Normandy. Really looking forward to release and the Fb group continues to grow. Cheers. Phil

    18. Missing avatar

      john gallagher 2 days ago

      @harry, legend!

    19. Harry Rowland Creator 2 days ago

      Gidday John,

      I'll see if I can knock something up in the next few days.


    20. Missing avatar

      john gallagher 2 days ago

      @harry any one/two page doc that condenses the key rules would be good, alot of the group have younger kids so when bringing our nerd fellowship together we need to be efficient with our time as games will not be a regular event, anything you come up with that reduces head scratching so we can focus on playing would be much appreciated

    21. Missing avatar

      Top Deck Games 2 days ago

      Thanks Harry for the response on the digital files. I'm in. :)

    22. Harry Rowland Creator 2 days ago

      Giddy Phil,

      W1632 is the invasion beach for Gold, Juno and Sword. Thats not forest.

      Because it all happened in a very small area, and we need to show both the attackers and defenders at D-Day,we have moved Caen af ew km south into W1532. Thats where the Brits attacked the I & II SS panzer corps in Epsom and Goodwood. Thats all clear tank country (eg Villers Brettoneux). Its only the western side of Normandy that was bocage (using map underlays on our wif maps its the northern 2/3rds of W1733 that is bocage and the bottom third clear, I've just rounded to the nearest).



    23. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield 3 days ago

      Hi Harry, I think the forest should be in 1632, effectively the Caen hex which is just to east of Le Harve as opposed to South of St. Malo. Regards. Phil

    24. Harry Rowland Creator 3 days ago

      Gidday Top Deck,

      the wif companion will include hi-res graphics of all the files including the maps which you are welcome to print for your own personal use.


    25. Harry Rowland Creator 3 days ago

      Gidday John,

      we don't have a quick guide yet, altho we are working on a change document and may well do a quick guide as well.

      WHat I will be setting up in the next few days is a vassal version of the first scenario (fall of France) with recommended set up. I will also put on our web stie ( an opponents wanted blog so everyone cna download the vassal version and play with an experienced opponent. Easiest way to learn the rules is to get someone else to do it for you.


    26. Missing avatar

      Harold Martin-Vignerte Collaborator 3 days ago

      Hi John, brand new players should at best contact a group in their vicinity to watch for an evening or join us at EuroWifCon :) As an alternative I suggest finding an experienced player who will play 1 turn with you the internet. As a last Resort, do it solitaire: play one impulse of the land scenario barbarossa 41 (toss out all optional units, all optional rules, ignore supply rules, toss out all naval units etc.) and slowly go through ground strikes, land movement and land combat solitaire. Reread the rules and repeat the Impulse...Then proceed to naval units, supply rules etc. Harold

    27. Missing avatar

      john gallagher 3 days ago

      Hi, question for harry, is there a quick start rules reference for brand new players? Thanks

    28. Missing avatar

      Top Deck Games 3 days ago

      I'm guessing that I'm one of a small minority but I have a question. What about us gamers who play the game on a magnetic wall map? I don't see how a mounted map can work for me at all. Is there any way I can get a digital file of the maps after I buy the game so that I can print them for my personal use on a wall. I have enjoyed this game and supported it multiple times since I am definitely an old grognard...and I hope to continue supporting this awesome game for many more years. Thanks Harry for a great game.

    29. Harry Rowland Creator 3 days ago

      Thousands have contributed to wifworld over the years Phillip, I just provide the framework, you provide the curtains.


    30. Harry Rowland Creator 3 days ago

      Morning all,

      just uploaded the final maps to the downloads section of our website ( These are the maps the printers are proofing. If you discover any errors pls give me a hoy asap.

      Also put the final immortal dedications up on the downloads section of our website. Those are the dedications being printed. Again we are awaiting proof so if we have stuffed up pls contact me asap.

      2 down (counters and maps), 3 to go (rules, charts and box).


    31. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield 4 days ago

      Hi Harry great news about the forest, my small contribution to an awesome game!

    32. Harry Rowland Creator 5 days ago

      Gidday Phillip,

      it wasn't me making that point and the bocage is now a brand spanking new forest (I agree, blitzing thru this simply wasn't an option, forest still allows you to use the blitz table but you can't blitz thru the hex and nor should you be able to).

      Thanks again for everyone's input, the game will be better for it.


    33. Harry Rowland Creator 5 days ago

      Thanks H, I'll check it out, only the big maps have gone in yet we still have a few days before we have to get in the 3 A3 maps/displays.

      Hopefully you'll learn a lot from these maps, incredible amount of research (eg Russian railways based on a 1942 NKVD report, the place names are all their 1940s names (eg Molotov rather than Perm) and even capitals have changed (bet you don't know what the 1951 capital of Pakistan was without looking at our WiF maps, unless of course you're from Pakistan, in which case I'm appalled you don't know:).


    34. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield 5 days ago

      Hi Harry, take the point that it is a big hex in representing 60miles but going from St Malo east the bocage held up not just the Brits but also the Americans for a considerable period of time. Will leave with you, but never feels right to be able to land then just blitz in land. Cheers. Phil

    35. Missing avatar

      HOYT 5 days ago

      Amazing work Harry.

      I was looking at the Americas map have one minor comment and given the odds that there will never be a unit in these hexes I can see expending no energy on it. I believe there should be a straits hexside between 0602 and 0703 (similar to 0404 and 0405). The southern end of Chile can only be accessed from the rest of Chile by boat or air. Since redrawing the map to reflect a new coastline seems like way to much work for the amount of business this area is likely to generate, I thought a strait hexside might accomplish the intent.

      Thanks again for your monumental effort on this project!


    36. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN 5 days ago

      No Harry, I played it with the real-life component, I replaced Guderian with another HQ though, I did not have Guderian available with the current counters. Supposed it was an HQ-A and replaced it with Rommel instead.

    37. Missing avatar

      Harold Martin-Vignerte Collaborator 5 days ago

      I'd like to remind anybody interested to stop by next month in Germany and play the new countersets and rules with an experienced Wiffer. Check out for details. The new maps were just sent to the printing and the new counters will follow. So nothing to stop you from trying out this great game in a perfect environment: 5 full WiF games biong played in parallel by 25 players. You can see all action and strategies live. Germany has the lead at the beginning and you will see the brilliant tactic of rolling a 20 on a lone attack on Gibraltar (rolling 20 on land combat is always a good recommended tactic) till the poor strategic overview of letting the russians break the pact in 1940. Check out the hopmepage or attach a comment here. Regards, Harold

    38. Harry Rowland Creator 5 days ago

      Its a tricky one. Mathieu is not the first to suggest it (I already have prior emails in my maps errata file) and you can't argue it held them up,worse than forest many veterans will tell you (not the Huertgen forest granted, that gave everyone the heebie jeebies).
      I'm inclined to do it I have to admit, and the maps go to the printers in 3 hours...


    39. Missing avatar

      Wendell A Collaborator 5 days ago

      I think I agree with Steven - it's a big hex...

    40. Missing avatar

      Steven Adamo 5 days ago

      I'm not sure the bocage in that area would warrant a woods hex - the road network in the area was sufficient, I think, to preclude an actual woods hex there. I base this on games of the landings I've played where there was a distinct difference in what a woods hex would represent as an impediment vs. bocage. My best guess... :-)

    41. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      Its not actually the Caen hex we are talking about (very north of W1631) but W1732 east of St-Malo, whether that should be forest to represent the bocage.


    42. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      Gidday Mathieu,

      was that on the vassal version? If so could you send me an optimal set up as I want to post it up on our website in the next couple of days so pledgers can download it and try World in FLames collector's edition right now (well when its posted anyway).


    43. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      No worries Phil will check it out. What do others think about Caen?


    44. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield 6 days ago

      Hi Harry, have always thought 1623 the Caen hex should be a forest to reflect the bocage- no arm bonus and difficult to flip. Sorry for delay about the Fb group- life has intervened will get into you this week. Cheers. Phil

    45. Missing avatar

      Wendell A Collaborator 6 days ago

      Hi Mathieu,

      The special rules ("Maps used") for Victory in the West do include Morocco in the allowable areas. (Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco, Netherlands, Senegal, UK) So it's in play!

    46. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN 6 days ago

      @Harry @Wendell
      Tried the "Victory in the West" scenario today, it was fun! Shouldn't Morocco be offlimit though? The rules are not clear about that? (not that it matters a lot)

    47. Missing avatar

      Pavel Friš 6 days ago

      Carsten, you are right, it doesn't make sense to overlap the mounted maps. Even so GMT has made the maps for the Unconditional Surrender in the way they have to overlap the maps. Simply put they only use paper maps and made them mounted without cutting the hexes at the edge of one map.

    48. Missing avatar

      Carsten Møller Jensen 6 days ago

      the maps in collecters edition is mounted on carboard so it makes no point in overlaping

    49. Missing avatar

      Pavel Friš 6 days ago

      Hi Harry,

      can I ask how do you solved the edges of the maps? Is it necessary to put part of the one map over another to get the full map - for example west part of Eastern Europe map over east part of the Western Europe map? That is not problem with the paper maps but with the hard-mounted maps this could make troubles. I am asking because I have seen new mounted maps for the Unconditional Surrender and it is necessary to partially put the eastern part of the map over the western part which is, in my opinion, terrible solution.


    50. Missing avatar

      Brian Habel 6 days ago

      Thanks Harry
      Yes, Australia being further away from Canada than Canada to Japan defineatly makes sense. I guess this will be all part of the fun, discovering all these subtle nuances with CE. I'm sure some of the old tricks when playing this, will need a make over. Can't wait.

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