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International award winning WWII strategy game. Largest boardgame ever made, 2.27 m2. All major aircraft, naval and land units included
International award winning WWII strategy game. Largest boardgame ever made, 2.27 m2. All major aircraft, naval and land units included
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    1. Missing avatar

      Siyuan Xu about 1 hour ago

      Got my box at the beginning of the month, but too busy to report. the box are huge, really huge and I am shocked when the postman handed it over to me. thanks for making the game. the contents are beautiful.

    2. Harry Rowland Creator about 17 hours ago

      arrrgh! thats the price the Swiss pay for for being too neutral.


    3. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN 1 day ago

      Hello Harry,
      The Resources & Factories chart is missing Switzerland and its two blue factories. Thus the total count of blue factories is 131.

    4. Harry Rowland Creator 4 days ago

      Gidday Michael,

      David's right, you can freely download the full-colour PDFs of the rules at the downloads section of our site ( along with the charts and lots of other stuff.

      Hep you enjoy the game.


    5. Harry Rowland Creator 4 days ago

      Gidday Fredrik,

      I'll chat to Ben, find out what is happening with DHL and see what we can do.


    6. David Sunnergren 4 days ago

      To Michael: To rules are availible on adg's homepage.

    7. Fredrik Andersson 5 days ago

      Unfortunately my package is lost somewhere in delivery. According to the shipping notice from the delivery company it should have been delivered to me three weeks ago at a time when no one was around at home to receive it. None of my neighbours have seen it either.

      Your German shipping agent, Mr Richter, is very helpful and looking into it with the delivery company DHL, even though it will take a couple of weeks for them to answer. If it comes to the worst and DHL has left the package on the street and it subsequently got stolen, is it still possibly to get hold of another copy of the game?

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael E. Kelly
      5 days ago

      I would like to be able to give other players a copy of the rules to read, especially before we get together to play. I can make copies, but I was wondering if there is an electronic copy available? Thanks, I am looking forward to playing this monster of a game.

    9. Harry Rowland Creator 5 days ago

      Actually scratch that Mathieu, I went back and checked the working papers and the CW ARM should have an availability date of 1940, not 1942 so you set up the Arm division.


    10. Harry Rowland Creator 5 days ago

      Gidday Sean,

      thanks for that, picked up the missing shading and have added it to our list for the typesetter.


    11. Harry Rowland Creator 5 days ago

      Gidday Mathieu,

      sorry about that it should be a Mech division.


    12. Missing avatar

      Carsten Møller Jensen 5 days ago

      there are no divisions in the demo game

    13. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN 5 days ago

      Hey everyone,
      So in the Victory of the West scenario, there's a Commonwealth division-sized ARM which is supposed to arrive in S/O 1940 but I can't find such a div in the counters. The first CW div ARM is added in the 1942 annual additions, right? So what should we use instead? I used the "10" division-sized MECH for now

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse 5 days ago

      Hi Harry,

      I'm not sure where an official channel is to report bugs in the rulebook, so apologies. I wanted to point out there appears to be a bug between page 53 and 54 in the box rulebook. It looks like the highlighting is lost when turning from page 53 to 54.

    15. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      Gidday Mathieu and Richard,

      thank you for your very kind words, it is a beautiful game.

      I haven't cut my counters out yet, I love looking at them in their cradle. My two favourite countersheets are the back of CS 9 and the front of CS 46. The back of CS 9 because of the panoply of nations, the riot of colour. It's a damning portent of how the poor old US player is going to be sea-hagged constantly through the game.

      Of the 106 aircraft the US get in total, an amazing 56 of them are available for lend lease to all your poor impoverished so-called allies. And for 19 of the juiciest of these 56 aircraft you are going to have more than one major power whisper in your shell-like about one (or more) of your precious, "Don't give it to them, they are gormless muppets, haven't got a clue, the only way we can win is if you give it to me, you know it makes sense!". Solomon's decision, keep it yourself! That way you keep them both unhappy!

      As to CS 46 I love the Commonwealth flags. Can't resist buying a game with an aussie flag in it, so I own at least one game, GDW's Pearl Harbor, and even there they forgot the Union Jack in the corner (damnable Republicans!).

      Have fun with the game and hope you like the harmony of the numbers (eg the cascading values and years of all the nations' carrier planes, a huge amount of thought went into that generating an 8 dimension s/s).


      PS Have you noticed the subliminal message in the Construction Pool image?

    16. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      Gidday Mictian,

      glad you got your game. As the games are printed in Prague and then forwarded to agents in the USA. Germany and Australia. The games from Mexico are onsent from our agent in Michigan after we have paid the duty into the USA. That's definitely cheaper than sending it from Prague to Australia to Mexico.


    17. Mictlan
      6 days ago

      WiF Deluxe package arrive here in Mexico. Is it possible to still ask for the other stuff? If I have it shipped to Australia itself (Canberra9 would it be cheaper than send it all the wayt to Mexico right?

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard Thomas 6 days ago

      WiF Collectors Edition Deluxe arrived in rain soaked Central Florida this morning. Cheers to UPS for caring enough to wrap the package in plastic! Game looks beautiful!

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard_Chilton 7 days ago

      For control markers we use DoD II and DoD III counters. We have a couple copies of that game (including German control markers with Ircn Crosses and the Nazi symbol) so we have more than enough to flag hexes and lines. Sometimes when playing with DoD III it matters if a hex was taken by the US, UK, or France (mostly when they don't all have level three alliances).

    20. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN on May 13

      Finally got my greedy hands on the beast, the monster. The final quality is outstanding, especially the maps. They are gorgeous, thick, and the transition between two maps is perfect, precise. I really liked that the wrapping cards around the counters are 2d10 tables (x2) and a terrain effect chart (x1). Those are really great complement to the 5 player charts.

      The counter are beautiful and really thicker, sturdier. It took me 2 days to cut them 4800 out and store them in counter trays, ones of the best two days of my life :D

    21. David Sunnergren on May 12

      We would like a bunch of control markers (axis versus allies) to keep track on important hexes. In the past we've done that on the map (since it is laminated) but with the hard top map we need to show control in an other way

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse on May 12

      Hey Harry,

      If you're looking for some possible new chits to put onto that errata counter sheet, might I suggest the territory markers I've drawn up for marking control? I know WiF doesn't include such a thing, but marking territory can be important and I've always thought it would be neat to have them. See the thread I made over in BGG about them, including the links to the sheets I made. Feel free to use them if you like!

    23. Harry Rowland Creator on May 12

      thanks for that Sean.


    24. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse on May 12

      Subtle campaign book error. The table of contents shows Global War starting on page 33. It actually starts on page 34.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jean-Charles on May 12

      Sorry, no error on the set-up.

    26. Missing avatar

      Yannis on May 12

      Jean-Charles' idea sounds good to me!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jean-Charles on May 12

      for the 90 counter, i love from MWiF the option to have unlimited Division counter for Breakdown corps, this divison without year could only be use to beakdown corps
      - INF ( 1-3 / 2-3 / 1-4 / 2-4 )
      - MOT ( 2-4 / 1-5 / 2-5 )
      - MECH ( 2-5 / 2-6 / 3-5 )
      - ARM ( 2-5 / 2-6 / 3-5 )
      - CAV ( 1-5 )
      Perhaps 1 or 2 for MAR, MTN and PARA

    28. Missing avatar

      Jean-Charles on May 12

      I think there is a error for Victory int eh West ( pg 66 )
      Set-up germany PiF : 2 LND2 when there is 1 ( Ju-87B1 - 1938 ) all other from WiFC are already set-up

    29. Harry Rowland Creator on May 12

      Gidday WIffers,

      just posted up the latest text rules and campaign books (with hyperlinks and errata), the xl setups for all campaigns (including errata) and the latest errata in the downloads section of our site (

      As pointed out we are bringing out a 100 counter countersheet for the few recalcitrant counters and also leaves 90 counters free for extra counters.

      What would you like to see? Please give me a hoy and as soon as I have the draft version done I will post it too up on our website.

      Hope you are enjoying the game.


    30. Harry Rowland Creator on May 11

      Gidday Sean,

      sorry to hear about the box. Feel free to give your local agent Mark a hoy at and we'll try to rustle up a spare for you.


    31. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse on May 11

      Hi Harry! Just received my copy in Kentucky.

      Unfortunately it was dropped on a corner pretty badly and the box is damaged pretty good, split the lid and the body, but the contents are great. Thanks for the beautiful game! Too bad the box is damaged.

    32. Harry Rowland Creator on May 10

      OK great bsctgod, we'll reimburse your mate for the onshipping.

      Hope you enjoy the game.


    33. Missing avatar

      bsctgod on May 10

      Thanks, Harry. I had a friend in Columbus grab it from my old doorstep. He's going to ship it to me tomorrow. Mark called me and we're working things out.


    34. Harry Rowland Creator on May 10

      Sorry about that bsctgod, if you can't get it forwarded please contact Mark your local agent at and he should be able to contact USPS to see if it can be returned. Be assured one way or another you will get your game shortly.


    35. Missing avatar

      bsctgod on May 10

      I have a serious problem. My game was shipped to my old address in Ohio and I am in Wisconsin. I moved at the beginning of May. I told the NA agent about my change of address but he shipped it there anyway. It's literally sitting at the door of my old place. If I can't get it sent to my new address, what recourse do I have?

    36. Missing avatar

      Jlmcp on May 10

      My copy has arrived in California! Can’t wait to spend the weekend poring over the rules and punching markers.

    37. Missing avatar

      Josh Bayer on May 9

      Received mine today. (Pennsylvania, USA) Fabulous! (But,ooof, now I need a hernia truss.)

    38. Missing avatar

      Wendell A Collaborator on May 9

      Oh right. For the two Somalilands I believe so long as they are within their territory. For Sardinia, I believe it would be so long as the TERR is on that island.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bo Stenhuus on May 9

      yes but Sardinia, Fr Somaliland and Br Somaliland are not a countries (they have no capitals) they are territories

    40. Missing avatar

      Wendell A Collaborator on May 9

      Any time a TERR is in a hex in its home country...

    41. Missing avatar

      Bo Stenhuus on May 9

      sorry - one more question about the new terrirotials from territories - when are they considered to be in their home countries for combat modifiers

    42. Missing avatar

      Bo Stenhuus on May 8

      rule question concerning the new territorial from Sardinia. Is Cagliari a primary supply source for the unit? The rules does not state how territorials in territories are treated. The rules only describes territorials from minor and major countries.

    43. Missing avatar

      TomdAvignon on May 7

      Received the game yesterday! Impressed by quality (and weight) Make me feel like when I opened my first Wif 25 or so years ago ;) Félicitations! Will DoDIII, Patif, Aif, the african and scandivanian maps be upgrated in the same standards and esthetics? Or perhaps I missed something if they already are. Thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Yannis on May 7

      Is the "Cruiser in Flames" stuff included in the counter mix of the CE edition ?

    45. Missing avatar

      Yannis on May 7

      Gidday Harry. The games finally reached my home! Very impressed by the quality of the stuff. Gorgeous! Very well done. Thanks 😊

    46. Missing avatar

      YR on May 7

      Wendell, thanks. Those are the ones I am referring to.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN on May 7

      I will pledge Empire in Arms with no doubt. If the graphic quality is on par with World in Flames, it's a no brainer.

    48. David Sunnergren on May 7

      I feel a strong need to back EiA even though my group propbably won't go back and play it again. But who knows?

    49. Harry Rowland Creator on May 6

      Only Europe, and yep Empires in Arms: the collector's edition is next year's project.


    50. Missing avatar

      Wendell A Collaborator on May 6

      Johnboyire, the Napoleonic game is Empires in Arms. A full 7-player game of that is one of the great wargaming experiences one can have. It's a big and long game, but not NEARLY as large or long as WIF. A lot fewer counters for one thing!

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