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International award winning WWII strategy game. Largest boardgame ever made, 2.27 m2. All major aircraft, naval and land units included
International award winning WWII strategy game. Largest boardgame ever made, 2.27 m2. All major aircraft, naval and land units included
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jan Einar Tamber about 10 hours ago

      When will you print the Scandinavia map?

    2. Harry Rowland Creator about 11 hours ago

      Gidday Matthieu,

      I'm very pleased you asked.

      In the beginning,,,..

      World in Flames first edition had 3 campaigns. 31 years later the current (7th) edition has 11. Now just like everything else in World in Flames, we have taken this to a whole new level with 22! campaigns, several never publicly seen before, all of them updated and revised to Collector's edition standard and even 6 World in Flames series games' (America in Flames, Planes in Flames and Days of Decision) set ups (again updated to Collector's edition standard).

      Thus our First class members who own the World in Flames super-deluxe package, can start setting up and playing these campaigns right now (as can all current World in Flames owners with all the other campaigns, they work for both the current and Collector's edition).

      This is the last thing that needs to be typeset before going to the printers next Thursday. Thus if you come across any issues with the Campaign notes or setups pls give me a hoy at within the next 48 hours.

      You can download the World in Flames collector's edition Campaign and Players' Notes set up pack (which includes the game historical victory point charts) from the downloads section of our website (

      We are expecting the game to be finished printing early December. Of course it still has to wing its way around the world but we are hoping to have it shipped to you and in your hot little hands before Christmas (just one more push to tidy everything up before we hop the bags and go over the top!).

      Thank you for your wonderful support for our games. I can't believe it, 34 years of effort is almost done!

      Harry Rowland

    3. Harry Rowland Creator about 11 hours ago

      Gidday Hans,

      very sorry about that it should only affect German customers and not anyone else (its only a law in Germany). I have advised our agents to put the sticker on the outside of the shrink wrapping and hopefully that wont be an issue in future. If the sticker doesnt come off without wrecking the box, please contact Kandice our worldwide agent on and she should be able to arrange a replacement.


    4. Hans Peter Bak 1 day ago

      Hi Harry.
      I got the first shipment, Am.In Flames, Patton, Days of D.III and some other stuff, and I must let out a *sigh*. While it's fine and dandy and it's all there - DoD III has been vandalized. The cover has a very big sticker on it right where Hitler sits.

      I know some of the german laws regarding the nazi party and the swastika but this is ridiculous. Couldn't you have put the sticker on the wrappings instead of spoiling the cover? It's bloody hard to take off!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN 3 days ago

      Hey Harry,
      Any news on that scenario booklet? :) It may be the most exciting new stuff I'm waiting for :)

    6. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      Gidday Sean,

      no it won't. The earliest it will be out is early december and thats assuming I can work full time on it (rather than emails and blogs).

      I will post updates on our website particularly in the downloads section as items are finished and ready to go. The last major item is the campaigns booklet where I am finishing the 22 campaigns it contains. I will post that up later today if I get it finished in time.Pls check it out as we are hoping to send it off to typesetting on wednesday and if you have any feedbakc I need it before then.

      I apologise for the delay but its a massive project and needs my full attention if we are going to get it from the printers and to you by Christmas.


    7. Harry Rowland Creator 6 days ago

      Gidday Yannis,

      surveys are handled by kisckstarter but as you ordered via our website as well we already have your details and our european agent knows where to send out your game (Ive emailed this to you directly).

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse on November 10

      Hi Harry,

      Any word on the printing? Just curious if things were still on schedule for the end of this week as you mentioned.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Cleaveland on November 9

      Phillip-this was on the ADG website:

      World in Flames Map set consists of:
      • 4 large (574 x 820mm) full-colour hard-mounted maps covering most of the world (West Europe & Africa, East Europe & the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific);
      • One 297 x 420 mm full-colour hard-mounted map of The Americas; and
      • One 297 x 420 mm full-colour hard-mounted Turn record chart.

    10. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield on November 6

      Thanks Harry, really looking forward to release.could you let me if possible have the map dimensions for them as a pair so can start to figure out if my trays will be big enough to house them. Thanks. Phil

    11. Missing avatar

      Yannis on November 6

      Hi guys. Sorry but where to find the survey to complete ? I didn't received any email about it and I can't find a link. (I am a newbie on KS). I don't want to miss the game (although I also pre-ordered another copy on the ADG website :-))



    12. Missing avatar

      john gallagher on November 6

      Hi, looking good for pre-christmas delivery, looking forward to getting my hands on my order

    13. Harry Rowland Creator on November 6

      Gidday Phillip,

      the counters and some of the maps are already printed and starting to be mounted. The final map proofs for the others and all the covers have been approved for printing later this week. The charts are finished and ready for proofing, the rules are being typeset and I'm finalising and editing the 21 (not 20 as claimed, we couldn't count up to 21) campaign set ups for the campaign and players' guide. That is the last thing that needs to be done and I'm hoping that will go to typesetting at the end of the week.

      Its now estimated to be all finished printing, folding, mounting, diecutting, boxed and wrapped by the end of November.

      Sorry its taken longer than expected but it is the world's most massive boardgame project ever and I'm spending several hours a day emailing and informing customers about what is going on and I only have so many hours in a day.


    14. Harry Rowland Creator on November 6

      Gidday Matthieu,

      each mapboard is A1 in size (594mm x 820mm).


    15. Scott Chisholm
      on November 4

      Dave and Andrew - Thanks!

    16. Dave LeLacheur Collaborator on November 4

      Thanks Scott for your interest. WiF Blitz (I'm the designer) was published as "Blitz: A World in Conflict" fyi. Fatal Alliances 3 would be a great run-up to WiF as it uses the same core rules by the way. Cheers, Dave L.

    17. Andrew Rader Collaborator on November 4

      Hi Scott -

      WiF Blitz is a simpler version of World in Flames that can be played in a day (or maybe a weekend). It was designed by Dave Lelacher
      Fatal Alliances is a World War 1 version of World in Flames. I'm the designer for that one.

    18. Scott Chisholm
      on November 3

      Okay, having a mildly senior moment. I notice Compass Games is having a sale. Weren't there some of their games that had relevance to WiF? I seem to remember two of them, but cannot remember which ones.... Help?



    19. Missing avatar

      Mathieu MARTIN on November 2

      Also Harry, can you tell us what is the size of a two maps board (Western+Eastern europe for instance)? Because I'd like to buy some kind of wood board to protect from the DAMN CAT at night :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield on October 31

      Any news please Harry?

    21. Missing avatar

      john gallagher on October 30

      Great sounds good!

    22. Harry Rowland Creator on October 30

      Gidday John,

      the counters,map and box cover are being printed, the rules book is being typeset and I'm doing the final edits on the last thing, the scenarios book with all the setups and hopefully that will be off to typesetting next weekend.

      I wasn't at Essen but our European agent sent a couple of photos to me and I will get Poppy, our media and marketing manager to post the best up on facebook.


    23. Missing avatar

      john gallagher on October 27

      Hi all any updates that can be shared on production? Maybe some images of the box art/ contents, etc that you could share on Facebook? Some pictures of the stand at Essen. Would be great

    24. Harry Rowland Creator on October 23

      Gidday Melhilion,

      I'm afraid we'll have to have a rain cheque on our catch up. We've got a booth at Spiel (Hall 8 booth C102) and we'll be ably represented by Eric our worldwide manager and Benjamin our European manager but alas Cat and I will be stuck in Australia finishing off the rules and scenarios so we can get the game to you as soon as possible (mid to late november assuming I work flat chat).

      The counters, maps and covers are all at the printers getting printed now and its only the rules ans scenarios to go (all written of course but still need last editing and typesetting prior to printing).

      So hope you and everyone else off to Spiel have a great time, we've got your superdeluxe reserved for your pick up (with a 40 euro refund for partial freight) and I look forward to catching up next year.


    25. Melhilion
      on October 17

      ok - completed my survey - we'll meet in essen on 29th :-)

    26. Harry Rowland Creator on October 16

      Hi guys,

      Phillip - soft cover

      Matteo-check my blog

      Hans VM-sorry we ran out of time, The collector's edition will not now be released till mid-november earliest.We will have all the other components of the Superdeluxe available and everyone who picks it up there will receive 40 euros cashback for saved freight (of the 66 euros (Australian$99) paid).


      Now back to finishing your game.


    27. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield on October 16

      Hi Harry, is the rule book going to be hard back or paper back?

    28. Matteo Castagnoli on October 16

      Can we have some news for the free immortal dedication in the Super Deluxe package? Thk :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Hans VM on October 15

      Firstly, thanks for all the hard work on getting the game out, my friends and I can't wait to play it come November.
      Secondly, (sorry if this question has been asked before, I'm new at this Kickstarter thing): is it still possible to pick up the game at Essen if you pledged for the Deluxe edition and if so, where should I put this in the survey ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse on October 15

      Hi melhilion,

      That's what I did. I just put "WiF Collectors Deluxe Edition + shipping" in that field.

    31. Melhilion
      on October 15

      concering your survey... The answer to the question: 'please confirm if you have pledge one, or....'

      i just answer: 1 WiF Super Deluxe Game Set

      is that correct?

    32. JLLongshore on October 15

      Hello Harry, not sure if you are interested in this but some previous kickstarters that I have been involved with have posted a late pledge option, where individuals interested in their product but missed it can still pledge FYI

    33. Missing avatar

      Graf on October 15

      Hello Fellow Wiffers. Eurowifcon just ended. Was a great convention like every year. We had 6 Tables with 5 Players each. I played Japan and was total crushed (lost Tokio in Nov/Dec 1944). Was an automatic Victory since the other Axis capitals were conquered before. Thx to Harry and the other staff for this great game. Hope to meet you next year again.

      Greetings from Germany
      Markus G

    34. Mike Burns
      on October 15

      How do I claim the naming for a ship or airplane for the SuerpDeluxe order?

    35. Harry Rowland Creator on October 15

      PS And the ADG booth at Essen is Hall 8 Booth C102.


    36. Harry Rowland Creator on October 15

      Hi Guys,

      sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I didn't ks keeps going.

      Answers to your questions. Xelvonar no worries happy to give you a ks receipt after we get the money from kickstarter.

      And Melhilion unfortunately as stated in the last update we just ran out of time to get the Collectors edition game out by Essen but we should have your superdeluxe there for you (its in transit now) and you are going to need a reasonable backpack. They are only standard boxed game sizes but there are 3 games, a couple of annuals and some kits so you are looking at something like 320mm x 240mm x 250 or so mm.

      FInally not sure I can even make it as I have to finish the rules and get them in to the printers so the game comes out as soon after Essen as possible. But our European and worldwide agents will be there and if I get the rules in to the printers in time, might make a surprise pop in.

      Thanks again for all your awesome support everyone.


    37. Melhilion
      on October 14

      hey - anyone knows how the dimensions of the boxes are? i am going to pick up at essen so i need to know how big my backpack has to be.

    38. Missing avatar

      Xelvonar on October 9

      Hi Harry,

      I'm excited to get my hands on this. Is it possible to get some sort of receipt for this Kickstarter charge? I can get reimbursed for this as a purchase for a club at school.

    39. Missing avatar

      john gallagher on October 6

      Hi Harry and team, please keep the updates coming, be it on samples of chits/maps or whatever else you are up to, it takes the edge off until November : ) and staves off the wheres my stuff / why did that country get their delivery and not mine comments. ( Unlikely as there's a very civilized bunch on here compared to some other campaigns)

    40. Missing avatar

      john gallagher on October 4

      Empire in arms, if you are kick-starting count me in

    41. Missing avatar

      Harold Martin-Vignerte Collaborator on October 4

      Hi Harry, indeed very impressive, also the time dedicated to anwering all the queeries while getting the game froward. This friday, we will start a deluxe campaign at the EuroWifCon with the new ruels and maps, so really looking forward to it...Thanks Harry, Harold

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Balling on October 4

      Job well done.

      Congratulations to Harry and the team. May I suggest launching kickstarter campaigns for the stretch goals that didn´t make it.

      And Empires in Arms off course...

      Christmas is in november this year. Cant wait to get gaming with my new game!

    43. Missing avatar

      Hideyuki Nonoyama on October 3

      Congratulations! And I'm also looking forward to next campaign, 7 ages.

    44. Missing avatar

      john gallagher on October 3

      Congrats great campaign.

    45. Missing avatar

      Le Vern Xavier on October 3

      Hi Harry and ADG !
      Congratulations for this succesfull KS campaign ! I'm really excited to receive my WIF wargames serie ! Since I begame wargaming in 1980, WIF had always been some king of Graal for me. Thanks for making it becomes real !

    46. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mansfield on October 2

      Congratulations and So looking forward to playing this and of course playing you Harry via vassal!

    47. Missing avatar

      Kevin Moore
      on October 2

      Congratulations Harry on a superbly run KickStarter campaign! You certainly wouldn't realise that your were a KickStarter Virgin...Well, apart from the fact that you had mentioned it once or twice! LOL

      Now the "hard" work's been a walk in the park so far, right? :)

      Can't believe that this thing of beauty will be on my gaming table next month! :-D

      Well done mate!

    48. Harry Rowland Creator on October 2

      Just one last comment in these last minutes to thank everyone who has helped in this amazing kickstarter effort, most prominently James Evans who has been the behind the scenes operator setting all this up, with no knowledge at all prior I think he's run an amazingly smooth campaign, then my son for directing and editing the ks video, my daughter and Peter's friends Tom and Daniel for being such great stars, Terry Hannagan for his superb narration, Eloise for her camerawork, my sister Belinda for providing logistic support and the location for the film shoot (as well as Australasian manager), all the playtest team who have done a prodigious amount helping getting the collector's edition into shape, all the other executives of ADG, Poppy, Donna, Eric, Benjamin and Ruediger who have been overwhelmed with orders and emails, Wendell, Dave and Andrew for agreeing to become collaborators and have done a great job answering wif queries, and last but definitely far from least, my gorgeous partner Cat who has been a rock for me and a huge support particularly in these last few exceedingly stressful months, thank you one and all.

      And finally I'd like to thank you, the collector's edition members, who have made all the prodigious effort worthwhile, thank you very much for your fabulous support.

      The ks is about to end, but if you're reading this after its over, you can still order the Collector's edition with all the trimmings at the advance order price on the adg website ( until the official release of the game (expected mid-November).

      Thank you all once more and see you on the beaches of Normandy, the snows of Russia or the tiny island of Midway (hands off that's mine!) real soon.


    49. Harry Rowland Creator on October 2

      Thank you all very mich its very sweet and it does mean a lot. For the last few months of my 10 years as a hermit in a cave slaving over a hot counter or some mine in Siberia I've had the odd panic attack "what if they gave a game and nobody came?"

      The panic attacks have stopped so thanks very much for that and for your awesome support.


    50. Missing avatar

      Steven Adamo on October 2

      With only a couple of hours left, I'd like to take a moment to thank Harry Rowland and his ADG team for this wonderful chunk of our hobby's history, World in Flames. The legacy you've created here is one of the greatest in our hobby, and you should be justly proud of it. Bravo!

      And after a great Kickstarter campaign, Harry, you've got a few hundred wargamers out here just DROOLING over the prospect of seeing this masterpiece of yours finally arrive on our tables.

      It's MY favorite game of all time, and it's given me untold hours of pleasure, which I'm sure will continue with this release. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this. :-)

      Thank you again, Harry, and I hope you find time for yourself after all this is put to bed - you've certainly earned it!


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