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A chance meeting between a man and a woman at a café forces them to be brutally honest about their history.

Hello everyone!

STRANGERS is a passion project that I started back in the summer of 2011. So far every part of the process has been funded entirely by me (painfully), but we've been blessed to have the help of awesome collaborators who were so generous with their time and creative efforts. 

Now that post-production on the film is finally done, we are ready to send it off to various festivals both in the US and abroad. We want the chance to share this story to a broader audience because we believe in this film. This will also be an opportunity for all of our collaborators, cast, and crew to see that all of their hard work did not go to waste.

However, festival submission fees are far from cheap, ranging from $45 to $90 (plus shipping fees, DVDs, HDCAM production fees, press kits, etc.) and we need your help to get this film out. With the goal set at $1,000, we can potentially send the film to a dozen film festivals. That would be amazing! The more money we're able to raise, the more opportunities we'll have to get "Strangers" on the big screen.

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Miles Meili, Samantha Daniel - Cast (

Kevin, Lambert, David Milanaik, Mathieu Stewart, Whitney Thompson, Hannah Kim :: Background Actors

Sarah Yejin Jung :: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (

Sun-Ho Pak :: Executive Producer (

Nick Calder :: Director of Photography (

Whitney Thompson :: 1st Assistant Director

Dan Smukalla :: 1st Assistant Camera (

Kevin Lambert :: Chief Lighting Technician 

James Aboa :: Lighting Technician

Aedel Park :: Make=up/Hair

Hannah Kim :: Script Supervisor, Set Dresser

June Shin, David Oxenbridge, Eric Chae, Erik Osburn, Jack Park :: Grips

Jeong-Won Yang, So-Hee Jin at In Bloom Studio :: ADR, Foley, Mastering (

Ben Gortmaker :: Music (

Daniel Lim of Fawn Fruits :: Artwork (

YoonJu Chung :: Graphic Designer (

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Twitter: @sarahyejinjung



  • It was filmed in Seoul, South Korea but finished up color and music in the States.

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  • Right now, we cannot post it up or screen it publicly. You can watch it at a festival nearby, assuming it gets accepted. Or you can pledge $25 or more to receive your personal copy of STRANGERS on DVD.

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  • We are trying our very best to compile a list of festivals that will be most beneficial for the film. Most notable festivals are located in big metropolitan cities in the US. We also plan on submitting to a few Korean festivals along with other festivals abroad. If you have any suggestions, let us know and include why you believe we should submit.

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  • Your pledge will be used in the following ways:

    1. Festival submission fee - $45-90 per festival

    2. Shipping material/postage - $3-4 per festival

    3. DVD material - $2 per festival

    If accepted by festival...

    1. HDCAM (exhibition copy) production fee - $100-150 per festival

    2. Shipping material/postage - $3-4 per festival

    3. Print material - $10-20 per festival (big estimate, depending on festival)

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  • You can visit the tumblr or twitter provided above for updates. If you pledge, you will also be notified of any festival updates.

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    All of the above plus a DVD copy of STRANGERS.

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    All of the above plus a poster of STRANGERS.

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    All of the above plus a thank you credit in the film.

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