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Taking the first 4 issues of my webcomic bean and compiling them into a graphic novel.
246 backers pledged $8,126 to help bring this project to life.

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the last update

Posted by travis hanson (Creator)

HI all - this is the last email for this project. I so appreciated all of your support. All of the books except for the few of you that did not give me your address, are in the mail. We'll keep checking though, because I want everyone to get their reward.

Now a lot of you asked when I would be launching a kickstarter for vol 2. Well follow the link below or drop it in your browser   Book 2 has the same feel and vibe of vol 1. To those that just wanted to help get this started - Thank you - I could not have done it without your help. Keep supporting those projects you like on kickstarter.

thank you once again for your wonderful support.


todays job- signing books

Posted by travis hanson (Creator)

this is todays project- signing books:)

I am also setting up the kickstarter project for book 2:) should begin in a week- once I am done with these

Also get your address survey filled out if you haven't yet to get your rewards.


Almost time.... BOOKS ARE HERE!

Posted by travis hanson (Creator)


So what happens now. Well I need to start drawing in them:) We have a lot of books to ship so it will be a busy 2 weeks.

I will be sending out a survey now for address and other information. This is important if you want your rewards. If I dont know where you live... I cant take care of you.

Thanks again for all the support.


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Books are shipping later this week

Posted by travis hanson (Creator)

Sorry for the delay in updates. The books are shipping this week. They are in what is known as bindery right now, then they ship by freight to get here. It has been a heck of a rollercoaster and I am really excited to see them.

Once I get the books, it will take a few weeks to get all the custom artwork done and then we will be shipping everything.

Also keep an eye out. For us to ship we need your address, so we will be sending out a survey from kickstarter to gather that information.

thanks again for all the support

keep creating- trav

the bean Proofs

Posted by travis hanson (Creator)

I just approved the proofs today and I wanted share the book with you. I am really excited about this and I am very happy on the direction.

Thanks for being a part of this


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