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A magical collection of prints, sketches and art, reminding you to play in your imagination by comic/fantasy artist Travis Hanson.
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Working on the surveys and a special gift

Posted by travis hanson (Creator)

*** Very Important please read and you get something special at the end***

Good morning- 
First off THANK YOU. You helped make this a reality. I am humbled and excited. We made so each person will get 3 extra prints regardless of tier pledge. Also the coloring books are going to the printers monday.

I am really jazzed that things have gone so smoothly.
I got my copies (only 2) of the book thursday. They look incredible and if you looked at the update you will see how big the books are. They are now being boarded on the boat and will be heading stateside. About 3 to 4 weeks. Then I start signing and shipping.

I am setting up the surveys in the next day or so- I wanted to wait a little bit longer until I had the books, but with the amount of people we will need to get your information sooner. We want this to go smoothly. If you move by nov. I will need you to get a hold of me so we can make that change.


Once I finished the book, I realized the message was super special and so I decided to give a pdf with it - for everyone. It's for you and if you find someone that needs a little love or support- please share it. I placed the Link in a special message to everyone- so if you want a pdf of the book you really need to check your ks messages

Thanks again and keep creating


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    1. C Raymond Pechonick on

      Missed this update when it was first posted and was about to message you that you sent me stuff by mistake! What a wonderful surprise! They look wonderful going to get frames to hang them on the kids walls right now!!!

    2. Dave Brown on

      Loved the PDF :) have surveys gone out yet?

    3. travis hanson 10-time creator on

      philip - there will be books available for sale in about 2 months. Until then - if you want to share i would say it's ok but not to the masses yet- lets get the hard copies in everyone's hands first and then we can let the sharing commence:)

    4. Philip Stephen on

      What an awesome book! So inspiring. I wish I had bought more.

      Is it okay to share the pdf with anyone? Facebook friends and such?

      Thanks for sharing your creative spirit!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bowman on

      WOW!! Thanks for the PDF and for adding more prints. This is going to be a great book! Can't wait to hold it in my hands! Amazing what stuff runs around in that creative brain of yours Trav! Thanks again!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Actis-Datta

      Dear Trav,
      Many Many thanks for the PDF.
      Your work is beautiful and inspiring.
      We want to get lost in every single page.
      And I love your drawing style, too.
      Thank You !!!!

    7. Leanne & Bill Blackwell on

      What an incredibly beautiful work you've created. This is by far my favorite project that I've backed. I'm dumbfounded by how much this book moved me. I simply can't wait to hold the book, and turn the pages as I read it to my children.
      Thank You, Travis.

    8. jenna tomlin on

      Wow and wow and thank you for the pdf. It's beautiful and gorgeous. Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you at your Emerald City ComiCon table in 2014 =) I love your work and it does inspire.

    9. Eric Clough on

      So inspirational. Thank you, thank you.

    10. Mike Lang

      Dude, I'm awestruck. The kids I teach are in for a treat.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jon Sprague on

      Now I'm torn... do I look at the PDF, or do I wait until the print version is in hand!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jon Sprague on

      You've gone over and above... so glad to be part of this!

    13. Karen Wallin Ford on

      Looks awesome trav!! Great job!

    14. Ron Krause on

      This is so fantastic. We look forward to the rewards! You continually amaze us in all you do and share. Thank you for helping us keep our imaginations running.