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A magical collection of prints, sketches and art, reminding you to play in your imagination by comic/fantasy artist Travis Hanson.
A magical collection of prints, sketches and art, reminding you to play in your imagination by comic/fantasy artist Travis Hanson.
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the surveys and two prints (a reward) done, Please read!

Hi all

Sorry about not getting the surveys sent right after comic con, but my father and 3 of my children were in a horrific accident. The where t-boned by a Dui with a suspended lic at 7pm. It was his 2nd offense. What is miraculous is that the 3 kids walked away with bruises and cuts and my father a few broken ribs and a hospital stay. Needless to say it set me back a week or so. Everyone is doing better and I am working hard on getting things finished and getting back into my groove.

The book is printing now. I have approved the proofs and i am getting excited.

I also finished 2 more of the exclusive prints- you can see them below. I am also working on the last exclusive print on sat.

So before I close - remember to hug your family tight, tell them you love them and make amends if you need to. You never know when your life might change on a dime.

keep creating


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    1. Anne Belov on

      Oh dear! I am so glad everyone walked away from the accident in as good a shape as they did. Set back "a week??" Do take some time off with your family. Our books will arrive when they arrive and we will be happy to get them. One of the things I love about Kickstarter is the personal connection with creators of great projects, which in turn makes me care about what happens to them. So glad there were no serious injuries. Be well.

    2. Jean-Etienne LaVallee on


      My family can't wait to get their book, but YOUR family should always take precedence.

      I hope all is well with them and for a speedy recovery. Your kickstarter "family" is thinking of you, for sure!

      Etienne und brood...

    3. Andreas Koepfer on

      Don't worry about a delay. The important thing is that no one has been seriously hurt.

    4. Shannon McMaster on

      I'm sorry to hear of the accident but SO glad everyone is okay!

    5. Ams on

      I think everyone is glad your father and your children are alright. What is happening with the guy who had the DUI? Please tell me he has gone/ is going to jail.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ninad on

      Glad everyone is ok now.. Take your time and dont worry about us

    7. Missing avatar

      Anne Langston on

      What a terrible thing! I hope your father and your kids feel better soon. Please take your time, family's way more important.

    8. Edward Sizemore on

      Family comes first. Always. Take whatever time you need. Glad everyone is alright now

    9. Roeland on

      Glad to hear your family is ok, hope they all get better soon.

    10. Darren Chase on

      Glad to hear that everyone is okay!!! And as excited as we all are to have this amazing projected come through, definitely take care of your family first!!!

    11. Olna Jenn Smith

      Oh, I'm so glad your family is intact and largely whole!

    12. Missing avatar

      vince bayless on

      Glad everyone is okay. Hope the jerk gets put away for awhile. The book is not as important as family.

    13. Joseph Baneth Allen on

      Glad to hear everyone is okay....

    14. NPC on

      Oh yikes, hope everyone recovers from that, physically and emotionally, very soon.

    15. William K Shaw on

      Glad to hear your dad and kids are OK, they come first over anything to do with this project

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ashcraft on

      Oh man, Travis. Soooo glad everyone is okay. I can't imagine how scary that was for you and the whole family. Take care of your kids... I think everyone will understand on the book if it falls a little behind.

    17. Julia on

      Hey Trav, thank you for the update, especially during time like this. I hope everyone recovers as quickly as possible (physically AND mentally!!).

    18. Missing avatar

      Dawn Anderson on

      Thanks for the update. I am so, so glad your dad and kids are OK! Family first, so no problem at all about any delay. My best to you and your family! Thanks also for your reminder to treasure our time with our loved ones, and not take any of it for granted. Take good care!

    19. Netsuke on

      Glad to read all is well.

    20. Susan Ator on

      Oh Travis, that is so horrible and stressful. I am so glad everyone is ok.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Carson on

      So, so very glad to hear your family will be okay.

    22. Tristen Oakenthorn

      Thank you so much for your update! I'm so glad to hear your family is ok. Thank you for posting this, my horrible day is in a much better perspective now.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Snell on

      Very thankful to hear your family is okay!

    24. Missing avatar

      Thomas Sudbrink on

      How horrible, so glad to hear that they'll all be ok.

    25. Christopher Roman on

      Really happy that your family is ok.

    26. Alana Joli Foster Abbott on

      So glad to hear that your family members are all right after such a terrible accident! Take care, Travis!

    27. Eric Arsenault on

      Family first Travis ! Glad to hear that everyone is allright ! Take your time, its all good man :)

    28. Scott Early

      I've had too many friends in the same situation. Some ended on the positive like your family then others that a little more injured. Just glad everyone is on the mend. Thank you for updating us all that you were even spending a little time while the family recovery was happening.

    29. travis hanson 10-time creator on

      it's a good ending right now:)

    30. Mark DiBlasi

      Travis - glad everyone is ok. Man, that sounds so terrifying! So glad everyone is ok.

    31. Missing avatar

      Telid on

      Glad they're all doing OK, Trav. I started reading that and expected a very different ending.