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Modular and expandable crop production units. It's sustainable design allows high yield agriculture to empower community growth.
Modular and expandable crop production units. It's sustainable design allows high yield agriculture to empower community growth.
479 backers pledged $30,974 to help bring this project to life.


It is hard to believe that it was a year ago this week that we submitted our proposal to be considered as a project on Kickstarter.  So much has happened in this year and we could only have done it with your support.  Now, we want to show you what your support has made possible. We invite you to come see the first Freight Farm in person! 

On Nov. 3rd we are having a grand opening party at the Freight Farm in Worcester Ma.  After a summer of trials and testing our first full scale production run is underway and we will have basil sprouting just in time for your visit.  An afternoon of demonstrations and tours will be accompanied by food, music and some special guest speakers. We will kick off the festivities at noon and have the farm open for viewing until 2pm. After that we will plant the remaining sites and the Freight Farms fall/winter crop-production cycle will begin!

We hope you will join us in celebrating sustainable local agriculture and a new infrastructure for local food supply. 

Jon, Brad  & The Freight Farms Team

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We've been busy: MassChallenge, MassTLC Awards & our first unit nearing completion!

We are pleased to report that the Freight Farms team has been very busy since our last update, and that your support & our work have been paying off!   We have been selected as a finalist in the MassChallenge Startup Accelerator, a program that provides 125 startups (out of over 1000 entrants) with valuable resources for our expansion.  We're loving our new office space through MassChallenge, in south Boston’s innovation district. 

In Worcester, the first Freight Farm is nearly complete.  We will put finishing touches on the exterior in the coming weeks, and expect to start our first harvest cycle within the month. 

We are proud to have been featured in the Business section of the Boston Globe last month.  Check out the article here:

We are excited to have been selected as finalists for Consumer Product of the Year at the Mass Technology Leadership Council Awards.  The award winner will be announced in September, and the decision will be based in part on online voting.  Help us win by voting here:

Thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to updating you with more good news soon!

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Touchdown! The first Freight Farm container lands in Worcester.

We are so happy to share... the first container has been put in place!  

Insulated and equipped with vents, additional doors locks and electrical panel, We are now set to begin construction on the interior. Even though things took slightly longer than expected we are so excited to be at this stage and moving forward full steam ahead.  Stay tuned for more updates! 



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What a Month!

It has been a little over a month since our Kickstarter project was successfully funded. Since then the momentum hasn't slowed down.  We have received inspiring emails from our backers and followers encouraging us to bring Freight Farms to the world.  We are humbled by all the interest we have been getting and we plan on using this first Freight Farm to introduce a sustainable new future for agriculture.  This month has been one call after the next from communities, farmers and businesses that have a great need for local crop production. With such high demand we realize that it is important for us to offer Freight Farms to the world.  

To help us look beyond the first unit, we have partnered with the Institute for Energy & Sustainability. This will connect us with the right resources to explore new technology that will enhance the Freight Farm's system and allow easy implementation in various environments.

We have big plans, but it starts with the first unit.   We are working hard so that we will have the first Freight Farm built this May.  In the meantime, it is time we formally thank you for believing in us.  Yep, that's right... REWARDS!!!! 

We are ordering reward materials this week in hopes that we will be able to get them to you by March.  But to do that we need to know where to send them.  We will send out a Backer Survey to get your mailing address and confirm the name you want to have listed on the exterior of the container. 

Catch us @ 6pm this WEDNESDAY 2/8 at Mass Innovation Nights. We will have a demo of our system set up and be answering questions to those people who make it over to our booth.


Thanks for all your support.  This is all possible because of our awesome backers! 

Jon Friedman & Brad McNamara 

Freight Farms 2012

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Freight Farm's exceeds the project goal !

We made it! Freight Farms was 118% funded! 

Thanks to 479 backers, construction of the first Freight Farms full production unit will begin this spring! Yup, that soon. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to put our years of research and development into action.   We have big plans to change the global landscape of food production and food supply, and we are so excited to share the next steps with you.  

Our first priority is making sure that everyone who is responsible for us reaching our goal receives a gift for their contribution. We will be getting in touch with everyone over the next couple weeks to confirm your choice of rewards and make sure that they are sent to the right place.   

We will be also sending everyone more information for those of you that want to stay in touch with us or receive updates on our progress.  

If you have sent us an email or message in the past couple weeks and havent heard back yet, we are working really hard to get back to everyone and answer your questions. We are a team of two so we encourage you to send us another message in the meantime. 

Thank you for all your support!  We can't wait to demonstrate the enormous value that this project will provide.  Stay tuned! 


Our sincerest gratitude,
Jon Friedman & Brad McNamara