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Organic boxers and socks, delivered to your door on autopilot. We cover your Basics.
Long lasting sustainable basics in the softest organic cotton.
Long lasting sustainable basics in the softest organic cotton.
406 backers pledged $20,475 to help bring this project to life.

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Merry Christmas!


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A special gesture for our awesome backers


Dear backers,

Today we finally shipped the very last kickstarter package. Among these were many XL and XXL’s. Most of you have already received the products and we would love to get some feedback on the package. So please do not hesitate to contact us - in order for us to create the very best underwear, we really need your feedback.

Also, we are proud to inform you that we launched our webshop a few weeks ago, and we’re really pleased with the result. On that occasion we would like to give all of you loyal kickstarter backers an exclusive offer to sign up to a subscription of Organic Basics with a discount of 25% for the first order! Just enter the coupon code: KickstarterXOB after choosing ‘GET IT’ on Please note that the coupon code will only last until the 13th of november.

Again, thank you for supporting us in our start up phase, your help has been MUCH appreciated! Have a great day.

Highfive and love, Team Organic Basics!

Hope you had an amazing summer!

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Dearest Backers, 

We hope you have an amazing summer.

We have been crazy busy in making Organic Basics even more compelling. So to keep it short; you are absolutely not forgotten in fact we think about you every day.

We are currently waiting for the last shipment that can make your experience with the first package of basics even more amazing. We will ship the first batch primo September. There will be a minor delay for those of you living outside the EU.

If any of you have moved to a new eco-friendly neighborhood - let us know! We will then change the delivery address right away!

Loads of love,
The Organic Basics Team!

Time to make a change, of underwear

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Stretch goals - Help us reach the next level


 Dear backers

The first $10.000 goal was an easy reach thanks to all of you amazing backers. 

Now we are stretching for more and we need your help to let people know that organic white underwear, premium organic t-shirts and women's basics are now within reach. 

  • $20K goal - When we hit this goal, all of our backers and future backers will be able to choose between black and white organic underwear.
  • $30K goal - When we hit the 30k mark we will be able to offer a premium organic black and white t-shirt line, which will be available for both old and new backers. 
  • $45K goal - We have had a lot of request on women's basics. If we hit the 45K goal we will be able to develop a complete women's organic underwear line.

We hope you'll help us reach our stretch goals and spread the word about Organic Basics.

We have 19 days to go, lets se how far we can get this together. 

Organic Regards

Team Organic Basics